The advancement of new technology in the geospatial industry is expanding the horizons for surveyors. At the same time, the democratization of geospatial technologies is creating new markets for the industry. Against this backdrop, GIM International proudly presents the ‘3D Modelling and Visualization Weeks’.

Throughout September and October (21 September-23 October), we will be highlighting all the solutions that are involved in turning geodata into a finished geospatial product – with a special focus on the latest ways to process and visualize the data.

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The Story Behind Esri’s Acquisition of nFrames

Richard Cooke, director of imagery at Esri, explains all about the company's acquisition of nFrames, the innovative Germany-based developer of software for 3D reconstruction from images. Esri recently made headlines in the geospatial industry w... (read more)

South Korean Smart Cities Combine 3D Digital Models with GIS and BIM

Around the world, local governments are rolling out Smart City/Digital Twin projects to support economic stimulation and tourism programmes and to improve the quality of life overall. Up-to-date 3D building models and comprehensive Geographic I... (read more)

The New Era of Mobile Scanning

Indoor mobile mapping is well past the tipping point and is about to go mainstream. Felix Reinshagen is co-founder and CEO of NavVis, a company that was set up with the objective of bridging the gap between outdoor and indoor digital maps. In t... (read more)

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Full Automation in Mobile Lidar Data Classification

A deep learning architecture called MMCN opens up the possibility for the fully automated classification of highly dense 3D point cloud data acquired from a mobile Lidar system. This offers interesting opportunities in applications such as high... (read more)

Scanning 100 Dutch Railway Stations

Geomaat recently performed extensive 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling for the Dutch railway organization, ProRail. ProRail is the organization that takes care of the entire railway network in the Netherlands, from construction to mainten... (read more)

The Benefits of Visual Intelligence Solutions in Agriculture and Forestry

Visual intelligence solutions for agriculture and forestry provide easy access to digital maps of fields, forests or plantations. In turn, this opens a world of opportunities, including the ability to take measurements ranging from phenotype mi... (read more)


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