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iXBlue is an independent worldwide established group serving both the civil and military sectors by designing and delivering first-rate differentiated technologies, products, systems and integrated solutions for the marine, maritime, land, aeronautics and spatial industries.

iXBlue’s innovative and broad range of solutions is used in inertial navigation, positioning, seabed mapping and sub-bottom profiling applications.

ATLANS, a new cost-effective geo-referencing and orientation system, has been designed specifically for land and airborne mapping applications being conducted within a limited budget. Significantly, the unit is ITAR-free.

The user gets a compact, lightweight gyrocompass and motion sensor that consumes very little power and yet provides all the required data for demanding navigation, stabilisation and control applications. ATLANS can easily be integrated with standard GNSS and DMI systems and is effortlessly combined with most commonly used flight management, satellite tracking and mobile imaging systems.

ATLANS is based on fibre optic gyroscope (FOG) technology, extensively developed by iXBlue over a period of 25 years and now incorporated into a range of high-performance positioning and navigational aids for use in civil, defence and space applications. Being solid state and having no moving parts, FOGs have become renowned for their ruggedness and stability, and for their extended and maintenance-free service lives. Associated with ATLANS, DELPH INS MM post-processing software offers the ultimate performance. 


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