Fugro Introduces New LiDAR Scanner - 22/08/2005

Fugro (The Netherlands) adds a new scanner to their LiDAR Airborne Survey fleet. The new fourth generation FLI-MAP 400 scanner is based on Fugro’s experience of LiDAR mapping and is especially designed to meet customers’ needs for both detail and accuracy. The new FLI-MAP 400 system is capable of achieving the same accuracies as traditional land survey methods combined with a level of detail that has not been shown by any other laser altimetry provider in the market.

FLI-MAP 400 expands the proven robustness and angular accuracy of the rotating mirror scanning principle with a revolutionary multiple oriented scan line technique. Combined with a multi-channel range counter and steep pulse edge a constant centimeter range accuracy is achieved independent of the flight altitude.

The 160 kHz multiple return scanner has a superior reliability and accuracy. It can be operated at high altitudes resulting in wider corridors. The high density of multiple returns (maximum 4) results even in vegetated area’s in a very reliable ground model.

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