Geovation's role in the geospatial ecosystem with Isabelle Chatel de Brancion

Geovation's role in the geospatial ecosystem with Isabelle Chatel de Brancion

In this episode, Valrie Grant engages in a captivating conversation with Isabelle Chatel de Brancion, the Business and Innovation Lead at Geovation, Ordnance Survey's innovation hub. Isabelle's extensive background as an architect and her shift towards driving sustainable innovation in the PropTech and GeoTech sectors make for an enriching discussion. Isabelle shares her unique and non-linear path from architecture to innovation in the geospatial industry. Her experience spans across the UK, France, and Italy, bringing a diverse perspective to PropTech and GeoTech at Geovation, where she supports early-stage startups leveraging geospatial data to transform their businesses and contribute to the property and built environment industries and various other sectors.

The conversation highlights the collaborative ecosystem fostered by Geovation. Isabelle outlines upcoming trends and potential advancements in the geospatial industry. The conversation further touches on the importance of sustainable development and the integration of geospatial data in addressing broader societal challenges. Isabelle emphasizes the power of collaboration and innovation in creating sustainable solutions for the built environment, underscoring the crucial role of geospatial data in future developments.

Listeners are encouraged to explore more about Geovation and consider how they can contribute to or benefit from its initiatives, especially with the upcoming 2024 Geovation Awards. More information on the awards can be found at [](

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