Decision-making and GIS

The most common use of GIS is as a historian’s tool, to describe a situation over time. In this, its value reflects the currency, quality and accessibility of the input data. These factors have generally improved greatly in recent years so, in that sense, it is unsurprising that GIS has grown so substantially, according to David Rhind. (By David Rhind, ret. Vice-Chancellor, The City University, UK) But many see the greater role of GIS as a decision-making tool, especially where this involv... (read more)

We publish a number of regular columns, both in our magazine and on the website, such as ‘Insider’s View’ and ‘GIM Perspectives’. A column is the ideal place for industry professionals to air their views on geomatics-related topics. Are you keen to share your thoughts and visions with your peers? If so, why not write a column for GIM International? For more details, please contact our editorial manager Wim van Wegen.

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