As Intuitive as Driving a Car - 27/02/2012


Niek De Prest, BigFish, Belgium

While Pythagoras was initially developed for land surveyors and civil engineers, the need for custom-made CAD software turned out to be so great that Pythagoras is currently being distributed in over 60 countries. Pythagoras is a particularly comprehensive and intuitive application. It has integrated calculus functions, COGO and drawing functions specifically designed for this package. This not only makes Pythagoras faster than other CAD & GIS software but, more importantly, Pythagoras is extremely user-friendly. A team of young and driven developers took over the company in 2011, and they are continuously developing new functionalities that take it a step further.


Reliability, support and compatibility are the top priorities of every professional. The exchange of data is always of utmost importance, for both the surveyor and the civil engineer, and Pythagoras meets all of these conditions. More and more users are looking for software which is easy to learn and to use, and yet many applications have become so complex that the user is only able to master a small selection of the functionalities. Pythagoras is different. The training videos on the website clearly illustrate the ease of use, and the power and speed of Pythagoras become apparent from the very first project.



Those professionals who select alternative software over the most commonly used type make a deliberate choice to do so. Pythagoras was first marketed in 1991 in response to a sense of dissatisfaction about the existing applications: they were not custom-written for land surveyors and civil engineers. Little by little, Pythagoras captured the market and by 2011 Pythagoras was being used in over 60 countries. Having selected the CAD application, many users have also opted for the GIS. Confirming their choices time and time again represents better proof than any commercial slogan that Pythagoras meets their needs.


Intuitive Application

While you take care of what is really important, Pythagoras has made sure you can draw, calculate and design without worries - since you can master Pythagoras in no time at all. All specialised drawing tools, COGO functions and design tools are tightly integrated: every feature has been thought of. And because it is not piggy-backed on top of a complicated CAD application, Pythagoras is an extremely fast and intuitive application. Pythagoras includes an extensive range of specialised drawing and design tools, but the control panel acts just like a dashboard in your car, displaying critical information for any object. Move the cursor over a point and instantly view its NEZ coordinates, polar coordinates, point number, description or distance to other points. Move the cursor over a line and instantly obtain its length, slope, bearing and more. The cursor even changes its shape to indicate perpendicular points, tangent points, halfway points and more. It's not just an ordinary cursor - it's an intelligent cursor!


Web Mapping Services

Web Mapping Services (WMS) form the basis of data distribution on the internet. Because public authorities and individuals are going to configure these web-based services, raster data can be easily disclosed. In version 13, Pythagoras users will have an interface that allows them to address these services directly from the software. This is the tool that fulfils the specific needs of land surveyors, in terms of allowing them to download background maps and offer them as additional information to their customers. For GIS specialists, meanwhile, it's the ideal way to add information to their plans and maps. Pythagoras 13 will be launched in the summer of 2012.


Higher Degree of Productivity

Even casual users can reach a high degree of productivity with the Pythagoras functions. Intelligent snapping, indicating geometric relations and context-sensitive input fields are just some of the techniques that make Pythagoras very user-friendly and productive.

Pythagoras is available in different modules: the basic module contains the Pythagoras CAD engine, drawing tools, COGO functions and many more items. Modules such as Geocoding generate drawings automatically while importing the survey data. The Pythagoras Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generates contour lines, profiles and cross sections, and calculates volumes and 3D areas. The Road Design is a special, integrated module for road construction and includes all relevant calculations, such as cut and fill, profiles and cross sections.


A Step Further

More and more GIS functionality has been added gradually. In Pythagoras 13, GIS has developed to such an extent that projects can be linked with any kind of information imaginable from object-related databases. Users can analyse the projects, generate reports and create interesting context at the push of a other words, users themselves can create their own, personalised map which contains all the data they desire. A complete system, yet one that is even accessible to less-experienced users.



Pythagoras supports industry-standard file formats. It reads and writes Pythagoras, DWG up to version 2010, DXF, SHAPE and ASCII file formats. Thanks to the Open Design Alliance, in which Pythagoras participates, this support can be kept up to date.


About Pythagoras

- ADW Software launched Pythagoras 1 in 1991.
- The commercial activities were taken over by a young and dynamic team in 2011: Pythagoras BVBA.
- In version 13, Pythagoras will be extended to offer a complete, packaged solution addressing all the issues and challenges facing companies, large and small.
- The current version is Pythagoras 12. Pythagoras 13 will be available in the summer of 2012.
- The Pythagoras team follows the innovations in the market and implements them into your software, thus allowing you to grow with the future.


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