Harnessing geospatial intelligence for Caribbean development with Simone M. Lloyd

Harnessing geospatial intelligence for Caribbean development with Simone M. Lloyd

In this episode of Mapping the Conversations, Valrie Grant sits down with Simone Michelle Lloyd, a key figure in the geospatial world in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Simone shares her inspiring journey, talks about GIS in the Caribbean, the challenges, the opportunities, and her vision for the future of geospatial in the region. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in geospatial sciences, leadership, and regional development.


Simone M. Lloyd: Leading Geospatial Professional in the Caribbean

Simone M. Lloyd is a certified geospatial professional, project manager, educator, and trainer. She has significantly contributed to the development of Jamaica's geospatial landscape and to various regional and international geospatial initiatives.

Simone serves as the Senior GIS Manager and Trainer within the National Spatial Data Management Branch of Jamaica's Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation. Her responsibilities include:

  • Managing the operations of the GIS Training Education and Public Awareness Unit
  • Coordinating numerous national geospatial projects
  • Contributing to geospatial policies

She also represents Jamaica in various international geospatial bodies, including the UN-GGIM and the International Federation of Surveyors.

In this episode, you will:

  • Gain exclusive insights from a leading geospatial specialist in the Caribbean
  • Better understand the importance of geospatial technologies in regional development
  • Discover how you can contribute to the growing field of geospatial sciences
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