Ideas - 04/10/2010

Durk Haarsma, publishing director, GIM International

Ideas shape business. Sometimes it's good to realise that all applications and software packages found in the field of land registration and cadastre have their basis in ideas about how to arrange, legislate and lay down property rights. We shone the spotlight last month on cadastres and the outlook for them over coming decades, and we're doing the same in this Intergeo-dedicated GIM. Plenty of ideas surfaced in Part 1 of the Invited Reply last month, and this month we run Part 2 . Last month too, Professor John McLaughlin shared his views on the Fourth Wave of Property Reform . We think it's important to stay on top of ideas in geomatics, from the moment of their inception in the world's think-tanks and academia, through manufacturing R&D departments, to new products.


I am privileged to present this month an inspiring interview with Hernando de Soto , author of The Mystery of Capital and advocate of land registration systems to decrease poverty in the developing world; we're proud that he took some time out from his precious writing retreat in Cornwall to talk to GIM International. De Soto has presented his views at many a geospatial conference over recent years; his basic idea is that poverty can be ameliorated by a land registration system in which property is fully documented and linked to legal systems so that people can attain to the status of capital ownership and gain wealth. As he adds in this issue of GIM International, there's an important role here for industry too. According to De Soto, in order to successfully implement such land registration systems and cadastres it is essential that the industry take a good look at its products and software and tries to incorporate in them cultural specifics of the developing world. Let's call it a cadastre with ‘couleur locale'. The basic idea, when spelled out by De Soto, sounds so logical. But too often this adjustment is overlooked when product managers sense the ease of imposing existing products on new markets without any adjustment.


As I've said, we think it's important to share new ideas as well as new products. In this issue of GIM International you'll find our traditional preview of the largest geomatics tradeshow of the year, Intergeo. Take a look through this extensive overview of exhibitors announcing new products and services and let it guide you in deciding what not to miss this year in Cologne. Intergeo runs from 5th to 7th October. Please drop us an email in advance or, if you prefer, come and find us on stand 2D.154. I'll be more than delighted to meet you in Germany to exchange ideas, as will all my colleagues on the GIM International team. It's in this exchanging of ideas that new business opportunities arise. See you in Cologne!

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