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ITT launch image analysis software

ITT announces the release of ENVI EX, a high-performance image analysis solution for geospatial analysts and GIS professionals. Developed in response to the growing convergence of mapping and image analysis applications, ENVI EX combines image analysis tools and integration with ESRIís leading GIS platform, ArcGIS, to streamline image analysis workflows and allow users to easily extract important information from imagery. ENVI EX also distills complex image analysis tasks into easy-to-use workflows, making image analysis faster and easier for analysts of all skill levels.

The integration between ENVI EX and ArcGIS allows GIS users to easily exchange data and files with simple drag-and-drop methods that preserve the style, symbology, vectors and layer information from one product to another. The displays of both products can be linked to allow the movement across the screen of one application to occur simultaneously in the other product.


ENVI EX's intuitive interface provides users with easy-to-use tools for displaying, visualizing and manipulating imagery. Based on the popular ENVI dynamic display, ENVI EX allows users to load large image files quickly and manipulate the images to focus on an area of interest. ENVI EX supports today's popular file formats for aerial and satellite imagery and data including multispectral, panchromatic, hyperspectral, infrared and more. The product's tools allow users to prepare imagery with pan sharpening, vegetation suppression and anomaly detection prior to further analysis. A preview window also gives users the ability to preview analysis results for an area and adjust parameters before processing an entire image, saving time.


Automated workflows guide users in analyzing satellite and airborne imagery from a wide range of sources. These workflows help solve problems that are common in GIS applications across a variety of industries by providing guided processes for:
• automatically extracting features of interest from a large geographic area,
• detecting changes in a region over time,
• classifying land cover,
• tying an image to its geographic coordinates for accuracy in mapping and
• finding anomalous features in an area.


ENVI EX is now available for download at . For more information about ENVI or ENVI EX, please visit .

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Supplier: Exelis Visual Information Solutions

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