Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network

Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network

The FIG Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network (AP CDN), comprises of a group of dedicated individuals from our Commissions, the corporate sector, academic networks, and our sister organizations.  Our main outcomes are the development of the technical and soft capabilities of geodetic surveyors; the modernization of a nation's geodetic datum and infrastructure; and preparing surveyors for the geospatial trends and challenges that lay ahead.  

To deliver these remits, and to convene reference frame in practice workshops, seminars and meetings, the Network relies on the will to succeed of participants, significant collaboration and relationship building with like-minded agencies and professional bodies, and the alignment or harmonization of geodetic wants and needs with the broader objectives of the nation’s government. The Network’s efforts are also focused on providing information to geodetic survey organizations on how organisational change, capacity building and an integrated country action plan, based on the UN GGIM Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF), will reduce the digital divide and technical skills gap between the developed and emerging economies, assist a country to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and to also better manage disasters before, during and after.

Geodetic strategic planning workshop – Suva, Fiji.

More recently the AP CDN has contributed to discussions relating to the education, training and capacity building components for a Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence (GGCE) with colleagues from the UN Sub-Committee on Geodesy and UN GGIM Asia Pacific.  One of the anticipated outcomes of this “centre” is to empower countries with the “capacity and capability” to contribute to a sustainable global geodetic reference frame.  From an AP CDN perspective this outcome could be a strategic opportunity and another pathway for FIG to deliver its commitment to the professional development of our members at the individual, organisational and regional / global level.

For the Working Week in Amsterdam the team designed two technical sessions, namely - TS01G: Geodetic Capacity Development 1 and TS02G: Geodetic Capacity Development 2. Both of these sessions deal with the initiatives that each participating organization of the network is currently doing to support geodetic capacity building and the Network outcomes.

Geodetic data exchange workshop – Kumamato, Japan.

The Steering Committee of AP CDN welcome feedback or questions on these sessions.  We also seek views on related geodetic capacity development matters such as hosting activities, what can be improved, implementing UN related initiatives or programs, resourcing and collaboration, and advocacy of the benefits geodetic surveying. Comments from operational surveyors, and those from the academic, scientific, or commercial sector and leaders of geodetic or geospatial agencies are very much appreciated. Please send an email to:

For coming events and reports on the activities from AP CDN events, as well as news and publications, please see here.

GNSS CORS workshop – Suva, Fiji.
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