Geodan Honoured

Geodan is a Microsoft Partner Awards winner as Public Sector, Public Safety & National Security Partner of the Year. The company was chosen out of an international field of top Microsoft partners as delivering solutions built on Microsoft technology.


"It is an enormous compliment for us that after winning the Public Safety Award in the Netherlands in 2008 for the Eagle solution, we have now gained international recognition," according to Professor Henk Scholten, CEO of Geodan. "The teaming up with Microsoft and ESRI has resulted in an extremely innovative product. The collaborative efforts with the Dutch Ministry of Defence (Ivent), the Gelderland Midden fire brigade, and Brainport Eindhoven Area have ensured that the product fully satisfies the operational requirements in the field. We have received financial support from the government NOI project to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the Netherlands. Although we won this prize as Geodan, it is a pleasure to be able to share it with the aforementioned partners."


Awards will be presented in a number of categories, with winners chosen from a pool of almost 3,000 entrants worldwide. Geodan was recognised for superior technology and innovation in Public Sector, Public Safety & National Security Partner of the Year. This Award recognises Geodan for demonstrating industry knowledge and expertise, as well as consistent, high-quality, predictable service or solutions to their public safety and national security customers.


Linda Zecher, corporate vice president, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corp, said, "Geodan's Eagle solution uses software and infrastructural components to foster communication between organisations in extreme situations and facilitates complex geospatial analyses on available data. As a result of the solution's success in the market, the Eagle team is developing the new generation of disaster management software in close cooperation with a European country's Ministry of Defense."


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Supplier: Geodan IT BV

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