HORIZON From Instrument Repair to Production - 27/02/2009

Mr. A. Tang

HORIZON, founded in 1979 and based in Singapore, started as an instrument repair company and progressed to production of survey accessories in the early 1990s, and survey instruments by the turn of the century. Today its survey equipment is distributed all over the world, served by branch offices in Singapore, China, USA, Europe and the Middle East, as well as international distributors.

Small Beginnings
Survey Instruments Services is a private company that owns the HORIZON brand of survey equipment. It started out in 1979 as a Singapore/Australia joint venture, a small instrument repair company based in Singapore. Its current business is represented across the world by international branch offices and distributors catering for all market regions. According to managing director Tang Hui Jen, The spirit of evolution of the company applies also to our vision, our product quality, and our aims concerning customer satisfaction. The company employs about fifty staff and has an annual turnover of roughly USD50 million.

Prestige Award
We aim to be a one-stop-shop provider of quality survey equipment for our partners all throughout the world. Our core business is the manufacture and global distribution of HORIZON survey equipment. We believe in a customer-oriented approach with emphasis on product quality and reliable after-sales support for our partners. This led us in 2003 to strive for and attain ISO9001:2000 standards. In 2007 HORIZON was awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in recognition of its regional branding.

Grand Prix
HORIZON total stations were used to survey and construct part of the track for the F1 Grand Prix held in Singapore in September 2008. The instruments used in the construction of the new track helped ensure that it was as level as possible. The company's products are also being employed in several other projects across the world; for example, a telecommunication towers project in Jakarta, and railway monitoring projects in Germany and France.

Global Scope
The company is currently building and expanding its global sales network. Our business hub in Singapore works in tandem with sales offices and global distributors to provide seamless sales and support services for all international customers, while HORIZON is currently looking to expand its sales and marketing operations globally to cover all world markets. The company is currently actively operating in the Asia Pacific, South East Asian, Middle East, Europe and USA markets for sales of its core products.

Economic Shifts
HORIZON believes that the only constant in this world is change. The company is thus forearmed to deal with the necessary changes accompanying technological evolution in our industries, as well as economic shifts in the global marketplace. In view of the economic downturn, HORIZON is prepared to adopt a flexible approach for its business strategies in anticipation of market response to the global situation. The company wants to work closely with its partners to adapt to the shifts in consumer purchasing patterns influenced by factors associated with technology advancements and changes in product demand.

Essential Evolution
HORIZON is in the process of developing its own GPS product range and a new series of total stations that incorporate updated technologies and features. It will also be introducing a range of quality laser products to its partners. The company promises customers constant evolution in product range and quality: a forward thrust transcending any stipulated timeframe. As long as it remains in business, HORIZON will ensure it remains competitive, technologically relevant and customer focused.

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