Shedding Valuable Light on the Geomatics Industry

Read this farewell interview with Mathias Lemmens, who is stepping down from GIM International after 23 years as senior editor and industry figurehead. After 23 years, senior editor and industry figurehead Mathias Lemmens is stepping down from his position on the GIM International editorial board. He has played such a significant role in the evolution, quality and reputation of this publication that we cannot allow this moment to pass unnoticed. In this extensive farewell interview, Lemmens... (read more)

An interview is the ultimate opportunity to get to know key figures in the geomatics industry. The interview is a regular part of the GIM International magazine and is written to reveal the view of a professional, company or organisation regarding specific topic within geomatics. Topical questions will be answered by the interviewee concerning his company, organisation, products, market views, philosophies or strategies. Apart from the regular interview, the rubric ‘5 Questions to…’ is a short article and a quick way to introduce someone or something in the business.

5 Questions to...

The Story Behind Esri’s Acquisition of nFrames

Richard Cooke, director of imagery at Esri, explains all about the company's acquisition of nFrames,... (read more)

5 Questions to... Håkan Engman, Bentley Systems

What makes the digital city so relevant for geospatial surveyors, and what lies ahead for 3D city mo... (read more)

5 Questions to Philippe Simard, President of SimActive

SimActive has recently added Lidar to its point cloud processing solution and launched a new trainin... (read more)

The Rail BIM 2030 Roadmap Project

The Rail BIM 2030 Roadmap has been developed collaboratively by the Korea Railroad Research Institut... (read more)

5 Questions to… Sander Oude Elberink, GSW2019

In June this year, the Dutch city of Enschede welcomed the photogrammetry and remote sensing communi... (read more)
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