An interview is the ultimate opportunity to get to know key figures in the geomatics industry. The interview is a regular part of the GIM International magazine and is written to reveal the view of a professional, company or organisation regarding specific topic within geomatics. Topical questions will be answered by the interviewee concerning his company, organisation, products, market views, philosophies or strategies. Apart from the regular interview, the rubric ‘5 Questions to…’ is a short article and a quick way to introduce someone or something in the business.


5 Questions about Intergeo 2021

GIM International asked organizers Christoph Hinte from Hinte Messe and Christiane Salbach from DVW to look back on the most recent Intergeo and also to share a glimpse of next year’s event. Interge...

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Creating a Digital Twin of the Earth

An unprecedented scientific effort to Lidar-scan the entire surface of the Earth before it’s too late... that’s how Christopher Fisher, the founder of the Earth Archive, describes his initiative. ...

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