Intergeo 2006 - Preview - 09/10/2006

10th - 12th October, Munich, Germany

Mathias Lemmens, editor-in-chief and Aliëtte Miedema, editorial manager, GIM International

‘Knowledge and Action for the Earth’ is the theme of Intergeo 2006, the annual geodesy and geo-information conference and trade-fair organised in association with the German Association of Surveying (DVW) and taking place from 10th to 12th October. Roaming as it does annually from one major city in Germany to another, Intergeo this year settles in Munich, world-renowned Bavarian capital of science, technology, arts and culture and, last but not least, the October Beer Festivals.

Almost fifteen thousand visitors are expected to come together at the Neue Messe Convention Centre, the same number as attended the ESRI International User Conference in August. This year is the twelfth Intergeo, held within the boundaries of Germany, and with its almost five hundred exhibitors it has strong international status and exposure. It is claimed to be the largest international conference and trade-fair in the world for geo-desy, geo-information and land management. By offering a mixture of seminars, forums and exhibition, Intergeo provides professionals with the opportunity to obtain a broad overview of innovations, developments and trends in the rapidly evolving geomatics industry. From a time perspective, Intergeo will be embedded in the 23rd International FIG Congress, taking place from 8th to 13th October with the theme ‘Shaping the Change’. Running the conference and trade-fair in parallel with the four-yearly FIG Congress gives the event even greater international exposure.

This exhibition preview offers a quick look at the specialities and novelties on offer from about forty geomatics firms. Of course, it is impossible to cover here all the exhibitors who will be presenting products and services. Since Intergeo claims to be the largest event in the world of its kind we have selected enterprises with a strong international focus.

In this preface we would also like to briefly highlight the development of a new German earth-
observation satellite, Terra SAR-X, to be launched just three weeks after Intergeo 2006, on 31st October 2006. It will begin sending data to Earth in early 2007. The five-year mission is a public-
private partnership between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and EADS Astrium GmbH, the latter constructing the satellites. Infoterra GmbH is responsible for commercial marketing. The data will serve scientific and commercial interests. Soon after the launch of Terra SAR-X another German space initiative will be realised: RapidEye, to be put into orbit early in 2007. This earth-
observation system consists of five satellites equipped with optical sensors and will be able to capture each spot on the Earth every 24 hours. These developments clearly demonstrate that earth imaging has reached the age of maturity.

We hope that this preview may help you navigate through the abundance of information that will without doubt engulf you as a participant. And the real surveyors among us know that land surveying and beer drinking have enjoyed a close partnership for centuries now. Munich will provide an exquisite opportunity to experience and renew it.

52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH (Germany) is an international open partnership initiative that develops opensource software solutions. Its products are released under GNU General Public License and are available to private, public and commercial users and developers. The company will promote several products at Intergeo. The 52N Web Security System provides access control for OGC Web Services implemented in Spatial Data Infrastructures. The 52N Sensor Observation Service enables access to real-time geosensor data via a web-based interface. This quality-assured open-source software component implements the core profile of OGC’s SOS 0.1.4. draft implementation, thus enabling interoperable provision of geo-referenced measurement data.
52N Web Notification Service is a Java Servlet that acts as a protocol transducer, executing and managing message dialogues between client and one or more Web Service(s) for long asynchronous processes. Incoming XML encoded messages are currently translated to email (SMTP), Short Message Service (SMS), fax, phone, HTTP POST and XMPP.

Stand number: C3.3466

ADW Software
ADW Software (Belgium) will showcase Pythagoras GIS+CAD, a graphical interface based on Pythagoras software for surveying and civil-engineering applications. The new software is dedicated to the implementation of GIS and has been designed for local authorities, cadastral services, utility companies, urban-planning and scientific research. Its application is to analyse and visualise spatial information without being limited to geographical objects only.

Stand number: C3.3132

AED-SICAD (Germany) will present its latest products for applications in land management, utilities and local authorities. Visitors will be introduced to standard applications, integrated solutions and services for applications, to be demonstrated on twenty workstations. Topics for discussion will be perspectives in GeoData Infrastructure, GIS integration within utilities and GeoGovernment processes via internet. The company will also highlight LM on ArcGIS product line: land management for professionals, ArcFM UT: the standard application for utilities, GIS Portal, an internet platform for viewing and applications, and 4C applications for local authorities.

Stand number: C3.2.416

Argus Geotech
The luminescent levelling rod with scale-factor correction is a new concept developed and patented by Argus GeoTech (Germany) and will be showcased at Intergeo. The carrier of the scale-code is a plastic plate or foil. The thermal behaviour of the carrier is measured by temperature sensors and saved on a CompactFlash card during the levelling process. The scale-factor corrections for each observation point are computed by post-processing software based on a precise temperature calibration of the rod. Using digital levels, the matching of the data takes place by means of the time or by manual input of the displayed temperature. High-precision levelling in retaining walls, tunnels, mines and at night is now possible.

Stand number: C1.1522

BAE Systems
Visitors to the BAE Systems stand will be able to see and demonstrate the latest updates to SOCET SET, the company’s geospatial analysis, photogrammetry and mapping software. New innovations include tiled terrain databases to accommodate enormous Lidar point clouds, additional sensor models, and new features based on automatic tie-point measurement for multi-sensor triangulation. Productivity improvements have been made throughout the SOCET SET workflow, including enhancements to SOCET for ArcGIS, Sketch, Feature Extraction and Mosaic.

Stand number: C2. 2327

The now available in Europe FelixX FSM (based on MapFrame’s FieldSmart) software from CR’P extends the power of GIS, facility maps and operational data into the field. More than just a map viewer, it integrates data from core systems such as CIS, work management and dispatch, along with GIS, into a single field automation package. The FelixX FSM application focuses on speed and ease of use. Compression technology maximises the amount of data that can fit on a mobile device to keep data current.

Stand number: C2.2221

DRS Tactical Systems
DRS Tactical Systems (FL, USA) will be presenting the Hammerhead and Hammerhead Xtreme rugged table computers. The Hammerhead features magnesium housing with shock-absorbing bumpers and patented ShutOut sealing technology. Intel Centrino Mobile technology incorporates an Intel Pentium M Processor, Intel 855GME chipset family and Intel PRO/Wireless Wi-Fi and includes extended battery life and built-in wireless LAN capability. The Hammerhead Xtreme is designed and manufactured to MIL-STD-810F. The Hammerhead product line is tested for drop-shock, moisture, dust and vibration resistance, temperature extremes and other conditions faced daily by mobile workers in the field, on the road or in the office. The Hammerhead Xtreme provides IP 66/67* -level protection from dust, dirt, water and other damaging elements. On the inside, a 1.8” hard drive, our exclusive QuickBack Data Recovery System, provides advanced protection for valuable data. The products both feature integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Type III PCMCIA slot and an internal OEM FlexSpace for GPS or GSM/GPRS. The Hammerhead Xtreme offers flexible communication options for any application.

Stand number: C1.1212

ER Mapper
ER Mapper (Australia) builds software and solutions for organisations to analyse/enhance, distribute and integrate hundreds or thousands of gigabytes of geo-spatial imagery into their business systems. At Intergeo the company will launch Image Web Server 8.0. Shell Oil and IGN France have both chosen ER Mapper solutions. Launched by French President Jaques Chiraq, IGN France utilises Image Web Server 8.0 to deliver imagery for the whole of France. The solution for Shell Exploration and Production uses Image Web Server 8.0 to make twelve thous-and gigabytes of satellite imagery available to Shell employees throughout the world.

Stand number: C1.1240

ESG Elektroniksystem- and Logistik-GmbH (Germany) is a software house in Germany. ESG presents GeoBroker, an intelligent, high-performance solution for the archiving, management, retrieval, display and dissemination of all kinds of geospatial data and doc-uments. GeoBroker and ESRI GIS is the core of the new OGC-compliant Geoinformation Service for online download of geospatial and METOC data. The new service generates and publishes a Recognised Environmental Picture and offers an interoperable interface to C4I systems using standardised web services based on OGC WMS and WFS.

Stand number: C2.2420

F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn, Kassel
F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn, Kassel (Germany), founded in 1762, traditionally exhibits at Intergeo. Besides standard instruments, Breithaupt will show a great variety of surveying instruments for special applications. These will include educational theodolite, compass theodolite, mining-suspension theodolite, and pilot-balloon theodolite. Also on show will be a first-order level with micrometer reading of 0,02mm, optical hand clinometer, telescopic alidades, plane tables, orientation, geological and surveying compasses, electronic compasses, adjusting collimator, double image comparator, precision optical plumbing instrument, and track-measuring instruments. Alignment tele-scopes, sag-measuring instrument for open-air transmission lines, laser-impulse distance measuring equipment, quarry pulse laser, and azimuth bases will also be on the stand.

Stand number: C1.1204

GeoCue Corporation
GeoCue Corporation (AL, USA) is a software-development and consulting-services company specialising in geospatial workflow solutions. Its core product, GeoCue, is an interactive workflow management system that, when combined with production software tools, significantly reduces production time from data acquisition to finished product. GeoCue allows users to convert existing workstation-centric, single-user processing flows into client-server, multi-user systems while fully preserving investments in current processing software and operator training. The GeoCue product family of integrated solutions, including LIDAR 1 CuePac will be demonstrated.

Stand number: C1.1228

geo-FENNEL will presents new items including the FLG 250-green, a fully automatic rotating laser level and FL 60 Maxi Liner, an accurate line laser. The FKL 80, a tough and durable Pipe Laser, UFO Laser, a tool for levelling and align-ing indoors will also be shown. Also exhibited will be professional testing instruments for temperature, humidity, moisture and sound, the latest devices from the Disto generation, and Cordless Power Tools.

Stand number: C2.2640

Geofoto d.o.o.
Geofoto, founded in 1993, is an aerial-photography survey service company from Croatia. Its aerial survey team consists of experts from various fields including pilots, mechanics, cameraman and photo-laboratory specialists. Geofoto has two aeroplanes: a Turbo Piper Aztec equipped with Leica RC20 camera system, and a Cheyenne I with turbo-prop engines and pressurisation, equipped with Vexcel digital camera. Both planes are installed with an IGI–CCNS4 navigation system which facilitates GPS navigation as well as recording position of projection centres of aerial images. The company has a modern photo laboratory for black & white, colour and infrared image processing.

Stand number: C3.3324

Geoplana Engineering Society
geoplana (Germany) offers various services in the fields of photogrammetry and aerial survey in Germany and bordering countries, and will be showing its new products involving 3D city models. Interested visitors will be able to view geoplana’s own capturing software based on Micro-Station, and MultiVision, new viewing software for oblique aerial photographs with overwhelming possibilities for extracting 3D vector and raster data from oblique images.

Stand number: C3.3248

GeoVirtual (Spain) will introduce its new 3D technology. The culmination of nine years of experience in 3D visualisation, it amends all weaknesses of previous versions and improves other market alternatives. It is a second-generation technology designed for high performance in exigent professional environments. Some characteristics are all-Solar system in 3D, simultaneous man-agement of
datasets dispersed in different servers, very high performance of more than 100fps, sub-centimetric precision, meteorological and lightning effects, multi-resolution vector layers, and high-performance 3D cities and vegetation.

Stand number: C3.3106

HHKDatentechnik GmbH
GEOdaSYS is the new geodata system from HHK Datentechnik GmbH (Germany) and will be showcased at Intergeo. The data server used by all HHK products for the geo-information sector, GOEsaSYS is key for the development of oncoming technologies. Up to now GEOgraf, the software for surveying and CAD, and GEOgraFIS, the flexible GIS, existed side by side. Later solutions for internet applications and data qualification were added. GEOdaSYS enables HHK to combine the advantages of all these products. Lack of any need for data conversion between the different software solutions ensures an economically reasonable and efficient way of treating geodata.

Stand number: C1.1402

IGEA information systems Ltd
IGEA information systems Ltd (Croatia) will be showcasing all its products during Intergeo. They include a Land Cadastre Application supporting more than seventy Cadastral Offices in Croatia, a Land Registry Application supporting more than a hundred Land Registry Offices in Croatia, and a Croatian Handcraft Registry Application that suppports more than a hundred Handcraft Registry Offices in the country. There is also a Case Management Application that supports more than sixty Misdemeanour Courts in Croatia. Also to be shown are a New Cadastral Survey Application supporting ongoing projects for harmonising Cadastral and Land Registry Data and a Case Management System for more than fifty clients in state agencies at county, municipality and local-authority level throughout the country.

Stand number: C3.3320

IGI (Germany) will be showcasing StreetMapper. Using robust and reliable laser-scanning technology, coupled with the high-precision navigation system TERRAcontrol, IGI mbH and 3D Laser Mapping have joined forces to offer a novel 3D mobile mapping system for scanning roads, buildings and trees from a mov-ing vehicle. Applications include motorways, high-load routes, overhead-line surveys, vegetation mapping, and cities.

Stand number: C3.3052

Infotech Enterprise Europe
Infotech Enterprises (UK) is a global software-services company specialising in geospatial, engineering design and IT solutions. Now fourteen years old and with over four thousand staff across the world, its GIS and IT services provide benefits to businesses within utilities, telecom and government sectors, including Stadtwerk Munchen, EnBW, RWE Gas and Swisscom. The company will be promoting the following services: large-scale data conversion, migration and photogrammetry services using its onshore and offshore delivery model (Infotech has in-house capacity of 2m person-hours per year). GIS software and application development services surrounding ESRI and GE Smallworld technologies (they are partners for both companies) and software-migration services including migration to Smallworld 4.

Stand number: C3.3217

Infoterra (Germany) provides geo-information products and services for managing the development, environment and security of the changing world. The company is holder of exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the new German radar satellite TerraSAR-X. Infoterra will present its TerraSAR-X Services Portfolio, the range of Geo-Information Services and, in co-operation with Hinte GmbH and EADS Astrium GmbH, a special exhibition of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X spacecraft models.

Stand number: C3.3221

The new version 5.0 of the digital photogrammetric system from INPHO will be presented, its main components being MATCH-AT, MATCH-T, DTMaster, Summit Evolution, OrthoMaster and OrthoVista. These modules cover the complete processing workflow needed in a photogrammetric project and are now managed by a new ApplicationsMaster 5.0 which provides a collection of basic tools for project definition, data import and export, data conversion and transformation, image pre-processing and orientation, and DTM handling. ApplicationsMaster will be delivered as part of INPHO system components. Among many other extensions, version 5.0 offers considerably extended functionality for efficient processing of imagery from all kinds of digital aerial cameras and from numerous satellites.

Stand number: C2.2052

Jena-Optronik will present its improved JAS150 airborne sensor, with full 16-bit resolution. The integrated anti-blooming solution, together with radiometric resolution, produces images carrying full information, even in dark shadow and under difficult circumstances. Together with its ability to acquire all colours in full resolution, the device from Jena enables production of superior RGB and CIR Orthophotos. The reliable line scanner offers high resolutions of up to 5cm from flight altitude of 1,000m. Its open design, with industry-standard interfaces, allows more flexibility and represents the cost-effective solution for airborne imagery.

Stand number: C1.1628

Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems (Switzerland) will present a broad array of solutions. All System 1200 instruments now support GNSS Technology. The new ultra-precise GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) measurement engine supports both GPS L2C signals and Glonass satellites. Leica ScanStation is the first 3D laser scanner with all four ‘fundamental’ total-station features, offering increased field and office productivity, friendlier operation and greater flexibility for taking advantage of laser scanning for as-built and topographical surveys. Some further solutions to be showcased are integrated Geospatial Imaging hard and software solutions such as the Leica ALS50-II Lidar System: higher accuracy with pulse rates up to 150kHz, and innovations in machine-automation systems such as the Leica MNS1200 GNSS Machine Navigation Solution. Also on show will be the Leica DISTO A6, ‘The Data Transfer One’ laser distance meter for in/outdoors, with new Bluetooth data transfer for reliable transfer of measured values.

Stand number: C2.2420

Magellan (ex-Thales Navigation)
Recently independent company Magellan (formerly Thales Navigation) is set to unveil its new survey and GIS brand at Intergeo 2006, celebrating both an exciting new phase for the company and its .Net generation of survey and GIS solutions. Including VRS, FKP, NTRIP and GPRS, RTCM V3.0 or Direct IP network communication, the .Net generation is led by Z-Max.Net GNSS survey system and the MobileMapper-
CE for GIS. Also to be featured on the new Magellan stand is ProMark3. These solutions can be seen under the new brand and show attedees will have a chance to win consumer and professional GPS solutions as part of ‘Magellan’s Discovery’, a promotion that invites visitors to uncover the unexpected treasures of the show, including those on the Magellan stand.

Stand number: C2.2028

Mettenmeier (Germany) will show a range of Smallworld GIS products, such as Smallworld NRM, available as commercial off-the-shelf data-and-process models chosen by more than three hundred organisations. Mettenmeier will also highlight the integration of Smallworld GIS with SAP and the technical operation and maintenance system TOMS. The new series of rugged Tablet-PCs is a perfect combination of technology and design, providing optimum all-weather support for extended use outdoors, in a rugged aluminium case and with unique reflective display. colibri X6 is now more powerful and conforms to IP 65.

Stand number: C2.2209

PCI Geomatics
PCI Geomatics (Canada) develops image-centric software and solutions for the geospatial industry. It will be demonstrating its flagship software Geomatica, which offers remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry and cartography tools within a single, integrated environment. It also features support for more than a hundred spatial-data formats and provides complete interoperability with other software packages. Geomatica X, its series of image-centric solutions, designed to address geospatial industry needs for automation and production capacity, contains PCI software components used for building production workflows, such as automated DEM extraction, orthorectification and mosaicking. Additional Geomatica capabilities include Geomatica GeoRaster ETL (Extract/Translate/Load) and GeoComp. GeoRaster ETL is a solution for automated loading into an Oracle 10g database of geo-referenced data such as satellite imagery, aerial photography and georeferenced maps.

Stand number: C1.1746

Pentax (Belgium) will launch its new Evolution Series: a range of instruments with a totally ‘new look’. The Series enhances the already high-quality instruments by Pentax with new functionalities and user-friendliness. Next to the new instruments and models, the company will be showing new sales-and-marketing tools specially designed to help distributors and dealers market their products. Finally, Pentax will add a touch of high-tech amusement to its participation in Intergeo 2006. All visitors will be invited to a very special World Championship. Come and see for yourself.

Stand number: C3.3126

Photo Mess Systeme
Photo Mess Systeme (Germany), a guest on the Leica Geosystems stand, will show the latest releases of the well-known ELCOVISION 10 close-range photogrammetry suite, with the latest additions for virtual-reality modelling and forensic analysis. The company will also display the latest releases of ELCOVISION 10 ElTheo, the easy-to-use tachymetry suite for seamless integration of tachymetry into photogrammetry.

Stand number: C2.2420

Rollei is presenting the newest version of its AIC Aerial Surveying Camera System, with the 39 MegaPixel digital back of Phase One. In addition to this newest high-resolution digital back, the Real/True-colour infrared data collection will be shown. This makes the AIC camera system an increasingly successful one within the field of aerial photography, for orthophoto production, mapping and digital elevation models. For terrestrial photogrammetric applications, CDW Graphics, an AutoCad-based three-dimensional drawing software package, and the panoramic camera Pano-Scan Mark III with PanoMetric 3D measurement tool will be shown and demonstrated.

Stand number: C2.2327

Safe Software
Safe Software (Canada) and con terra will demonstrate how FME and SpatialDirect technology supports Spatial Data Infrastructure integration by providing both desktop and web-based interoperability solutions. Demonstrations will focus on how these products can transform data into over 160 GIS, CAD, raster and database formats and distribute this data via the internet. Special emphasis will be placed on FME’s semantic data modelling to support database loading and extraction, SpatialDirect’s ability to act as an OGC Web Feature Service, and new support for NAS and the GML Simple Features Profile.

Stand number: C2.2330

SECO Manufacturing
SECO Manufacturing (CA, USA) is bringing several new products to Intergeo. One is ‘The Claw’ collector/controller series of brackets. These are constructed of anodised aluminium, but feature a clamping device that keeps expensive data-collecting hardware on the pole where it belongs, without crushing it. This new clamping mechanism, developed at SECO, cannot be overtightened and therefore elimin-ates the possibility of costly damage to the collector or controller. SECO will also showcase its new Quick-Release Prism Pole Bipod. The new bipod is simple and easy to use. The positive mechanical design allows you to squeeze the handles to centre the pole and then simply let go of the handles to lock it in place. Squeezing the handles again collapses the legs, lifts the pole and moves it to the next location.

Stand number: C2.2424

Tianjin SETL Survey Equipment Co Ltd, founded in 1992, is one of the biggest manufacturers of surveying instruments and accessories in China. It has been awarded ISO900 1:2,000 certification. Since 1997 the company has developed various new products, including several kinds of auto-level, cross-line laser, theodolite, tribrach, tribrach adaptor, tripod, stave and so on. Most of the company’s products are exported to Asia, Europe, America and Australia. It has equipped first-class machinery such as the HAAS vertical machine centre in the US, the STUDER CNC grinding machine made in Switzerland, the MICROVAL Three coordinate measuring machine made in the US, and the CITIZEN CNC lathe and others made in Japan. It will showcase the theodolite S28 and the S53 laser.

Stand number: C3.3116

SierraSoft (Italy), a company that produces technical topographic and cadastral software, will presents the new version of its Geomatics Suite. This is a modu-lar software package including solutions for topography, cadastre and 3D modelling, as well as road, railway and hydraulic design. Topko Express is an entry-level product for those technicians who need fast software that is practical and easy to use, offering at a very competitive price all the essential tools for topography, cadastre and 3D management of survey. Topko CE is software for topographic and cadastral survey that can work on Windows Mobile devices, such as Pocket PC, and communicate directly with the most widespread topographic instruments.

Stand number: C1.1042

Sivan Design
Sivan Design (Israel) will introduce CivilCAD 2006 3D ACT, its flagship software which provides real-time 3D simulation of any civil-engineering project during the entire design process. At a
single click, any project can be turned into a lifelike 3D simulation. CivilCAD 2006 solution suite supports both AutoCAD and BricsCAD. An easy-to-operate Windows-based interface, user-oriented functional toolbar menus and flexible bidirectional import/export capabilities make CivilCAD 2006 user-friendly yet powerful civil-engineering CAD tools. The suite covers the following areas: surveying and COGO calculations, topography, land development and earthworkvolumes calculations, road construction and design, and water engineering solutions.

Stand number: C2.2053

Sokkia BV European head office (The Netherlands) will introduce the SRX robotic total station and offer try-outs of the instrument outside the trade building. Visitors will also be able to join in demonstrations. The instrument is equipped with new technology, including a new trigger key on the side of the instrument which makes measuring very easy, as the user can keep his sight on the target. The new RedTech Ex distance meter enables reflectorless measurements from 30cm to 500m with pinpoint accuracy. The fully illuminated keyboard ensures that working in darker areas presents no problem. The data export possibilities are provided through two USB ports to which USB memory discs can be connected. A CF card or SD card with CF adaptor can be inserted just behind the keyboard. The SRX is also equipped with Sokkia SFX technology, easing communication with the pc.

Stand number: C3.3020

Stora Enso
Stora Enso (Finland) will introduce its EnsoMOSAIC software version 6.0 for aerial triangulation and ortho-mosaicking. The software has new automatic tie-point search and new block-adjustment routines that apply pyramid images, and a new compiler for faster processing. The new functions calculate oriented images, ortho-images and ortho-mosaics at sub-pixel accuracy. Other new features include flight planning and ortho-mosaic management for ArcGIS v9, and export of EnsoMOSAIC blocks to ISAT format for stereo analysis.

Stand number: C1.1022

Suzhou FOIF
Suzhou FOIF (China) will be introducing its latest total stations, the RTS680 series, focused on the improvement of memory management function, professional onboard software and new appearance. The instruments are equipped with absolute encoder, alphanumeric keyboard, large onboard internal memory, dual-axis compensators and wide-display LCD, making it more reliable and easy to use. The RTS680 series total station offers many professional programmes, including setting out, coordinate measurement, resection, REM, MLM, area, point projection, traverse, offset and so on. These advanced features allow the RTS680 series to be widely used for building setting out, road layout, topography survey and control survey etc.

Stand number: C1.1745

Terra digital
Terra digital GmbH (Germany) is a service provider offering digital geodata collected by digital line camera system ADS40 and/or Lidar system ALS50. Apart from high-resolution Lidar elevation models, standard products are multi-spectral digital photos in PAN, RGB and CIR, providing 12-bit colour depth and full geometric resolution in each spectral channel (no PAN-sharpening). The Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of the imagery is between 10cm and 50cm. The latest prod-uct is RGB True orthophotos, in which 3D objects show no lean. True orthophotos allow correct superposition with other geo-referenced information like city plans and cadastral plots.

Stand number: C2.2521

Topcon Europe Positioning
Topcon will present its latest technology, including G3: GPS+ Glonass+ Galileo and mmGPS and total stations such as Imaging and Long Range. Also on show will be TopSURV field computer software, Topcon office software and TopNET Network hardware and software. GPT-9000A is a fast total station with Long Range technology, prismless up to 2,000m. This total station is the new standard in one-man and prismless measuring, with modular communication solutions for every job situation, remote control, radio and Bluetooth all integrated into a completely wireless surveying system. The G-3 is the first geodetic receiver capable of track-ing all signals from all satellites, GPS, Glonass and Galileo. All are on-the-pole solutions, with integrated receiver, antenna, radio-modem, GSM-modem, several memory-card possibilities and Bluetooth.

Stand number: C2. 2210

TopoSys, manufacturer of sensor systems and service provider, will introduce its newest airborne laser scanner, Falcon III, Harrier 56/LR (long-range) and the Harrier 24. It will also present the newest version of processing software TopPIT V6. With TopPit it is now possible to process so-called true-ortho images from digital frame camera image data.

Stand number: C3. 3146

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