5 Questions to Oliver Hughes, event director GEO Business

5 Questions to Oliver Hughes, event director GEO Business

Bringing geospatial and construction together for synergy and innovation

In this Q&A with Oliver Hughes, event director for GEO Business and Digital Construction Week, we discuss the advantages of co-locating the two events, why GEO Business is a stand-out event for geospatial industry professionals, and the not-to-be-missed highlights. Hughes shares his insights into the anticipated trends such as AI and sustainability, and the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

What benefits do you anticipate from co-locating GEO Business and Digital Construction Week?

Hosting GEO Business and Digital Construction Week together at the same venue creates a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Professionals from both the geospatial and construction sectors can share insights, discover synergies and explore innovative solutions that benefit both industries. It’s all about fostering connections and driving positive change through cross-industry collaboration.

What trends do you anticipate for this year’s edition of GEO Business?

We see several key trends that reflect the ongoing evolution of the geospatial industry. These include advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the growing role of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) in data collection and analysis, and a continued focus on sustainability and environmental impact assessments. These trends underscore the importance of staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovation to address current and future challenges.

What are the not-to-be-missed features for attendees?

Attendees absolutely shouldn’t miss our seminar and conference programme, which offers a diverse lineup of sessions covering the latest trends, innovations and best practices in the geospatial industry. These sessions provide knowledge and ideas that can help attendees gain a competitive edge and drive success in their respective fields. Additionally, visitors should take advantage of the networking opportunities that are available. At the GEO Connect meeting hub, for example, attendees can connect with industry peers and experts, share ideas and forge partnerships. And don’t forget the stand parties hosted by exhibitors. These social events are a great way to exchange thoughts and build new contacts in a less formal setting.

Talking  of the programme, what are some of the key highlights?

Our programme is designed to provide attendees with valuable insights, practical knowledge and networking opportunities. From expert-led sessions and workshops to hands-on demonstrations, there’s something for everyone at GEO Business. Highlights include the Drone & UAV Theatre and the Satellite Applications Theatre.

As the organizing team, how do you ensure that this event sets itself apart?

Differentiating GEO Business from other events is about creating a unique and valuable experience for attendees. We focus on delivering high-quality content, fostering meaningful connections and providing opportunities for collaboration and learning. Our approach is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where geospatial industry professionals can come together to share ideas, gain insights and drive innovation forward.

About Oliver Hughes

Oliver Hughes is a prominent figure in the events industry. Having co-founded Digital Construction Week (DCW) in 2015 to showcase innovation and technology in the built environment, Hughes swiftly propelled it to the forefront of the industry. In 2019, his expertise facilitated the acquisition of Digital Construction Week by Diversified Communications. Subsequently, in 2021, he expanded his responsibilities by assuming the role of event director for GEO Business. Hughes now oversees all facets of both shows, including brand management, marketing, sales and operations, ensuring their ongoing growth and relevance to their audiences and communities.

Oliver Hughes. (Image courtesy: Diversified Communications)
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