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Z/I Software Version 6.4

Z/I Imaging has released Z/I Software version 6.4. The package includes a suite of products for the DMC and DMC II camera families for raw image data post-processing, distributed processing, digital image enhancement, in-field data copy and real-time image quality control.

ZI Imaging camera set

Version 6.4 also includes a new licensing system based on the Leica Geosystems licensing server.


A range of new features such as automatic check of matching point distribution and individual absolute radiometric calibration parameter calculation based on used exposure time and f-stop are included.


According to Z/I Imaging product manager Klaus Neumann, the focus for version 6.4 was to improve integrated image quality control and thus increase productivity. Free upgrade is provided to all Z/I PPS maintenance customers. Deliveries will start end of February 2012.


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Supplier: Z/I Imaging

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