Emerging GIS Software Provider - 23/09/2009

SuperGeo Technologies Inc.

Sarah Liu

Located in Taiwan, SuperGeo is a company based on GIS, RS and GPS technologies and dedicated to developing and marketing GIS software all over the world. This relatively young company has in a short time evolved to become a major player in the GIS software market in Asia, and is now slowly but surely expanding into international markets.<P>


SuperGeo was founded in 2001 by current CEO Super Wang and Systex Corporation, the biggest System Integrator in Taiwan. The origins of SuperGeo may, however, be traced back to 1990, when Wang built the first GIS consultant company in Taiwan to use ESRI software to run government projects. He observed that software vendors at that time could not satisfy local demand. In Taiwan, where IT technology is highly developed, users demanded a higher level of functionality. Wang then decided to develop and research his own GIS software, SuperGIS, in order to better serve local users.


Broad Spectrum

SuperGeo covers a broad spectrum of GIS software, from Mobile GIS and Desktop GIS to Server GIS and Developer GIS, and is this year releasing its third generation of GIS software. SuperGIS Software has already assisted users in solving spatial problems related to transportation, natural resources, land management, urban planning, and public health. Users are mainly from the public sector, higher educational organisations and private firms.


Customer Needs

SuperGeo provides full-functionality GIS software applied to various platforms at a fair price. According to Wang, the company wished to meet different customer needs with different sets of GIS software. For example, mobile GIS software ranging from basic to advanced functions for field workers and for developers. This enabled clients to choose the right product at the right price for them.


Spin-off companies

Within eight years SuperGeo has grown in size from twenty to fifty employees, nearly half holding a master's degree. Besides the research and development team, the company also operates GIS projects for government and GIS-related companies. Two of these project teams have become spin-off companies, TMS Co and SMAP Co, respectively specialising in developing Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and producing electrical maps for Taiwan and Southeast Asia, with a total of a hundred employees.


GIS Training

The GIS Training and Support Center is another important SuperGeo division. The centre not only offers professional GIS training courses and technical support, but also publishes GIS tutorial material for educational institutes worldwide. The GIS Forum is a platform created by the centre to solve users' technical problems and promptly acquire knowledge of market needs. SuperGeo also develops online GIS services for local customers demanding online GIS data, so that customers no longer need to purchase an expensive server and data.


Geographic reach

SuperGeo currently has three offices in Taiwan, including headquarters in the capital Taipei, and two branch offices in Taichung and Tainan, the main cities in central and southern Taiwan. With this geographical arrangement the company plans to offer instant and on-site service to its Taiwanese clients. In overseas markets SuperGeo collaborates with resellers globally. Users of SuperGeo products are now spread over sixty countries and its footprint both in Taiwan and the global marketplace is rapidly growing.


Global Network

Once the company stood firm in the Taiwanese marketplace, SuperGeo began extending its territory into foreign markets. SuperGIS Software resellers can be found from Asia and the Middle East to South America. These resellers not only promote SuperGIS Software, but also apply the software to various applications in local markets. The company aims to achieve globalisation through localisation, by continually modifying its software based on user requests and feedback.


New Partners

SuperGeo is constantly looking for partners around the world, especially in European markets. Having established its reputation as a GIS brand in Asia and firm relationships within its reseller network, the next focus is on Europe. The company aims to establish long-term relationships with partners and to offer enhanced locally based services to users.



By the end of 2009 the whole new SuperGIS 3 Series Software will be ready. In addition to enhancing existing product capabilities, SuperGIS 3 will add more comprehensive GIS functions for users. For example, SuperField 3 and SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3, targeting respectively lightweight field workers and mobile GIS developers, are software products newly created to support more users.


Super Wang is full of confidence in future developments, seeing global expansion as the main business now. The company is ready to reach out to more geospatial users in all fields, and compete with mighty GIS firms. It will continue to provide excellent services and strengthen core techniques to develop innovative and suitable products for its clients, and hopes in the near future to become the best choice on the global GIS market.


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