Drones for good: how geospatial technology is changing the world with Sonja Betschart

Drones for good: how geospatial technology is changing the world with Sonja Betschart

Sonja Betschart, co-founder of We Robotics and the Flying Labs network, discusses the power of geospatial technology and drones for social good. She shares her journey and the challenges she faced in creating a network of local experts in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific. Sonja emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnerships in driving positive change and highlights the role of technology as a tool for community engagement and conservation. She also discusses the impact of geospatial technology in creating sustainable and resilient communities. Overall, Sonja's message is to harness the power of local expertise and empower communities through technology.

About the guest

Sonja, an Ashoka Fellow and seasoned change agent, serves as the co-founder and co-pilot at We Robotics, bringing a wealth of experience from diverse sectors, including non-profit, start-ups, and multinationals. With strategic guidance and proven methods, she empowers ventures to transform ideas into impactful organizations. Passionate about the "Who" and "How" in the Tech for Good sector, Sonja focuses on equitable access to technologies and creating sustainable value inclusively. Holding Master's degrees in Marketing and SME Management, Sonja is also skilled in Design Thinking, Project Management, and Principled Negotiation. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise in 2023, she has been elected as one of Switzerland's 100 Digital Shapers, earning a place in the Hall of Fame in 2022.

Key takeaways

  • Geospatial technology, particularly drones, allows communities to create their own data and make better decisions.
  • Collaboration and partnerships are essential for driving innovation and creating sustainable solutions.
  • Technology should be designed with the needs and perspectives of local communities in mind.
  • The power of storytelling can change mindsets and advocate for the use of technology for social good.


  • "Alone we go fast, together we go far." – Sonja Betschart
  • "Technology is never the solution, but it can add to a solution." – Sonja Betschart
  • "The highest expertise lies at the grassroots and local community level." – Sonja Betschart
  • "Let's together think about the power of local expertise." – Sonja Betschart

Learn more about the Flying Labs Network here

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