Intergeo 2008 Preview - 23/09/2008

Boukje Vreman, editorial manager, GIM International

More than five hundred exhibitors from 32 countries are due to put in an appearance at Intergeo 2008, presenting a comprehensive overview of the geo(infor)matics business today. Covering a wide range of subject areas and technologies - from data capture, navigation, traffic/logistics and local authority needs to special applications in the fields of the environment, risk and disaster management, and 3D-visualisation – Intergeo is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for geodesy, geoinformation and land management.<P>

This year the three-day trade fair and congress organised by HINTE GmbH in association with the German Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Man­agement (DVW) is to be held at the Bremen Exhibition Centre from 30th September until 2nd October 2008.
With the recent devastating earthquake in China and raging cyclone Nargis in Burma fresh in our collective memory, this year’s venue carries the motto ‘Knowledge and Action for Planet Earth’. The primary focus will thus be on subjects such as environment and environmental monitoring, mari­time ­themes and polar research, strategies for alternative energies and coastal protection and flood-risk management. Sigmar Gabriel, German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, is patron of the event.

This preview aims to give a taste of the latest innovations and technologies that will be presented at Intergeo. Exhibitors were invited to introduce themselves and their latest products and many respond­ed, resulting in the compilation below.

52°North - Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH (Germany) is an international research and development company that promotes the conception, development and application of free, open-source geo-software. The company is introducing two prod­ucts. Firstly the 52N Security Sys­tem, which provides access control for OGC Web Services such as Web Mapping Services (WMS) or Web Feature Services (WFS) without sacrificing their interoper­ability. Secondly, 52N Sensor Web Services for integrating sensors and sensor systems into Spatial Data Infrastructures. The Sensor Observation Service enables inter­operable, web-based access to sensors and real-time geo-referenced sensor data. In addition, the so-called Sensor Alert Service can dispatch raw or processed observations based on user-specific alert conditions. All services implement the current, respective OGC specifications.
Stand number: 5.128

Applanix (Canada), a Trimble company, develops, manufac­tures, sells and supports precision products and solutions for Mobile Mapping and Positioning. Its recent introductions include LANDMarkTM, a COTS turnkey solution for collecting high-accuracy geo­spatial data from land and marine mobile platforms using a variety of Lidar and camera technologies, and Applanix DSSTM RapidOrtho System, an efficient, ready-to-use, directly-geo-referenced medium-format digital camera system for airborne mapping. Technology options include DualCamTM for simultaneous RGB and NIR collection and Lidar for high-accuracy DTM and tactical mapping.
Stand number: 6.716

Bentley Systems
Bentley Systems (PA, USA) is showcasing a broad range of its civil and geospatial solutions. The geospatial team will demonstrate solutions for gas and electric utilities, multi- and water utilities, and local and national government. Visitors will be able to see Bentley sisNET, Bentley Map, Bentley Geo Web Pub­lisher and Bentley Geospatial Server in action. The featured Bentley civil solutions will include those for roads, bridges, rail and transit, site development and public works projects. Featured products will include InRoads, Bentley Rail Track, Bentley PowerCivil and storm-water management products.
Stand number: 5.739

Blom (Norway), Europe’s largest provider of aerial imagery and geospatial data, is launching the new TopEye Mk III Lidar system, the first to use dual-scan technology employing both Palmer (rotary) and linear scanners. The dual-scanner technology offers provision through the Palmer scanner to enhance and validate orientation. The company pro­vides bathymetric and topo­graphic Lidar services from an aircraft bathymetry laser system capable of simultaneously collecting both seabed and land data along the shoreline. Also in­cluded is a digital camera sighted co-­axially with the laser optics to geo-referenced imagery.?
Stand Number: 5.531

CycloMedia (Netherlands) special­ises in large-scale and systematic visualisation. Unique, patented recording and processing systems produce high-resolution, full-sphere, geo-referenced pano­ramas (cycloramas) from a human perspective. Complete cities, states and countries are visualised from public roads. CycloMedia cus­tomers all require fast visualisation of their environment and are active with or in (public) space; cycloramas give an instant view of such surroundings and assets. Users are municipalities, state, financial institutions, construction and utilities companies, real-­estate agencies and organisations for homeland security and defence.
Stand number:7.310

ERDAS (GA, USA) helps organ­isations harness information on the changing earth to greater advantage, and its solutions streamline decision-making processes and increase productivity. The company is showcasing APOLLO 2009, a new-generation Geospatial Business System that eliminates the walls between GIS, photogrammetry and remote sensing, extending geospatial data to business applications throughout an organisation. The company will also be highlighting new releas­es of ERDAS Ttitan, Imagine and LPS.?
Stand number: 5.518

For more than thirty years ESRI (CA, USA) has been a develop­er of GIS software, and now has 300,000 clients worldwide. In Germany, the company is represented by ESRI Geoinformatik GmbH, which is demonstrating its recently released ArcGIS Desktop 9.3. ArcGIS is a complete system for authoring, serving and using geographic information; an integrated collection of GIS software products for building and deploying a complete GIS on the desktop, server or custom application, over the web or in the field. A common platform is employed whether the user needs to perform spatial analysis, manage large amounts of spatial data or produce carto­graphically appealing maps to aid in decision making.
Stand number: 5.410

Euromap (Germany), founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of GAF AG, receives, archives and markets Indian earth-observation satellite data in Europe. The company began systematic acquisition of IRS-P5 Cartosat-1 data within the European footprint of the Neustrelitz ground-station in January2008. The PAN-Fore and PAN-Aft data provide stereoscopiccover­age at 2.5m resolution and 27km swath. Thanks to simultaneously acquired LISS-IV Mono and LISS-III data, Euromap also offers 5-m natural colour orthomosaics of map scales up to 1:25,000 and positional accuracy of 10 to 15m.
Stand number: 5.527

FARO (FL, USA/Germany), a provider of advanced portable 3D measurement solutions, is presenting its Photon Scanner. The portable and fast laser scanner shows a 200% increase in accur­acy, highly improved outdoor range, and a 300% reduction in noise levels compared to the previous model. The laser scanner is specially designed to be used in industries such as architecture, process, piping and power indus­tries, aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding, automated quality-assurance systems, foundries, forensic, tunnel and mining, as well as object reproduction.
Stand number: 4.112

FOIF (China), a well-known brand in the survey-instrument market, is showcasing its SGS828 series Integrated RTK GPS Receiver, which combines dual-frequency GPS antenna, OEM main board, internal radio, wireless Bluetooth communication module, UHF data link, GPRS/GSM/CORS data link and li-ion battery in a single, compact unit. The company is also presenting its 200m reflectorless EDM technology. This year FOIF is moving its workshop to a new, 23,000-square metre factory.
Stand number: 4.122

Fraunhofer IPM
Fraunhofer IPM (Germany) is dem­onstrating its latest high-speed scanner. Mounted on special cars, it can measure the 3D-geometry of roads and surrounding objects up to 12m distant. The scanner captures eight hundred profiles per second, each consisting of nine hundred measurement points. This enormous number of profiles and the high measurement frequency guaran­tee an extraordin­ary density of meas­urement points. Thus, even at high driving speeds, objects of a few millimetres can be reliably detected. Due to a powerful, eye-safe infrared-laser and the phase-shift measurement technique, results are obtained with great accuracy.
Stand number: 5.458

Fugro (Netherlands) is introducing its newest FLI-MAP 400 laser-scanning system. The Multiple Pulse in Air technique (MPiA) allows the scanner to send out the next pulse before the previous one has returned. This means data can be collected up to flight altitude of 950m. Other new options are the increased scan rate of 250KHz, and real-time laser point encoding. The new laser-scanning system is also equipped with an option for almost doubling image resolution, resulting in 10-cm pixel resolution at high flight altitude.
Stand number: 5.315

F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn
F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn (Germany) offers a wide range of survey instruments, most for special applications. As part of its manufacturing programme the company has redesigned its precision level type NABON for industrial applications. NABON No. 4760 has a plane parallel glass-plate micrometer with a reading of 0.02mm and shortest focusing distance of 30cm. The telescope housing and precision tubular level holder are made of one complete unit of full material. NABON No. 4760 can be used for industrial and engineering measurements, machine, aircraft- and power-plant construction.
Stand number: 5.432

geoplana Ingenieurgesellschft mbH (Germany) offers various services in the fields of survey, airborne imaging, laser-scanning, photogrammetric survey and mapping, interpretation of aerial photographs and GIS. The main sphere of work is Germany and bordering countries. The company is showcasing its new projects involving 3D-city models and mapping of sealed areas. Visitors will be able to view the company’s own capturing software based on MicroStation, and MultiVision, new viewing software for oblique aerial photography that offers possibilities for extracting 3D vector and raster data from oblique images.
Stand number: 6.320

Geosystems (Germany), an ERDASdistributor, is highlighting new ERDAS solutions for efficient­ly storing and sharing imagery throughout an enterprise and be­yond; catalogue, find, describe and distribute imagery, terrain and WFS layers. ERDAS Imagine 9.3 and ERDAS LPS 9.3 are greatly improved releases of these collections of software tools for remote sensing and photogrammetry.
Stand number: 5.524

geoVISAT (Belgium), a division of VanSteelandt BVBA, is a provider of precise, digital street-level data for the survey-, GIS- and visualisation market in Europe, particularly in the field of ­mobile mapping, offering customers complete value-added solutions (street-level image data, VISAT Station Software, integration & training services). The company’s digital images are post-­processed, quality checked and stored in a database which allows visualisation and integration into existing environments.
Stand number: 5.535

Hemisphere GPS
Hemisphere GPS (Canada) is showcasing the R220 GPS Re­ceiver, built on the Hemisphere GPS Eclipse platform and boast­ing the latest dual-frequency patented technology. It offers 39-channel tracking, with fast start-up and reacquisition times. The new receiver utilises RTK for fast, reliable, long-range, centimetre-level performance. In addition to RTK it tracks GPS, SBAS, and L-Band (OmniSTAR HP/XP). For professional mapping, guidance, machine-control and navigation applications, the receiver pro­vides an accurate, robust and more cost-effective po­s­itioning solution than traditional dual-frequency RTK systems.
Stand number 4.424

For Infoterra (Germany), the successful launch of radar satellite TerraSAR-X was a major step towards increased commercial use of earth-observation data: the satellite is specifically designed to serve commercial applications and became operational in early 2008. Infoterra GmbH, holder of the commercial exploitation rights for TerraSAR-X, now offers a portfolio of radar data and services, from basic imagery and standardised enhancements to applications-specific image products with individually defined acquisition and processing parameters. The company also provides exclusive Direct Access Services and target-group orientated training in evaluation and application of radar data. Infoterra mapping and monitoring concepts count upon the reliability and weather independence of TerraSAR-X.
Stand number 5.632

Intermap Technologies
Intermap Technologies creates uniform 3D-digital maps of the earth’s surface and builds a library of affordable and accurate digital elevation data and geometrical imagery. The company is re-mapping entire countries and building uniform national databases in a project called NEXTMap. The programme is well underway, with complete data for the remainder of Europe being placed on the shelf in 2008, and the US during the course of 2009. Intermap is bringing with it one product, Contours, derived from the company’s bare-earth DTMs and available at various intervals, according to specific application requirements and terrain characteristics of the area of interest.  
Stand number: 5.400

Jena Optronik Gmbh (Germany) is an international provider of opto-electronic instruments for aerospace, and is introducing the Jena Airborne Scanner JAS 150s together with its photogrammetric processing software which provides data with high spatial resolution, high positional accuracy and radiometric resolution. Using the JAS 150s, images with a ground pixel resolution of 5cm at flight altitude of 1,000m can be achieved at multiple stereo angles.
Stand number: 5.441

Kolida specialises in designing, manufacturing and selling survey equipment in China. Its product line includes a complete range of objects: Win-CE total-stations, reflectorless total-stations, laser theodolites, auto and digital levels, handheld distance meters, GPS systems, echo-sounders, prisms and various accessories. The company has two subordinate companies and one service centre in India, and exclusive distributors or authorised dealers in more than fifty countries and areas.
Stand number: 7.419

Latschbacher GmbH
Under the brand name TimbaTec, Latschbacher GmbH (Germany) delivers robust and industrial-strength devices for mobile data collection in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The product portfolio comprises robust PDAs, tablet PCs, notebooks and mobile printers, mainly for the forestry, survey and mapping, building, service and maintenance, transport and logistics sectors. Latschbacher presents two new products, the robust tablet PC Algiz 10, a 10-inch tablet PC, and the robust, convertible notebook, Algiz 13.
Stand number: 6.600

Lehmann + Partner
With 180 professionals based in Germany and Poland, Lehmann + Partner is a European service company for road and infrastructure management and individual GIS solutions. The company provides consulting, data, technology and systems, and is showcasing its capabilities for acquiring, processing, maintaining and combining data concerning geometry, turn restrictions, POI, video, sequence pictures, construction layers, inventory, traffic and conditions. It is also showing its GIS service and solution competence, ranging from consulting to software development, digital cartography and GIS data acquisition.
Stand number: 4.427

Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems (Switzerland) is bringing four new products. Leica FlexLine represents a new generation of total-stations. Hardware and software options can be simply selected so that the instrument meets user requirements. Leica AR25 meets the challenges faced by operators of GNSS networks and reference stations as the next generation of high-performance choke-ring antenna, covering all present and currently planned GNSS constellations and signals, including L-Band (SBAS, CDGPS and OmniStar). The next generation of digital-imaging and laser-scanning sensors upgrades the company’s airborne sensor solutions. With the Leica ADS80 Airborne Digital Sensor, it introduces a whole new workflow, Leica Xpro.
Stand number 5.518

Magellan (CA, USA/France) provides intuitive, efficient and affordable GPS/GNSS solutions for the professional and con­sumer markets and is showcasing a fully renewed survey and mapping product range. ProMark 500 are high-precision, real-time GPS+Glonass systems for land surveying and construction. ProMark 3 RTK represents affordable survey & mapping all-in-one GPS solutions. MobileMapper 6 and MobileMapper CX are low-cost, handheld GPS for accurate mapping and GIS data collection.
Stand Number 5.338

Technology solutions provider Maptek (Australia) is presentingits latest I-Site Studio 3D laser-scan processing software and I-Site 4400LR scanners. I-Site is usedaround the world for cap­turing and modelling data for ­mining, heritage, forensic, and civil applications. Software features in­clude enhanced graphics, filtering and modelling, new automatic open-pit update tool, photography applied to modelled surfaces, rendering and animation for high-fidelity digital video output, multiple language versions, and multiple file formats. Scanners feature high-precision alignment telescope, tilt compensator, integration with standard survey workflow, and external data such as GPS.
Stand number: 7.407

Menci Software
Menci Software (Italy) produces photogrammetry software, 3D-models from imagery, and software for mapping and land management, geo-information and related activities. Its flagship products are ZMAP and ZSCAN. The former is a multi-sensor photogrammetric station for cartographic data production and processing. ZSCAN, a 3D-scanning method that does not require the use of laser scanner, is a system that produces a dense cloud of RGB 3D points using digital images.
Stand number: 5.452

Nikon-Trimble (Japan) is showcasing its NPR-302 Series of Nikon Total Stations: high-­precision, long-range, reflectorless, mechanical total-­stations with laser pointers. The Nikon NPR-302 Series offers three ­models, the Nikon NPR-362, NPR-352 and NPR-332, and features 3-inch and 5-inch angle accuracy models. Each offers superior Nikon optics, performance and reliability, making them ideal for a variety of survey applications. The Nikon NPR-302 Series offers a distance measurement accuracy of up to ±(2 + 2ppm x D)mm and use patented technology to provide a long-distance reflectorless measurement range of up to 300 metres (1,000ft).
Stand number: 7.300

NovAtel (Canada) is a provider of precision GNSS components and subsystems, and develops quality OEM products including receivers, enclosures, antennas and firmware that are integrated into high-precision positioning applications worldwide. It is showing its latest developments in geodesy, geo-information and land-management products.
Stand Number: 5.309

Optech Incorporated (Canada) develops and produces advanced laser-based instruments. Its new­est family of products incorporates iFLEX technology, first introduced with the LYNX ­Mobile Mapper and the new compactALTM sensor. The result of dec­ades of research into Lidar meas­urement techniques and electronic design, iFLEX is the common platform at the core of the company’s next-generation Lidar technology. Optech is showcasing the latest in design and technology for the airborne, static and mobile survey platforms.
Stand number: 5.121

Oxford Technical Solutions
OxTS (United Kingdom) is presenting its Inertial+ system, now compatible with a wide range of GPS receivers. The product is a full Inertial and GPS navigation system that can be combined with an external GPS receiver to provide accurate measurements of position and velocity, even during GPS outages. The Inertial+ will also output measurements like roll, pitch and heading, making it an ideal tool for a wide range of survey applications. The new system is also suited for mobile mapping projects, improving qual­ity of data. It can be combined with Lidar or laser scanners on aircraft and road vehicles.
Stand number: 4.621

Pacific Crest Corporation
Pacific Crest (CA, USA) offers a wide range of radio and GNSS solutions. Its radio modems provide high-performance data links for RTK positioning and remote sensing and are compatible with GPS RTK equipment worldwide. OEM modules are also avail­able to system integrators seeking ­optimum-performance radio modems. Pacific Crest offers Trimble’s latest centimetre-level positioning technology for system integrators. The Trimble BD960 harnesses both GPS L2C/L5 and Glonass L1/L2 signals, while the BD950 GPS module provides outstanding reliabil­ity in a wide range of guidance or control applications.
Stand number: 6.410

PCI Geomatics
PCI Geomatics is a developer of software and solutions for geo­spatial imaging applications, specialising in remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, spatial analysis, cartographic production, auto­mated production sys­tems, image management and on-demand mapping solutions. It is demonstrating itsGeomaticaXtechnol­ogy, which includes ­ProLines, highly automat­ed processing chains for image orthorectification, mosaick­ing, and pan-sharpening. The ­company is also showing its flagship software Geomatica, and its latest version 10.1.3, which now supports WorldView-1 and TerraSAR-X. The software enables users to address a variety of industry applications, including sustainable agriculture, forestry management, carbon management, and disaster management.
Stand number: 5.501

Photo Mess Systeme
Photo Mess Systeme (Switzerland), a guest on the Leica Geo­systems stand, is showing the latest re­leases of the well-known Elcovision 10 close-range photogrammetry suite, with new additions for virtual-reality modelling and forensic analysis. Last year the company introduced fully automatic image orientation for aerial and terrestrial photo blocks, which also generates a dense cloud of points directly suitable for DGM or surface modelling. This year’s highlight is the first public show­ing of fully automatic drawing gen­eration from automatically orientated images. The company is also displaying the latest re­leases of ­Elcovision10 ElTheo, the tachy­metry suite for seamless integration of tachymetry into photo­grammetry.
Stand number: 5.518

Pointools (United Kingdom) is previewing its new plug-in for AutoCAD, utilising high-speed display engine to rapidly display 3D-scan data in the AutoCAD environment. The product will enable efficient production of line-work from point-clouds with minimal scan loading times. The company is also pre-showing Pointools Edit, providing a collection of point-cloud editing and colour-correction tools that en­able efficient cleaning, editing and manipulation of scan data from a range of scanners. Also showcased is the new Pointools View Pro 1.7 for point-cloud visualisation and animation, and the enhanced Pointools4Rhino point-cloud plug-in for Rhinoceros.
Stand number 5.135

RapidEye (Germany) is a geospatial information provider focused on integrating customised and industry-specific solutions into the workflow of global customers in agriculture, forestry, energy, infrastructure, government, ­security and emergency. The company’s constellation of five earth-­observation satellites offers many advantages. Delivering near real-time products in five spectral bands with five-metre pixel spac­ing, the system is able to revisit the same point on earth every day and can obtain more than 4 million square kilometres of earth-observation data daily.
Stand number: 5.532

Reduct NV
Reduct NV (Belgium) is known for pipeline mapping equipment for underground utility infrastructure, and is introducing a new system that can map pipelines of 75mm internal diameter. This unit, the DR3.5, can also pass a diversity of bends in pipelines. Together with its newly develop­ed software, the equipment can provide insight into the location of a pipe, bending radius and pipe alignment, thus providing utility owners with accurate information about their assets.
Stand number 6.720

Riegl Laser Measurement Systems
Riegl Laser Measurement Sys­tems (Austria), manufacturer of laser scanners for terrestrial, ­mobile and airborne applications, is launching its new “V”-line of laser scanners, featuring significantly improved performance data. Ranging accuracy and ­reliability are high, based upon echo digitisation and online full-waveform analysis. Multiple target capability (unlimited number of targets) features the latest laser technology, providing very sharp beam divergence (0.3mrad). The latest GPS, LAN interfaces and interfaces for high-precision time stamping are also included, as is a mechanical interface for direct IMU mounting. The system is compact, rugged and of lightweight design.
Stand number: 5.319

Rollei Metric
Rollei Metric GmbH (Germany) supplies a wide range of cam­eras and evaluation software for ­aerial and terrestrial applications. RolleiMetric offers fixed and calibrated Nikon cameras with exchangeable lenses and 2D and 3D evaluation software for close- range applications. The ­aerial camera AIC Pro is the leading image-based system in combin­ation with laser scanner/Lidar systems worldwide and can be combined with a wide range of professional RGB or (C)IR lenses with Rollei ElectronicShutter. The AIC xN is a multi-head solution for aerial photogrammetry with up to 135 megapixel image size. Both identical focal lengths for land coverage as well as combin­ations of different focal lengths can be used.
Stand number: 6.518

Ruide Surveying Instrument
Ruide, a new company based in China, offers a range of total-­stations, electronic theodolites, handheld laser distance meters, and related products. Ruide is show­ing a great variety of prod­ucts, including the total-­station RTS-850/850R series, theodo­lites, and automatic levels.
Stand number: 7.419

Satel (Finland) is showcasing its operator-independent Satelline radio modems. A 35 W transmission power guarantees long transmission ranges between the transmitter (reference station) and the receiver (rover). The Satelline model range will provide all the equipment required by the user for both one- and two-way data transfer. The radio modems are also compatible with other manufacturers’ (PCC) equipment, and IP67-classified models are suitable as they are for outdoor use. As well as for surveying, small, light and economical modems also provide an appropriate solution for other applications where real-time and relating data transfer is required.
Stand number: 4.313

SETL Survey Equipment
Tianjin SETL Survey Equipment Co Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of auto-levels, theodolites, laser cross-lines and accessories. As the first Chinese company in this industry, its auto-level has been awarded the status of ‘National Inspection-exempted product’ by the Chinese government. SETL is presenting all its products, includ­ing auto-­levels, tripod, staves, tribrach, and tribrach adapter. The company is also introducing its newest theodolite and series of pocket laser markers.
Stand number: 5.536

SierraSoft (Italy) is introducing Geomatics Suite 2009, the latest version of its software for surveying, 3D-modelling, road and hydraulic design. This new software includes enhancements such as creation and management of ­tables, dynamic input, drawing styles, report custom­isation and management of external refer­ence. The road-design module takes advantage of four new technol­ogies, allowing fast, easy and accurate management of a road-­design project. Para­metric design, Real-Time design and Easy Intersection System allow definition and management of all the design data (both for road alignments and intersections) while Dynamic design can keep all project data updated in response to changes.
Stand number: 7.501

Sinning Vermessungsbedarf
Sinning Vermessungsbedarf GmbH (Germany) offers high-precision instruments, as well as maintenance service and train­ing. The company also designs individual system solutions for all survey projects, specific­ally in monitoring and track sur­vey for the global market. Thisyear the company is intro­ducing ­­GEDO CE VorSyS, its new pre-measurement system for tamp machines that enables users to work exclusively with reference points, helped by two measurement trolleys on the basis of a track-marking plan or digitally available track data. A variance comparison of the planned track course can be thus quickly and economically done.
Stand number: 6.608

Snowflake Software
Snowflake Software (United Kingdom) is demonstrating how its services and COTS products can be used to enable INSPIRE compliance. INSPIRE is all about mak­ing data available, accurately and in real time. The most effect­ive method of achieving this is via a commonly shared community schema. Snowflake plans to real­ise this, enabling GML schema definition, translation, publishing and loading, all through easy-to-use GUI interfaces. Snowflake also provides consultancy and training to further ease development.
Stand number: 5.313

South Surveying & Mapping
South Surveying & Mapping (China) offers the latest advance­ments, such as improved GPS products, reflectorless total-stations and laser instruments. The company is showcasing its latest version of GPS S82, a ­reflectorless total-station NTS-660R, echo sounder SDE-28, and many more cost-effective, modern survey ­products.
Stand number: 7.419

Spectra Precision
Spectra Precision (CO, USA) is showcasing the Spectra Precision Nomad data collector, running the new Field Surveyor 2.0 field software for its FOCUS 10 Total ­Stations and EPOCH 25 GPS Sys­tems. This rugged data collector and field software solution provides increased functionality for survey applications including topographic data collection, stak­ing and layout, boundary and c­adastre, and comprehensive COGO and roading routines. The Nomad is delivered standard with an 806-MHz processor, 128MB of memory, and integrated Bluetooth technology; navigation-grade GPS receiver, and 802.11g (WiFi).
Stand number: 7.300

STONEX (United Kingdom and Switzerland) is a supplier of survey equipment, such as total-stations and construction lasers, serving a mix of commercial and industrial end markets all over the world. It maintains plants, dealers and commercial offices in more than forty countries. The company is introducing reflector­less total-station STSO2R. De­signed in Switzerland and manufactured in China, the STS02R allows the user to survey without prism up to 200m at high accuracy (5+3ppm). STS02R can be used in various survey scenarios, including cadastral, construction, dam, electric-wire, tunnel and house measurement.
Stand number: 7.419

Stora Enso
Stora Enso (Finland) is intro­ducing its extended Enso­MOSAIC, with complete set of tools for aerial imaging and stereo mapping. To complement existing image capture and automatic ortho-­processing properties, the company has added a direct connection to ESPA Sys­tems software for stereoscopic 3D data extraction. Stora Enso provides a full production line for stereo mapping: software, hardware and support services. Its image-processing software has been enhanced for fast man­agement of large-format aerial imagery. A seamline editor is also included, for improved ­orthomosaics in urban areas.?
Stand number: 6205

Teccon Mobile Mapping
Teccon Mobile Mapping (Bel­gium), an independent adviser providing professional land-­survey services, photogram­metry, 3D-laser scanning and mobile mapping for government, companies and private clients, is showcasing its latest technology based on Lidar meas­urements and acquired from a mobile platform. This technique produces a dense and reliable 3D point-cloud of the environment, as well as geo-referenced colour pictures. All data is recorded as the vehicle is driving through everyday traffic, each object being scanned twice by the 360° sensors. The resultant data is useful for a multitude of users and purposes, such as 3D-modelling, mapping, visu­alisation, quality checks of existing data, updating mapping data, and change detection.
Stand number: 5.450

Terrasolid (Finland) is develop­er of software for processing airborne and vehicle-scanned laser data. The software family includes TerraScan, for classifying laser points, TerraMatch for calibrating data, TerraModeler for creating surface models, and TerraPhoto, for processing images using laser points. Each package is powerful alone, but modules may be seamlessly integrated foroptimum performance. Terrasolidis predominantly show­ing mobile laser data processing and calibration.
Stand number: 6.601

Topcon Europe Positioning
Topcon Europe Positioning (Netherlands) is launching its position­ing solutions under the theme ‘Bridge the Gap.’ The company thus presents itself as a builder of bridges, between technologies (GNSS and total-­stations), hardware and application software, survey and construction users and industry, and between Topcon and local software/application partners. It is demonstrating its role as a multi-level and application brand for any positioning solution; technology needed in various industries, including survey, construction, agriculture, telematics and mobile business.
Stand number: 4.114/ 4.402

Transoft Solutions
Transoft Solutions (Netherlands) develops and supports new and timesaving CAD-based software for engineering and architectural-­d­esign communities. AutoTURN 6.0, vehicle turn-and-swept-path analysis software, is used by transportation and engineering professionals to analyse and evaluate vehicle manoeuvres for projects such as intersections, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading bays or any on/off-street assignments involv­ing access, clearance and man­oeuvrability checks. By combining this software with new presentation software InVision, vehicle simulations can be simultaneously recorded and exported into selected video formats.
Stand number: 7.221

Trimble (CA, USA) is featuring its complete portfolio of position­ing solutions, designed to work together to connect the workflow for all phases of survey and geospatial applications. These span GNSS and GPS survey systems, mapping/GIS receivers, optical total-stations, and 3D scanning to VRS network infrastructure technology, as well as field and office software. Trimble’s Inte­grated Surveying, spatial imaging, monitoring, engineer­ing and tunnelling, construction and power, process and plant solutions are demonstrated on the stand. This year’s theme, Connecting You with the Future of Surveying, shows how making the right connections can provide new opportunities and improve productivity for surveyors and geospatial professionals.
Stand number: 6.410

uismedia (Germany) is show­casing MapViewSVG 7, an extension for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop. The new product offers the possibility for fast, easy and cost-effective publishing of ArcMap projects on the internet/intranet, CD or DVD. Open standards like SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), XML and ECMAScript guarantee high cartographic quality, functionality and interactivity. MapViewSVG supports vector-based object and image data. Attribute data is stored as XML files or in a database, and is dynamically linked to geometric data. WMS- or ArcIMS server data may also be included.
Stand number: 5.708

Vexcel Imaging
Vexcel Imaging GmbH (Aus­tria), a Microsoft company, is pre­senting three new products: UltraCamXp, UltraCamL and the UltraMap Platform. The first is based on the UltraCamX and is the largest digital aerial cam­era in the world, 17,310 pixels across strip. The UltraCamL is a large, photogrammetric, medi­um-­format camera that offers the same geomet­ric and radiometric qual­ity as the UltraCamXp but addresses the medium-format camera market and price segment. The UltraMap Platform is the new image-processing software from Vexcel, providing ­automated and distributed Level 0 to Level 2, and Level 2 to Level 3 image processing, as well as a full photogrammetric workflow, including aerotriangulation and bundle adjustment.
Stand number: 5.122

viasecure Deutschland
viasecure Deutschland GmbH (Germany) is showing its complete plant-information system (complis), a Business Intel­ligence Solution that handles all existing objects and functions of an industrial site. complis is a modular client-server application, the system design based on ArcGIS Server. Depending on customer needs, complis is scal­able in the same manner as ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop. It respects all views of a site and integrates single-standing business systems to form a single enterprise information system. This Service Oriented Architecture guarantees and makes more efficient company-wide information and workflow.
Stand number: 5.410

virtualcitySYSTEMS GmbH
virtualcitySYSTEMS (Germany) is a geospatial services and software development company offering technology solutions and consulting services for advanc­ed 3D-GIS visualisation, from 3D-city models all the way to systems integration. The company is showcasing its building reconstruction technology and related services for airborne Lidar. The company has created software containing automated processes to produce highly accurate 3D-models with build­ing geometry and rooftops, thus offering a cost-efficient alternative to photogrammetry for creating wide-area 3D-building model datasets. Already equipped with a built-in library of seventeen unique roof forms, the software can be customised to recognise specific, complexroof types.
Stand number: 5.228

Last updated: 07/09/2020