Intergeo Preview 2009

Intergeo, the world’s largest congress and trade-fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, will this year be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 22nd to 24th September. About 16,000 visitors are expected to visit the event, and five hundred exhibitors will be showcasing their latest innovations in a hall area of 25,000m2. This preview aims to give a foretaste of the latest products and technologies to be presented at Intergeo. We invited exhibitors to introduce themselves and their offerings and many responded, resulting in this compilation.

Impression of Intergeo 2009 - see Intergeo 2009 Photo Album


3D Laser Mapping 3D Laser Mapping (UK) is showcasing StreetMapper 360, the mobile mapping system. With promising results, including sub-centimetre accuracies in real-world projects, StreetMapper is now ready to conquer America, where the company has recently opened a dedicated sales and support office and put into use three systems. 3D Laser Mapping will also be launching StreetMapper Portable a device with all the performance and functionality of StreetMapper 360, yet able to be checked in as standard luggage at the airport and installed and uninstalled in a matter of minutes.

Stand number: 1.520



52°North - Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH (Germany) is an international research and development network aiming at fostering innovation through its collaborative software development process. The company is exhibiting its Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) Services for integration of sensors into SDIs, which facilitate the use and consolidation of real-time data in GIS and information systems. They also provide standardised interfaces for unrestricted configurable alerting processes, as well as interfaces which enable easy configuration and control of the sensors. This technology is currently being implemented by water boards and operators of early-warning systems.

Stand number: 1.417



ADW Software

ADW Software (Belgium) is showing a pre-release version of Pythagoras 12, the CAD+GIS program for land surveyors and civil engineers. Pythagoras 12 offers many new features: conversion from Gauss-Kruger to ETRS 89 Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates using tie points, interactive editing of a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), exporting to Google Earth, and plenty of GIS functionalities. The Visual Basic Analogue (VBA) object model of Pythagoras is extended in order to build even more powerful applications.

Stand number: 1.112



Aerodata International Surveys

Aerodata International Surveys (Belgium) is one of Europe's leading providers of aerial imagery and is also active in the Middle-East and Africa. Core activities consist of the acquisition of aerial imagery and production of high-quality geo-information products such as orthophoto mosaics. Aerodata operates a fleet of five aircraft and uses a wide range of sensors such as laser and thermal scanners, besides the latest large-frame camera Vexcel Ultracam X-Prime. Our imagery is used in a wide range of applications such as planning, emergency response, 3D modelling and building thermal isolation programmes.

Stand number: 1.604




AeroGRID (United Kingdom) is one of Europe's leading suppliers of aerial imagery, with over 1 million square kilometres available off the shelf, including Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Portugal. A further 10 million square kilometres are available through partners. The imagery is available offline or through various online mechanisms. The company is owned by three of Europe's leading aerial survey organisations: Aerodata, Getmapping and Geocontent. AeroGrid and its partners operate a fleet of twelve aircraft and ten digital cameras, making the company one of the largest aerial-data providers in Europe with the capacity to capture new data globally.

Stand number: 1.506




Aerowest (Germany) is presenting its AeroSolar system, which offers qualified solar potential analysis based on 3D-city models and was awarded the 2009 InterSolar Award in Munich. Approximately four hundred cities with more than 6 million 3D building datasets are available on demand. Using simuSolar Simulation a detailed overview of solar potential for every single roof can also be delivered. Besides single buildings, Aerowest shows solar cadastre solutions for complete city datasets and high-resolution orthophotos.

Stand number: 1.427



Airborne Hydrography AB

The Swedish company Airborne Hydrography AB (AHAB) develops and supplies airborne laser survey systems for hydrographic and topographic surveys. Its core products, the HawkEye II bathymetric airborne Lidar and the DragonEye topographic airborne Liddar system will be shown at Intergeo. AHAB customers include international survey companies and governmental organisations on the world market. The company also offers customer support, service, maintenance and applications development during the whole lifetime of a product, and a European Centre of Excellence in hydrographic and topographic Lidar technologies.

Stand number: 1.326




Amberg Technologies

Amberg Technologies (Switzerland) presents Amberg Rail, a new solution for comprehensive railway surveying based on the application-specific solutions Amberg Slab Track, Amberg Tamping and Amberg Clearance. Using Amberg Slab Track and the GRP 1000 surveying system it is possible to independently determine and inspect track positions. In conjunction with the GRP 3000, Amberg Tamping identifies track position errors as a basis for track ballast installation and maintenance. In combination with the GRP 3000 or the GRP 5000, the Amberg Clearance solution allows inspection of individual encroaching objects in real time, complete documentation of structures, and clearance analyses.

Stand number: 1.525





Applanix (Canada), a Trimble company, develops, manufactures, sells and supports precision products and solutions for Mobile Mapping and Positioning. Recent introductions include the Applanix DSS RapidOrtho 2.0, a complete directly geo-referenced, medium-format digital camera system for airborne mapping which delivers mapping-grade ortho images within minutes of completing a mission, and POSTrack 410, a NSS-Aided Inertial Direct Georeferencing and advanced Flight Management System for aerial survey.

Stand number: 4.310




Blom Group (Norway) is a leading European player in the production of geographic information as tool and decision-making basis for both public enterprises and private businesses, owning the largest imagery and 3D model databases in Europe. Blom has around thrity aircraft and helicopters available for data collection. With offices in thirteen countries and employing over 1,200 staff, Blom has significant human, financial and equipment resources, enabling the Group to undertake projects throughout the world. Blom presents a variety of projects in the field of aerial photography, Lidar data acquisition, digital orthophoto, DTM and photogrammetry, as well as oblique aerial photography for 3D building façade texturing.

Stand number: 1.106



Cadcorp (United Kingdom) is a leading developer of digital mapping and GIS software with a distribution and value-added reseller (VAR) network stretching worldwide. The Cadcorp SIS product family encompasses desktop GIS modules, web-based GIS software, software developer kits and a mobile data-capture solution. At Intergeo 2009 Cadcorp will be showcasing SIS7, the latest version of its product family, and is looking to extend its network of partners in Europe. Cadcorp is an ISO9001:2000 certified company and a technical member of the OGC. Cadcorp SIS applications exist in local and central government, emergency services, insurance, mapping, commercial and many other markets.

Stand number 4.115



Carlson Software

Carlson Software (USA), producer of affordable land-development software , has more than 400 new features and enhancements among its 2010 products. Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, Carlson Takeoff, Carlson GIS, Carlson Mining, Carlson Field and, all new, Carlson Construction. Improvements include support for IntelliCAD6.6, which comes built into the software, and AutoCAD2010. The survey software C&G is now included in Carlson Survey 2010, along with more than 35 survey-specific improvements, and Carlson Hydrology offers improved watershed delineation and HydroCAD linkage. Add in data collection (SurvCE) and machine control (Grade) and the project is covered from concept to completion.

Stand number: 1.307



ComputerWorks GmbH

ComputerWorks (Germany) is presenting the CAD/ GIS software Vectorworks Landmark, a program developed to meet the specific needs of landscape architects and city planners. With its sophisticated GIS functions, the CAD program Vectorworks is an attractive solution for all offices needing to work with geodata and looking for a GIS program. The three-dimensional images of Vectorworks give realistic insight, more and more important in handling geographic data. In particular, the import and export functionality of Vectorworks Landmark offers a smooth workflow when working with geographic data.

Stand number: 4.116




DigiTerra (Hungary) develops GIS applications with special expertise in agriculture and forestry. DigiTerra Explorer, the company's main product, is an out-of-the-box, device-independent mobile GIS and field mapping software with fast graphical engine to display large raster files. Used worldwide with Topcon, Trimble and Magellan GPS receivers, and integrated with Trupulse laser range-finder and 3M/Dynatel cable locator, it is a handy tool for field data capture and mobile mapping projects. At Intergeo DigiTerra is introducing version 6 of DigiTerra Explorer, with better structured functions and pricing in accordance with the needs of individual user groups.

Stand number: 1.402




Erdas (USA) will be sharing the Hexagon stand at Intergeo 2009, introducing ErdasSoftware 2010, to be officially released later this year. This includes Erdas Imagine 2010, featuring a new look and feel, making it easier to quickly access tools and incorporating remote sensing, photogrammetry and radar in a single product. Erdas Apollo 2010 and the company's other industry-leading desktop and enterprise solutions will also be showcased.

Stand number: 1.333



FARO Europe

FARO Europe (Germany) will present its latest laser scanners, Photon 120 and 20, along with the new version of the FARO Scene V. 4.6 scan processing software which enables users to post-process scans automatically up to 90% faster. The new laser scanners can capture up to 976,000 measuring points a second, and with a range of 120 metres the Photon 120 has the longest range in the category of phase-shift laser scanners. In a joint presentation with the Italian IT company Siteco, FARO will also be deomonstrating its Road Scanner road-mapping product in the grounds of the exhibition centre.

Stand number: 1.210



FARO Photon laser scanner.




FOIF (China) is showcasing its A20 series Integrated RTK GNSS Receiver. Several well-known brand OEM main boards are compatible for this model, which can meet different user requirements. The company is also presenting its RTS/OTS810 Windows CE total-station. Two software products are offered: FOIFSurvey_TS and FOIF Field Genius. The former is the basic software and supports TS only. FOIF FieldGenius supports the Windows CE total-station and GPS and can be installed on a GPS controller. Working with desktop software FOIF Geomatics CAD can greatly increase efficiency and productivity.

Stand number: 1.327




FPM Holding GmbH

FPM Holding GmbH (Germany) will be presenting its series of plummets advanced by its nadir and zenith plummet FG-L30, a vintage assortment of surveying instruments, news of deformation measuring techniques and a wide range of additional accessories. The nadir and zenith plummet FG-L30 is designed for plumbings with an accuracy of + 1 mm /30 m.

Stand number: 1.104



GeoMax AG

Developing and manufacturing instruments with a good price-to-performance ratio for the surveying and construction markets, GeoMax (Switzerland) serves a rapidly growing group of users across the globe. With its continually expanding product portfolio, GeoMax once again presents itself at Intergeo as the complete provider for the surveying and construction industries. The comprehensive range of total-stations, GNSS equipment, digital levels, rotators, automatic levels, software and accessories follow the GeoMax maxim ‘works when you do'.

Stand number: 4.523




GISPRO (Poland) is highlighting its latest Mobile Mapping and Mobile Laser Scanning System (MMS/MLS). The system is equipped with three Riegl laser scanners, including two VZ-400 scanners and VQ-250 profiler; six digital video cameras, Ground Penetrating Radar from IDS, and an Applanix GPS/IMU POS 420, supported by DMI. This is the one of the most versatile MMS/MLS systems in the world, creating a point-cloud density of 10,000 points/m2 at a speed of 10km/h with an accuracy of mxyz <10mm (relative) and mz <10mm; mxy<30 mm (absolute).

Stand number: 1.616




Hemisphere GPS

Hemisphere GPS (Canada) is officially launching its newest dual-frequency GPS receiver. Powered by Eclipse technology, the new receiver utilises OmniSTAR HP/XP signals for decimetre positioning and RTK for fast, reliable, long-range, centimetre-level performance. Hemisphere GPS is also previewing its XF102 DGPS smart antenna for the TDS Nomad handheld computer. The XF102 joins Hemisphere GPS existing XF101 for use with the Juniper Archer Field PC, and XF100 for use with the TDS Recon. In addition, Hemisphere GPS is featuring its full portfolio of precision products.

Stand number: 1.123



Hi-Target Survey Instrument

Hi-Targer Survey Instrument (China) is presenting its V-net 6 GNSS CORS station, a multi-user, multi-mission, multi-platform operation system. The V-net 6 guarantees excellent system stability, user-friendly management functionality and powerful network ability. The system is embedded with a microprocessor. Other benefits include compact size, low power-consumption and less heat, making it perfect for long and continuous work.

Stand number: 1.415




IGI Systems

IGI Systems (Germany) designs and develops guidance, precise-positioning, attitude-determination, sensor-management and sensor systems for airborne and terrestrial survey missions. At Intergeo IGI is presenting its new Inertial Measurement Unit IMU-IIe, which provides higher performance with lower weight and volume. Showing the StreetMapper 360 and StreetMapper Portable with our partner 3D Laser Mapping, we will let visitors see innovation in mobile mapping with 360-degree field of view and flexible lifting platform.

Together with Geocopter, IGI demonstrates a lightweight UAV helicopter with installed DigiCAM and IMU-IIe.

Stand number: 1.519




Intergraph (USA) will introduce the first imagery and practical results of its latest RMK D solution. This medium-format digital aerial camera is delivered as a complete system that includes Intergraph's mission-planning and flight-management technology, SSD data cartridges, pilot display, post-processing software and stabilised camera mount. As an added benefit, the RMK D has been designed with the intention of allowing customers also to leverage from many of their existing camera components with the RMK D sensor.

Stand number: 1.115




Intermap Technologies

Intermap Technologies (USA) is a digital mapping company creating uniform 3D digital models of the Earth's surface, including digital elevation data and geometric images of unprecedented accuracy. At Intergeo 2009 Intermap is partnering with GAF , ESRI and GeoContent. Intermap has introduced a new product based on its NEXTMap digital elevation data called elevation shaded image (ESI), which provides accurate and aesthetically pleasing visualisations of topographical information. Intermap has collaborated with GeoContent, a provider in Germany of aerial photography and geospatial information, to produce the ESI. The company's NEXTMap Europe nationwide mapping program is now available.

Stand number: 4.311


ITRES Research Ltd

ITRES (Canada) is an airborne hyperspectral remote-sensing imager manufacturer and worldwide mapping survey provider. The company's performance-designed custom hyperspectral imagers are Lidar-ready and feature unmatched precision, focus and resolution. Visible and Near Infra-Red (VNIR), Short Wavelength Infra-Red (SWIR), Medium Wavelength Infra-Red (MWIR), and thermal Infra-Red spectral regions covered for infrastructure and environmental applications. Also offered are multiple sensor operation and remote control. ITRES recently announced its wide-array thermal TABI-1800. Applications include mapping heat loss, effluent, aquatic habitat, search and rescue, and thermal anomaly detection. IPS (In-Flight Processing System): Rapid response mapping & data turnaround through in-flight geocorrection, mosaicking, target/thermal anomaly detection.

Stand number: 1.513




Ixea (France) is presenting its georeferencing solutions for air- and land-based applications. Landins is a GPS/INS solution specially designed for mobile land-based applications, providing 3D position, heading, roll and pitch. It offers high-accuracy position and orientation data in real time, even in difficult GPS environments, and saves on overall survey time. It includes data logger, DMI interface and GPS receiver board embedded (optional). AIRINS is a compact GPS/INS system designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding airborne mapping and remote-sensing applications, such as digital cameras, SAR, digital scanners, films cameras and Lidar even in real time, which makes it an ideal system for fast-response applications, providing high-accuracy position and orientation data in real time.

Stand number: 1.405





Kolida (China) specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of survey equipment. The productline contains a complete range: Win-CE total-stations, reflectorless total-stations, laser theodolites, auto levels, digital levels, handheld distance meters, GPS devices, echo sounders, prisms and various accessories.

The company's headquarters is in Guangzhou, and the company has five subordinate factories and more than 450 authorised dealers spread over the whole of China.

Stand number: ????



Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems (Switzerland) is showcasing the new Leica TS30/TM30 total-stations. New direct drives based on Piezo technology achieve maximum acceleration and speed whilst maintaining optimal accuracy under the most demanding dynamic conditions. The Leica ScanStation C10, the next generation of 3D laser scanners, is also highlighted. The ‘All-in-one' ScanStation C10 packs all critical components into a single unit, providing an interface including onboard controller and colour graphic display. The recently launched Leica RCD100, the first completely integrated medium-format mapping camera on the market, will also be presented, as well as the company's new laser distance meters Leica DISTO D5 and DISTO D8.

Stand number: 1.333



Magellan Professional 

Magellan Professional (USA/France) is presenting its new ProFlex 500 multi-constellation GNSS receiver. Also in the spotlight will be the MobileMapper 6, a low-cost professional receiver for the GIS market that offers sub-metre post-processed accuracy. MobileMapper 6 supports the latest ArcPad 8 software and provides a post-processing GPSDifferential extension for ArcPad 8 to improve real-time data. Magellan Professional will showcase the ProMark 500, offering exceptionally high performance GPS+GLONASS processing capabilities, and the MB 500, the ultimate GPS+Glonass+SBAS dual-frequency OEM board.

Stand number: 1.205



Menci Software

Menci Software (Italy) is a solution provider offering image-measurement systems, 3D photo scanner and software for processing aerial and close-range photogrammetry, industrial and medical applications. The focus applications are 3D Modeling System and Image Analisys, with special attention on the image-measurement system with calibrated digital camera pattern-projected system. The main market reference applications are cross-sector, between cultural heritage application and industrial system for measurement. Menci is a research and development company the mission of which is to promote the use of images for measurements at different scale in variuos application fields. Menci also produces professional software on demand.

Stand number: 4.106




miniPLAN (United Kingdom) is showcasing its unique Sketch and Measure system. Using the new Leica Disto D8, floor plans can be accurately and more quickly completed onsite for direct export into any CAD program. Measuring buildings has never been simpler.

Stand number: 1.416




Myzox (Japan) is an all-round manufacturer of surveying, civil engineering, and construction products. This is the first time this manufacturer has exhibited at Intergeo, having been founded in 1950 and being the first manufacturer to develop and launch aluminium levelling staves in Japan. The company's main products include a wide range of aluminium levelling staves, tripods, prisms, accessories for survey instruments and GPS, rotating lasers and line lasers. Myzox products are exported to 37 countries.

Stand number: 1. 304



NAV Technology

NAV Technology (China) specialises in inertial sensors, inertial measurement units, attitude- and heading-modules, and tightly integrated GI systems. With its Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based product line, the company has taken a strategic step towards fibre-optic gyroscope (FOG) research and development. NAV is further working on research and development into laser gyroscope-based Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). Progress in navigation technology is what NAV Technology considers its task. The company is endeavouring to become the pacemaker in worldwide inertial and related fields.

Stand number: 4.113


Nebel und Partner

By means of laserscanning from a helicopter, Nebel (Germany) generates digital ground models with high point-density and accuracy of up to 2cm. High-resolution digital photos of the overflown corridor are taken simultaneously, from which 5-cm-precise geo-referenced orthophotos can be produced. Alternatively or in combination, a Mobile Mapping System can be used. These vehicle-based sensors provide rapid, 3D-mapping of highways and infrastructure. The results are system-independent and can be used with a range of applications. The procedure is characterised by high efficiency and short realisation times. All works take place without stepping on streets or railway territory and consequently cause no interference with everyday traffic. At Intergeo, Nebel will present the results from its latest projects.

Stand number: 1.419




NovAtel Inc

NovAtel Inc (Canada) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs, manufacturers and sells high-precision GNSS technology. The company's receivers, antennas, enclosures, GNSS+Inertial systems and software are integrated into precise-positioning applications around the world. For environments where GNSS only positioning may be difficult, NovAtel has developed SPAN (Synchronised Position, Attitude & Navigation) Technology - a tightly integrated GNSS receiver and inertial measurement unit (IMU) providing continuous and accurate positioning, velocity and attitude.

Stand number: 1.323




Optech's (Canada) reputation in the development and manufacture of advanced laser-based survey and imaging instruments has been built up over the last 35 years. During this time Optech has worked closely with academic, government, military, naval, air force and space-based organisations to meet their specialised application requirements. Its newest family of products incorporates iFLEX technology. The result of decades of research into Lidar measurement techniques and electronic design, iFLEX is the common platform at the core of the company's next-generation Lidar technology. At Intergeo, Optech is showcasing its latest in design and technology for the airborne, mobile and terrestrial survey platforms.

Stand number: 1.316


Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest (USA) is a leading supplier of wireless data communication solutions designed for precise positioning and remote-sensing applications. The company is introducing a new line of advanced, high-speed, wireless data links built to survive the rigours of GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning. The first member of this line is a sophisticated 2-Watt UHF transceiver utilising Pacific Crest's next-generation Advanced Data Link (ADL) technology while remaining backward compatible with existing Pacific Crest, Trimble and other products. The ADL Vantage features multi-function user display, heavy-duty all-metal construction, high over-the-air link rates, configurable transmit power, advanced 40-MHz bandwidth models, and software-derived channel bandwidth.

Stand number: 4.317



Plastipol-Scheu (Germany) is a manufactuer of mobile workshops for, among others, mobile surveyors. Most surveyors transport survey instruments and equipment weighing 200 to 400kilograms, with a value of between 20,000 and 100,000 euros. This high value and personal security justifies the highest level of protection. The GEO-VAN range of Plastipol-Scheu has over more than thirty yeears offered solutions for almost all utility vehicles, suvs and vans. At Intergeo 2009 the company will exhibit a real mobile surveyor's office.

Stand number: 1.622




PMS Photo Mess Systeme AG

PMS Photo Mess Systeme AG (Switzerland) is showing the latest re¬leases of the ELCOVISION 10 close-range photogrammetry suite, with new additions for virtual-reality modelling and forensic analysis. Two years ago the company introduced fully automatic image orientation for aerial and terrestrial photo blocks, which also generates a dense cloud of points directly suitable for DGM or surface or volume modelling This year's highlight is further full automatic processing of images. The company is also displaying the latest re¬leases of ELCOVISION ElTheo, the tachy¬metry suite for seamless integration of tachymetry into photo¬grammetry. PMS AG is a guest on the Leica Geo¬systems stand.

Stand number: 1.333



Pointools (UK) is demonstrating its recently released flagship product Pointools Edit. Based on and incorporating the successful Pointools View Pro 1.7, Edit provides an additional collection of point-cloud editing and colour-correction tools that en¬able efficient cleaning, editing and manipulation of scan data from a range of scanners. Pointools View Pro 1.7 for point-cloud visualisation and animation will be shown along with an enhanced Pointools Model plug-in for AutoCAD and Pointools4Rhino plug-in for Rhinoceros. Both products enable efficient production of line-work from point-clouds with minimal scan loading times and no regeneration of points.

Stand number: 1.521



RapidEye (Germany) is a geospatial information provider integrating long-term management solutions into the workflow of international customers in agriculture, forestry, energy, infrastructure, government, security and emergency. By owning and operating a constellation of five satellites the company provides a unique range of earth-observation services and multi-temporal, multi-spectral, high-resolution data products. In August 2009 RapidEye celebrated the anniversary of its first year in space and its sixth month of commercial operations. Over the last year the company has been building a strong global distribution network, including two companies that will be part of its Intergeo exhibition: BEO of Beijing and Sovzond of Moscow.

Stand number 4.307


Redrover International

Redrover International, with a South Korea-based research & development centre for the latest display technology and an international distributing office in North America, is introducing a new stereoscopic standard for geospatial and photogrammetry communities. The featured True3di stereoscopic monitor series will demonstrate a real 3D-stereo experience, combined with the highest stereo resolution, brightness and contrast. True3di can be integrated with Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) applications broadly applied in aerial mapping, remote sensing, Lidar, spatial analysis, municipal, hydrographic, homeland security and defence.

Stand number: 1.530




For surveying on German and international building ground, the RIB Group (Germany) together with its partner Topcon Europe Positioning BVwill be exhibiting a web-based integration between the Topcon GPS system Rover GRS-1 and STRATIS software. Visitors to the fair will be able to watch a live demonstration of how survey points are transferred to the software in real time, and how they are shown within a project and further processed.

Stand number: 1.412





RIEGL's (Austria) new V-Line laser scanners have been proved in the field, even under rough measuring conditions in terrestrial, mobile and airborne applications. They convince through unprecedented performance characteristics: Laser Pulse Repetition Rates (PRR) up to 300kHz, scanning rates up to 120Hz and Online Waveform Processing, everything in a compact and lightweight design. Get informed about the complete RIEGL product line for airborne, mobile, terrestrial and industrial laser scanning at Intergeo 2009.

Stand number: 1.421




RUIDE Surveying Instrument (China), one of the most significant suppliers of survey equipment and GIS solutions in China, will be showing several new models. Total-station RTS-820R3 employs new EDM technology, with reflectorless measuring range of 300m. An SD card is supportable for data storing and a Temperature and Pressure Auto Sensor is for the first time installed in the total-station. A new Digital Level DL-202 is also being released, the slim body of which provides great convenience in level survey.

Stand number: 1.125


S+H Systemtechnik

S+H Systemtechnik GmbH (Germany), Trimble main distributor in Germany for Mapping + GIS, Marine products and Trimble Competence Center for survey products, is showcasing solutions for mobile mapping and positioning. The company is introducing the new Trimble Yuma, a rugged tablet computer designed to be fully functional in any outdoor environment. With an ingress protection rating of 67, the Yuma safeguards software and data in the face of dust, sand, mud, humidity and extreme temperature. Visitors will be able to view Mobile GIS solutions for government, agriculture, forestry and energy providers. and

Stand number: 4.217 and 4.215



Radio modem manufacturer SATEL (Finland) has released three products

to meet DGPS/RTK needs. The SATELLINE-3ASd Epic Pro 35W is an UHF radio modem with high output power and IP67 classification. The device is excellent for long distances and outdoor use. The SATELLINE-M3-TR1, an UHF radio modem with wide 67-HZ tuning range, is a flexible product for many applications. The SATELLINE-M3-T1/R1 is a radio modem module for one-way communication with wide 67-MHz tuning range. This modem is easy to install in customers' own housing and has many connector possibilities. All modems are compatible with other SATEL products and support the PCC protocol.

Stand number: 1.305





Tianjin SETL Survey Equipment Co Ltd,founded in 1992, is one of the biggest manufacturers of survey instruments and accessories in China. The company's portfolio includes several kinds of auto levels, cross-line lasers , theodolites, tribrach, tribrach adaptor, tripods and staves. This year the company is specially promoting its new, high-magnification auto levels. The SETL total-station will also be exhibited at Intergeo.

Stand number: 1.328.


SGS Infotech

SGS Infotech Pvt Ltd (India) is dedicated to offering cost-effective services over the entire spectrum of geomatics and photogrammetry. Its main services include network data capture for electricity, water and gas networks of European cities, photogrammetry, Lidar data processing, engineering-architecture-structural drawing conversion, large volume data conversion, customised application development, and interpretation of aerial photographs. The company's strength lies in its vast international experience, working in the local language and understanding domain-specific requirements.

Stand number: 1.429


SimActive Inc.

SimActive (Canada) will showcase the latest version of its Correlator3D software, an ultra-rapid solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from imagery. Designed for speed and ease of use, the software automatically produces digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), orthophotos, mosaics and 3D change maps at a fraction of the cost and time of currently available tools. Correlator3D accelerates project completion and does not require highly trained personnel.

Stand number: 1.409





In a world where technology reaches many aspects of our daily lives, Sokkia (Japan) wants to use its experience to be a reliable partner in the areas of surveying, construction and industrial applications. The company's aim is to provide positioning solutions within their characteristic application environment and accuracy. For decades Sokkia has been acknowledged for the high level of precision and reliability found in its products. The combination of Sokkia and Topcon at Intergeo 2009 is a milestone in itself. Together these companies form the largest and most experienced positioning solution provider in the market.

Standnumber: 1.320



South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co Ltd (China) celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. With the keen dedication and customer focus of over 2,700 employees, South has expanded its coverage at international level. The company offers the latest advance¬ments, such as improved GPS products, reflectorless total-stations and laser instruments, and CORS reference stations. At Intergeo the company will be showcasing its latest version of Integrated RTK GPS -THE STAR S86, win-ce operating system total-station NTS-960R, digital level DL-200 and many more survey ¬products.

Stand number:1.125




Spectra Precision

Spectra Precision (USA) is showcasing the new Spectra Precision FOCUS 30 robotic total-station with Ranger data collector running SurveyPro 4.8 field software. This field software also supports the EPOCH 35 GNSS System. Spectra Precision will also be featuring the FOCUS 8 and FOCUS 6 mechanical total-stations. These new products are designed to increase functionality for survey applications including topographic data collection, staking and layout, boundary and cadastre, and comprehensive COGO and roading routines.

Stand number: 1.203


Stora Enso

Stora Enso (Finland) will introduce its CalCam software for independent camera calibration. CalCam is targeted at small- and medium-format remote-sensing camera operators; compact cameras carried in particular aboard unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) require frequent calibration to maintain accurate mapping results. CalCam is the latest extension to EnsoMOSAIC, which already forms a full production line for stereomapping, with hardware and highly automated software for aerial imaging, image processing and 3D data extraction.

Stand number: 1.515



SuperGeo Technologies Inc (Taiwan) is a global provider of GIS software, equipping users with complete GIS solutions for desktop, mobile and server platforms. Since summer 2009 SuperGeo has been launching its third-generation products. The Mobile GIS software, including SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3, SuperField 3 and SuperPad 3, have already been released. The Desktop GIS, SuperGIS 3, and new Server GIS and Developer GIS software will also be issued in succession. The software will be exhibited at Intergeo.

Stand number: 1.627



terrestris GmbH & Co KG (Germany) is a geoinformatics business specialised in the conceptualisation and implementation of standardised, open-source-based, web-mapping applications. One focus of terrestris is to use sensor systems to continuously monitor the environment and transfer this data wirelessly to geographical information systems residing on the internet. terrestris will present the new SensorGIS StarterKit, a wireless sensor network consisting of five nodes and a gateway that comes with a self-contained webGIS on Live-CD. The StarterKit is an out-of-the-box environmental monitoring system aimed at industry and research facilities requiring real-time geodata.

Stand number: 1.220




Topcon Europe Positioning

Topcon Europe Positioning (Netherlands) is the focal point for precise positioning solutions in a fast moving world. The Topcon theme ‘Precision in Motion' reflects the company's goals of automation, productivity and simplicity.Topcon will highlight a number of products and solutions which meet these goals, including the unveiling of its mobile measuring platform IP-S2, which, well proven in the area of mobile mapping, is now for the first time available to the wider market. Topcon will again demonstrate its role as a multi-level solution provider for any positioning challenge, including survey, GIS, construction, agriculture, telematics and mobile business.

Standnumber: 1.208




Trimble (USA) is featuring its complete portfolio of positioning solutions, designed to work together to connect the workflow for all phases of survey and geospatial applications. These span GNSS and GPS survey systems, scalable GNSS infrastructure, optical total-stations and spatial-imaging solutions. In addition to Trimble's Integrated Surveying solutions, it will also feature solutions encompassing a wide range of positioning and imaging solutions, including mapping and GIS, monitoring, engineering and tunneling, construction and power, process and plant. This year's theme, ‘Your way to Success. Our strong foundation' profiles the ways in which Trimble customers use these solutions to drive success in their respective industries.

Stand number: 4.317



Vexcel Imaging

Intergeo 2009 attendees will find Microsoft's photogrammetry subsidiary company Vexcel Imaging GmbH (Austria) showing its UltraCam digital aerial mapping cameras and related software tools. These include the UltraCamLp medium-format system, the UltraCamXp large-format system, and the newly announced UltraCamXp Wide Angle large-format camera that leverages the UltraCamXp concept and image quality but features a new proprietary, wide-angle lens system and is available as an alternative to the UltraCamXp for small-scale mapping capabilities with lower-flying aircaft. Visitors to the Vexcel Imaging stand may also see the latest version of the UltraMap digital workflow software system.

Stand number: 1.516