ocean mapping

Please Look Down!

The US space agency NASA has successfully pushed the asteroid Dimorphos out of its original orbit in the universe, according to a recent announcement. The space rock was hit 11 million kilometres from...

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Earth Overshoot Day

“If everybody lived like people in the Netherlands, we would need 3.6 Earths. It would take 7.3 Netherlands to regenerate everything the country’s residents demand from nature,” according to the...

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Every issue of GIM International is introduced to its worldwide readership by the publisher. It’s in this place that developments in the geomatics business, tools and techniques, hard- and software and more are put in the broader light of the outside world of economics and entrepreneurship. Regular and returning topics are for instance the geomatics business in upcoming regions, but also the importance of developing state-of-the art cadastre and land registration systems for the future welfare of citizens or the increasing application of new techniques like crowdsourcing and UAV’s.