The Power of Data

We are now over halfway through January and 2017 is probably in full swing for you. Ahead of you lies another year full of challenges, new technologies and both foreseen and unforeseen developments in your personal as well as professional life. I would like to especially highlight one trend, which is both a challenge and a development, and that is ‘the power of data’. (By Durk Haarsma, publishing director) In the November 2016 issue of GIM International Professor Stig Enemark, one of the respected members of GIM International’s Editorial Advisory Board and a regular contributor, wrote an Insider’s View column on ‘The Call for a Data Revolution’. Just a few weeks later I witnessed Professor Enemark receive... (read more)

Every issue of GIM International is introduced to its worldwide readership by the publisher. It’s in this place that developments in the geomatics business, tools and techniques, hard- and software and more are put in the broader light of the outside world of economics and entrepreneurship. Regular and returning topics are for instance the geomatics business in upcoming regions, but also the importance of developing state-of-the art cadastre and land registration systems for the future welfare of citizens or the increasing application of new techniques like crowdsourcing and UAV’s.

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