Combining Vision and Hard Work

Combining Vision and Hard Work

Founded in 1994 in Beijing, UniStrong has fourteen years’ experience in the GNSS industry. The company began as a dealer and distributor of GNSS and over the past eight years has acquired extensive expertise in GPS technology and gained a strong reputation in China. The company now leads in the survey and GIS industry in China.<P>

UniStrong is headquartered in Bei­jing, China. There are ten bran­ches distributed across the country, two research and development ­centres, two subsidiary compan­ies, and offices in Hong Kong and Singa­pore. Nearly a thousand employees work for the company, half in research and development or as technical engineering support staff. A provider of GNSS products and services for many years, UniStrong has now evolved to provide eight product lines. These include more than two hundred items applicable in mobile GIS and mapping, GNSS survey, system engineering, car navigation, automatic vehicle location, marine electronics, aviation electronics and COMPASS terminal products.

To Learn and Dream
The mission of Beijing UniStrong is to combine vision and hard work. This combined effort is propelling UniStrong towards great goals in the near future. We aim always to learn, upgrade, update and adopt a fresh approach to all kinds of ideas, skills and technology; and to dream, conceive, plan, form strategy, act and follow up on all our organisational goals.
This vision is the major driving force and can be achieved with hard work and ambition. Uni­Strong insists on SRA (stability, reliability and advancement) in design and manufacture. It is the company’s mission to supply customers with stable, reliable and advanced products.

Clients and Markets
UniStrong commands a large proportion of the market share, covering several segments that include surveying GPS receivers, GIS handheld receivers, applications, and system integration.

The company has recently gained clients in all kinds of industries. In the field of land resources, Uni­Strong has been active in hydrogeology, engin­eering geology, geological disaster management, groundwater environmental monitoring, land use, cadastral management, farmland protection and mapping. The protection of wildlife and natural forests, fire and desertification monitoring, pest control, logging and open-line cutting are typical applications in forestry. We have been involved in agricultural projects in soil survey (farmland, tobacco, tea, and fishery), crop production estimation, plant protection and pest control. Clients in hydro­geology include those involved in agricultural water management (irrigation, water supply and drainage, irrigation channels and reservoir), pollution monitoring, and flood prevention. UniStrong markets also include fields such as transportation, telecommunications, sanitation, electricity and port management.

Six Patents Won
The two major UniStrong research and development (R&D) teams in Beijing and Shanghai respectively have won six patents in the field of satellite navigation, and many application copyrights. In September 2006 a third UniStrong R&D team settled in the high-tech industrial park of Xi’an, the largest research and development base in China. The ultimate goal of the company R&D teams is to improve the experience of the end user, reduce costs and provide quality, economical products.

Future Targets
UniStrong has begun promoting its brand and products in the worldwide marketplace on the strength of the company’s R&D background and scientific management. It is anticipated that within five years Uni­Strong will be an active participant in the international market. The long-term goal is to become the leading company in the field of GNSS.

Beijing UniStrong S&T, 6F East, A2 Building, #9 Jiuxianqiao East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016, China

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