Intergeo Preview 2010 - 29/09/2010

Intergeo, the world's largest congress and trade-fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, will this year be held in Cologne, Germany, from 5th to 7th October. About 15,000 visitors are expected to visit the event, and close to five hundred exhibitors will be showcasing their latest innovations in the K├Âlnmesse, the convention center of the city on the Rhine River. This preview aims to give you a foretaste of the latest products and technologies to be presented at Intergeo. We invited exhibitors to introduce themselves and their offerings, and many responded, resulting in this compilation.

3d Laser Mapping
3D Laser Mapping will be demonstrating the latest laser-scanning systems. On view for the first time will be new versions of StreetMapper, a mobile-mapping system that gathers detailed 3D laser measurements on the move. Four enhancements will be shown that give StreetMapper new levels of flexibility and portability, allowing it to be easily fitted on a wide range of vehicles anywhere in the world. 3D Laser Mapping also supplies fixed, airborne, robotic and other portable systems for surveying and monitoring in the mining, civil engineering, architectural and environmental sectors.
Stand no: 1G.142



52°North is an international research and development network aiming to foster innovation through its collaborative software development process. Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH introduces its Web Processing Service, an OGC-compliant web service for standardised access to GIS functionality in SDIs. The WPS can address various back-ends, such as ArcGIS Server, Sextante, and GRASS oder R. It can be deployed in GRID and Cloud environments. 52°North is also presenting its latest Sensor Web solutions for integrating sensors into SDIs. In addition to web services for accessing geosensor data, alerts based on user-defined thresholds and sensor control, the company also provides a broad spectrum of client applications for visualisation. Visit us in Hall 11.2 and at the OSGeo Park.
Stand no: 2G.124


ADW Software
ADW Software has since 1991 been developing Pythagoras, the CAD program specially made for land surveyors and civil engineers. Pythagoras now targets much larger markets in the domain of geoinformation, and product range has been extended over recent years with Pythagoras GIS+CAD and Pythagoras Topo. ADW Software also develops customised solutions for the GIS market, for example topographical maps of Belgium for tourists (bicycle and walking).
Stand no: 2B.115


TMS Tunnelscan is data collection and evaluation software for laser-scanner measurements in tunnel projects. Together with the Profiler 5003 high-performance imaging scanner from Amberg Technologies, TMS Tunnelscan represents a powerful solution for tunnel as-built documentation and analysis for use by the tunnel contractor, client, designer and tunnel surveyor.

Stand no: 1K.159


Astrium Services - Geo-Information

Taking advantage of resources and skills offered by Spot Image and Infoterra, the Geo-Information Division of Astrium Services has become a recognised world leader in the geo-information market by offering decision-makers sustainable solutions to increase security, protect the environment, and better manage natural resources. The division has exclusive access to Spot and TerraSAR-X satellite data, enabling it to offer an unrivalled combination of Earth observation products and services, spanning the entire geo-information value chain. By building on the synergy of Astrium Services, the Geo-Information Division can develop innovative solutions combining earth observation, navigation and communication applications.
Stand no: 2C.122


CHC Navigation has just launched two new products: the LT400 GPS/GIS series offer reliable and affordable sub-metre positioning in a compact and rugged handheld receiver. Featuring among other things Windows Mobile 6, 800-MHz processor, GPRS connectivity and much more, the LT400 is a first-class choice for GIS and Mapping applications. The X90R series is designed to be ‘every surveyor's' GPS System. Powered by CHC patented GPS technology, the X90R offers economical flexibility.
Stand no : 1F.164


Cadcorp is a European developer of digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) software. The Cadcorp SIS - Spatial Information System product family encompasses desktop GIS modules, web-based GIS software, software developer kits and a mobile data-capture solution including an integrated and free ALKIS loader. Cadcorp is an ISO9001:2008-certified company, an Oracle partner and longstanding technical member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Cadcorp SIS applications are used in local and central government, emergency services, insurance, housing, land management, commercial and many other markets.
Stand no: 2D.110


DigiTerra (Hungary) develops GIS applications with agriculture and forestry in mind. Its main product, DigiTerra Explorer, is out-of-the-box, device-independent mobile GIS and field-mapping software with fast graphical engine for the display of large raster files. On show will be the new version of DigiTerra Explorer, offering customisable, independent, ‘do-it-yourself' GIS. Used worldwide with Topcon, Trimble Leica and Ashtech GPS receivers, and integrated with Trupulse laser range-finder and 3M/Dynatel, Leica DigiCat cable locator, it is a tool for field data capture and mobile mapping projects.
Stand no: 2C.133


DiMAC, an Optech company, is a provider of airborne digital imagery camera systems specifically for photogrammetric and orthophotoplan applications.
It provides large- and medium-format airborne camera systems based on its patented True Forward Motion Compensation technology. The DiMAC ULTRALiGHT+ features a 60-megapixel sensor, DiMAC LiGHT+ with 8,900 pixels across by 6,700 pixels along the flight line, and DiMAC WiDE+, a distinctive large-format digital aerial camera with 13,000 pixels across by 8,900 pixels along the flight line.
Stand no: 1E.118


Imager 5006Ex used in underground mining.

Applying geodetical and geotechnical methods, the DMT Exploration & Geosurvey Division supplies the essential database for a multitude of engineering needs: for instance, safe preparation of underground civil engineering work, and accurate performance of environmental monitoring. Concentrated in one company and operating worldwide, our work starts at planning, includes survey and interpretation, and extends to modelling and the final evaluation. We also develop, operate and sell our own geosurveying systems, such as the fully automated gyro GYROMAT 3000 or the IMAGER 5006Ex, a 3D laser scanner for use in areas exposed to explosion hazard, like underground mining.
Stand no: 1J.129


Hexagon AB and GEOSYSTEMS GmbH are partnering to showcase ERDAS products. ERDAS IMAGINE, the remote-sensing solution, enables creation of 2D and 3D images, 3D fly-through movies, and map compositions from geospatial data. LPS is a suite of photogrammetric tools for generating triangulated imagery, digital terrain models, and transforming orthophotos into 3D feature data using an intuitive workflow. ERDAS APOLLO is an enterprise data-management and delivery solution capable of serving users with volumes of distributed imagery.
Stand no: 2I.150 and 1J.141


Esri president Jack Dangermond will be keynoting the Intergeo conference. Dangermond's keynote presentation is entitled "GIS and Environment: Focusing on the Issue of Global Change." He will present on Wednesday, 6 October in the Plenary Session of the Intergeo Congress at 9:30 a.m. Visit the Esri in Hall 11.2 to see SDI solutions, as well as ArcGIS 10 innovations that take advantage of rich Internet applications, cloud computing, and mobile GIS. Learn more about including the Community Maps Program that allows organisations to host and publish geographic data for others to use. To schedule a demonstration or talk to an expert, send an e-mail to [email protected]
Stand no: 2H.132


Eternix is introducing its new portfolio of products. The company produces technology enabling the visualisation of geospatial imagery files of virtually any size and type. The new product portfolio encompasses a selection of core applications and several extensions, a family of products now aligned with requirements and tailored to meet different user needs.
Stand no. 2A.111


FOIF A20 GNSS Receiver sets the new standard for full-featured GNSS receiver technology. This integrated system delivers unmatched power, accuracy and performance in a rugged, compact unit. A20 also features numerous additional enhancements, including improved RTK performance, seamless Virtual Reference Station support, Bluetooth connections for cable-free surveying convenience, and it offers voice messages for audible status notifications in the field. In addition, it is equipped with the industry standard GNSS engine (Trimble, NovAtel, Javad), and proven PCC or Satel radios.
Stand no: 1F.164


FPM Holding is going to present its series of plummets advanced by nadir and zenith plummet FG-L30, a vintage assortment of survey instruments, news of deformation measuring techniques, and a wide range of additional accessories for its instruments. Plummets FG-L30 and FG-L100 are presented with two different types of laser eyepiece. The basic version emits only a laser-beam marking the target in the whole measuring area; an advanced version has been developed to observe the laser-beam directly on the target by looking through the eyepiece.
Stand no: 2G.111


g.on experience
g.on experience GmbH, based in Münster, Germany, is an IT service provider and software developer that focuses on geoinformatics. The company's main business fields are customised web-based geoportals for site operators such as utilities, the chemical industry, logistics and public sector. We are a firm specialised in this client group, where hardly anyone is experienced in special software like GIS; it is thus extremely important that the system is user-friendly and easy to learn. g.on experience is presenting g.on aimPort, software for the documentation and administration of complex infrastructures, facilitating internal workflows for operators of industrial plants, business sites, airports and harbours. Further advantages of our software include modular architecture facilitating extensions and adaptations, look and feel of Google Maps, standard software like Oracle Spatial, investment security, and no-cost special software.
Stand no: 1F.110


Gatewing presents its remote- sensing solution. Based on a X100 light unmanned aircraft, this is a solution for rapid terrain mapping, consisting of an image-acquisition field operation and fully digital and automated image processing.
The acquisition with the X100 covers over 5km2 in less than an hour, and requires no special skills; the entire system is designed to be used by non-experience operators. The automated digital software processing turns the captured geo-reference images into high-resolution orthophotos and extremely accurate digital terrain models.
Stand no: 1A.130


GEODIS BRNO spol. s r.o. is the biggest photogrammetric and surveying company in the Czech Republic and an important firm in the European geoinformatics market. Our company offers a brand-new concept: inter­connection of panoramic images application PanoramaGIS and oblique aerial images application PixoView, bringing a digital image database that provides a complete, detailed aerial and terrestrial overview of the area of interest.
Stand no: 2B.132


Launched this month is geo-FENNEL steep-angle grader FL 550H-G, a rugged, high-performance, fully automatic self-levelling dual-grade laser designed for excavation, ground works and use with machine-control systems. VWS function is combined with TILT, two-way RF remote control, Li-Ion battery technology, zonal control with electronic beam screen, digital grade setting of X and Y-axis, steep grade setting for Y-axis up to 25% possible, dust/waterprotection IP66, accuracy 0.5 mm/10m, working range 700m; includes a complete set of accessories, such as receiver with clamp, two-way RF remote, telescopic viewfinder.
Stand no: 1J.155


GeoMax, part of the Hexagon Group, Sweden, brings to the show a basket of new products following its ‘works when you do' concept, optimising quality and productivity on a price-to-performance ratio. Beside the existing portfolio of total-stations, GPS/GNSS, digital levels, laser rotators, automatic levels and software, the company is presenting two new series of total-stations packed with new features such as accXess 600m Reflectorless, Bluetooth and USB. Also being shown is the next generation of GPS/GNSS utilising the full power of a tablet PC in combination with GPS/GNSS. GeoMax will show too the expanded construction portfolio, with new Digital Electronic Theodolite and high-quality automatic Level Series.
Stand no: 2A.132


Gexcel is proud to present a new suite of dedicated software packages for civil engineering, construction, geological surveys, tunnelling and mining. Gexcel bases its laser-scanner software solutions, the JRC 3D Reconstructor software packages, on applied experience with software clients or big contractors surveying in the field of construction (buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams), cultural heritage, geology (open pit mines, landslides) and forensic. With Gexcel software solutions laser-scanner data can be easily integrated with photogrammetric approaches, classical topography and cartographic surveying.
Stand no: 1D.149


Groupe SCE
Groupe SCE India is an end-to-end multidisciplinary spatial services provider that operates from Bangalore, India. We are a subsidiary of two French companies: Groupe SCE and Groupe FIT. Our services include enterprise GIS, international cadastre and land information systems, Lidar processing, 3D city modelling, urban planning and design, survey and spatial data entry, cartography, and raster to vector conversion, as well as development of user-friendly GIS software custom-made to suit specific client needs. We specialise in institutional strengthening and building the capacity of local institutions for effective service delivery.
Stand no: 2A.131


Handheld is a worldwide supplier of rugged mobile computers in a variety of forms, from PDAs to laptops. Our full-featured product selection ensures a handheld solution for practically any mobile computing challenge. All products have IP64 and MIL-STD 810F classifications or higher, and are tested for drop, vibration, condensation and extreme temperatures. On show will be latest products: the Nautiz X7 PDA, the Algiz 7 tablet PC, and the all-new Algiz XRW laptop, which is extremely small and lightweight.
Stand no: 1A.136


Hemisphere GPS
Hemisphere GPS will be launching a series of new precision products, including the Eclipse I OEM Board, miniEclipse OEM Board and R320 GNSS receiver. Eclipse II is a multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver capable of tracking L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS signals as well as SBAS and OmniSTAR. The miniEclipse OEM Board is the world's smallest dual-frequency GNSS receiver. The R320 GNSS Receiver is powered by Eclipse II GNSS technology, which is capable of supporting SBAS, DGPS, RTK and OmniSTAR VBS/HP/XP solutions.
Stand no: 2B.118


Horizon will be participating at Intergeo 2010 for the 12th year running!
This year is a special year for us because we will be launching our very own GPS range at the show, as well as a new digital level series. We are constantly evolving to meet and exceed the demands of the dynamic market, and are always on the lookout for partners and distributors globally to help us enhance our market penetration, brand equity and global experience. Meanwhile, we continue to operate from our headquarters in Singapore, as well as offices in Holland and USA, supported by our existing distributor network globally.
We are currently also seeking distributors in Europe who would be able to market our full range of products.
Stand no: 2D.118


Icaros is a provider of aerial mapping solutions that specialises in the design, development and production of comprehensive, automatic photogrammetric systems for aerial-mapping companies, surveying companies and government agencies. Icaros integrates hardware and software systems for end-to-end spatial data processing. The Icaros system automates processes for production-line organisations and management, including triangulation, DEM generation, digital orthophoto mosaicking, colour correction, and preparation of perspective views.
Stand no: 1H.165.

Quattro Digi-CAM.

IGI is presenting its large-format modular aerial camera, Quattro DigiCAM. With an overall resolution of up to 235 megapixels (18,500 x 12,750 pixels, 80-mm lens), the system offers high resolution, thereby reducing the number of flight lines in an aerial survey project saving costs. Being a component of the IGI Modular System Concept means parts of the system can be used in different compatible systems, such as DigiTHERM and LiteMapper. As a special feature, the system can be converted to a Quattro DigiCAM Oblique.
Stand no: 1G.138


InfoEra provides 3D survey data-processing tools and services. More than eleven years' experience allows InfoEra to develop IT solutions that integrate hardware and software in one united system. Our product range contains 3D scan data-processing services, terrestrial laser-scanning services and 3D survey data-processing software.
Stand no: 1K.164


An increasing demand for precise, reliable and rapid geospatial information calls for new-quality Earth Observation sensors and progressive geo-information.
Based upon the radar satellite TerraSAR-X, Infoterra offers a range of high-resolution radar satellite data products and reliable direct access services. A variety of sophisticated geo-information products and services complete the company's portfolio. With TanDEM-X, the TerraSAR-X twin satellite launched on 21st June 2010, the synchronous collection of data for a Global Digital Elevation Model of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage will commence. Infoterra is a member of Spot Infoterra, the Astrium Services Geo-Information Division.
Stand no: 2C.122


The European launch of Intergraph's new DMC II platform will take place on 6th October from 11.00-13.00, followed by lunch in the Radisson Blu Hotel, next to the INTERGEO Exhibition area. Based on the Intergraph Z/I Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) and RMK D technology, the four new large-format digital aerial cameras include the DMC II 140, DMC II 230 and DMC II 250. This expands the range of digital sensor products, from low-cost entry systems to high-end cameras. The new cameras are the first digital aerial camera to add a single monolithic panchromatic camera head to produce extreme wide-ground coverage for capturing large-scale, high-resolution imagery.
Stand no: 1J.127


Landins GPS/INS.

IXSEA, manufacturer of IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and FOG (Fibre-optic Gyro) technology, provides turnkey INS/GPS systems for kinematic applications to offer solutions for accurate position, orientation and georeferencing data for road-based mobile survey systems, marine coastal survey and airborne survey craft. LANDINS GPS/INS provides accuracy even with poor GPS position information, and in real time. AIRINS GPS/INS has been designed to meet the needs of the new generation of real-time digital airborne mapping sensors and can operate in tough conditions where it offers no drift during long straight lines and allows high banking angles. HYDRINS GPS/INS provides 3D position, orientation and heave data that can feed both a multi-beam echo sounder and Lidar, for coastal applications and river banks mapping where both underwater and surface survey data are simultaneously acquired.
Stand no: 1C.111


Javad GNSS
Javad GNSS has thirty years experience in GPS. Our team was first to integrate GLONASS, and now the first to commercially integrate Galileo. Triumph-VS is the latest product that we are introducing to the world. It is actually three innovations (Geodetic antenna, GNSS receiver, and high-resolution hand-held controller) packaged into one product.
Stand no: 2A.154


K2-Computer is a German developer of CAD/GIS. Its modularised product GEOvision³ is constructional 2D/3D-CAD-software, extended for the GIS requirements of engineering offices, infrastructure planning, surveying, photogrammetric survey, transport and logistics. GEOvision³ can be adapted to client needs. Showing is a 3D stereo system supporting the measurement and digitisation of points, break-lines and GIS objects in real view, with high accuracy of up to 3.94 inches.
Stand no: 2J.149


KOLIDA, a corporation which specialises in the design, manufacture, distribution and servicing of survey instruments, is committed to
supplying a product line that includes ein-ce total-stations, a reflectorless total station , laser theodolites, auto levels, digital levels, a handheld distance meter, GPS, echo-sounder, prisms and various accessories.
The company offers extra long-term, at least two years, guarantee to distributors and end users in the international marketplace.
Stand no: 1F.164/C17 B


3D model of the Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park.

Kubit is presenting its new product, PhoToPlan 3D. Added to all the features of PhoToPlan the new software offers image orientation and photogrammetric multi-image evaluation. Clicking on the same point in two separate images, PhoToPlan 3D calculates the exact geometric position of this point in 3D-space. These points are used to directly generate 3D line work and objects in AutoCAD. 3D surface objects may be generated for fast evaluation. If, for example, a defined plane represents a wall, window openings may easily be constructed as CAD objects by tracing over the oriented image.
Stand no: 1G.132


Leica Geosystems will present Leica Viva, a new-generation surveying system that combines the latest technologies to produce a portfolio of total-stations, GNSS receivers, controllers and onboard software. Encompassing feature-rich functionality with new, modern and ergonomic design, Leica Viva is easier and more intuitive to use than any of its predecessors, whilst maintaining speed and precision. Leica Geosystems has also updated its GNSS reference station receivers and antennas, including software and its monitoring software: Leica GeoMoS v5.1 features the new Leica M-Com series, the first compact plug & play solutions for reliable and stable monitoring communication. Finally, the company will present its high-precision total-station, the Leica TS30, and the Leica ScanStation C10 laser scanner, as well as airborne solutions.
Stand no: 1J.141


LNR Globalcom
LNR Globalcom is a full-service organisation for land-survey instruments used for capturing survey and geographical data. Such work may vary from surveying existing locations to staking out expansion plans and collecting geographical information. Within this sector LNR Globalcom positions itself primarily in the high-end market segment. As distributor for Leica Geosystems, LNR Globalcom not only provides survey hardware such as GPS receivers, mapping equipment and digital levels, but also solutions for deformation measurement and the gathering of GIS data. The company provides comprehensive sales, rental, training and consultancy services. With its nationwide high-density GPS reference network, LNR NET, LNR Globalcom manifests itself as an independent GPS data provider. The GPS reference stations provide 24-hour-a-day GPS RTK data through NTRIP multi-use gsm, and also support GLONASS. In addition, static dates are provided for post-processing purposes. Globalcom also offers all the necessary surveying accessories.
Stand no: 1K.166


MAVinci develops completely autonomous small aeroplanes (Micro Air Vehicles MAVs) that are capable of fully autonomous take-off, landing and flight, making possible fast, detailed overview of construction sites, disaster areas etc, or surveying objects such as development areas or waste disposal sites. We provide a complete ready-to-use system (MAV with autopilot, software, camera payload) that allows anyone to simply obtain aerial images and orthofotos. We also offer variable sensor platforms for customer-specific remote-sensing data; the customer can mount own sensors on board MAVs with 3 to 40-kg take-off weight.
Stand no: 2D.108


Menci Software
Since 1991 Menci Software has been producing on-demand professional photogrammetry-based software, developing solutions to satisfy customers' specific requests and providing tools to help them turn raster data into geometric information. Our technologies may be applied to a wide array of fields, including aerial mapping, architecture and industry. Flagship products are ZScan and Z-Map: ZScan allows accurate point-cloud generation from raster imagery, while Z-Map is CAD proprietary environment capable of managing point-clouds from laser or ZScan as well as performing traditional photogrammetry operations.
Stand no: 2D.112


By combining a new radar technology and advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) techniques, MetaSensing offers very high-resolution airborne sensors and radar mapping at lower cost. High-resolution mapping is desirable for homeland security, environmental assessment and infrastructure monitoring, but it is usually too expensive or difficult to realise. Radar can work under conditions of cloud, fog and at night, and can penetrate forest and sand. MetaSensing provides a cost-effective mapping solution to meet the needs of governments and private companies.
Stand no: 1A.121


This year Moskito presents its products and services on the Widemann Systeme and geonet NRW joint stand. The Moskito module NAS can import the new official German land register data. It includes official transformation modules. For an easy start a preconfigured system is available. Under new legal requirements, many German communities are forced to separate waste water and rain water fees. Moskito presents a complete and inexpensive system for data entry and accounting for these fees, giving citizens detailed graphical maps of their parcel and numerical tables for their own review.
Stand no: 1H.120 / 2H.141



Myzox Co Ltd, under the brand name ‘myzox‘ is an all-round manufacturer in Japan of products for surveying, civil engineering and construction. Founded in 1950, we were the first manufacturer to develop and launch an aluminium levelling staff in Japan. Our main product line comprises a wide range of aluminium levelling staves, tripods, prism, survey instrument accessories and GPS, rotating lasers and line lasers. All ‘myzox' products are manufactured by under strict company quality control and are now exported to 37 countries. Please come and see our wide range of products on the stand. 

Stand No. 1B.119



ALTM Orion: smallest airborne Lidar.

Optech develops, manufactures and supports advanced Lidar and imaging-based survey instruments. Operating worldwide, the company offers both standalone and fully integrated Lidar and camera solutions in airborne terrestrial mapping, airborne laser bathymetry, mobile mapping, mine-cavity monitoring and industrial process control, as well as space-proven sensors.
Stand no: 1E.118


The Microdrone UAV can perform real stereo aerial photography usable in mapmaking and photogrammetric processes. Come and look at our numerous flight demonstrations and integration in Orbit Strabo Photogrammetry tools. The Microdrone Airborn Mapping extension presets an optimal flight plan, covering small areas in a couple of hours!
Stand no: 1J.163


OrthoGraph is a survey solutions software company specialising in handheld options. Based on a PDA or Windows mobile touch-screen device, our software facilitates floor-plan drawing, inventory register and facility management. OrthoGraph developed one of the first lines of software compatible with PC 3D BIM based programs like ArchiCAD. We present our solution with live demonstrations, allowing people to touch and feel this mobile technology, giving tips, and the chance to discuss OrthoGraph, AEC, and the BIM industry.
Stand no: 1K.168


Come and see the advanced Mitsubishi MMS-X640 Mobile Mapping System, a cost-effective dynamic measuring system for acquiring high-quality and accurate 3D geospatial data! The MMS-X640 combines high-performing hardware components with diverse processing software to produce data that may be used, for example, for inventory and management of traffic arteries (streets, motorways and airports), including detailed infrastructure, documentation of construction sites (‘as-built'), large-scale digital mapping and city planning.
Stand no: 1H.150


PIEneering is proud to announce the first ever automated orthoimage & DSM processing service on the web, the RapidCluster. The service is primarily targeted at UAS operators and image data captured with certified UA systems, such as Gatewing X100. Using RapidCluster, an UAS operator can outsource the complex and time-consuming task of orthoimage and DSM processing, and focus on the core business of serving customers and delivering high-quality image products.
Stand no: 1A.130


Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes Business Insight will introduce several new products to the German market, the most important being MapInfo Professional 10.5, which provides organisations with new methods for sharing maps across the enterprise. Users can publish maps to the cloud using MapInfo Professional 10.5 in conjunction with MapInfo Stratus, the company's first completely Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solution for spatial location-based data and services. Further highlights on show will be Geosk, the geospatial industry's first location-based Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering, and Pitney Bowes Spectrum, a multi-domain data management solution for improving the quality, integration, accessibility and value of enterprise information.
Stand no: 2C.112


Pythagoras is CAD software developed for surveyors, contractors and governments, bringing together various draw-and-design functions in one complete standalone package. It is user friendly, and constantly undergoing improvement and extension. Updates, new versions and new features will be presen­-ted, including the new Pythagoras 12.
Stand no: 2B.115


RouteWare will be demonstrating its rewritten routing engine RW Net, which has been extended with much new functionality: better.NET and unicode support, faster and more flexible route calculations, new optimisation methods, topology checks and much more. Our forthcoming product FleetEngine for advanced fleet optimisation (time windows, resource capa­cities, resource-job match etc) will also be on show. This is still in development, but getting closer to release. Most of our products come with an API, ready to be integrated with other applications.
Stand no: 2G.148


RUIDE Surveying Instrument
is an R&D and production-oriented enterprise focusing on technology-intensive mechanical and optical-electrics measuring instruments. The company offers a complete product line, from total-station, electronic theodolites, handheld laser distance meter, and digital level to accessories. The company is committed to providing dependable and economical solutions and services.
Stand number: 1F.164/C17 C


Safe Software
Safe Software's FME facilitates organisations in transforming spatial and non-spatial data for use and sharing. We will be previewing the latest FME advancements. Visit us at the con terra GmbH European FME Service Center to learn how to access FME on demand via the cloud. Demonstrations will be given on use of FME to transform existing spatial data into INSPIRE-compliant data models.
Stand no: 2G.124


SATELLINE-EASy is a new transceiver radio modem from SATEL providing a compact and flexible solution for various long-range applications such as land surveying or SCADA solutions. The modem is equipped with 70MHz tuning range, and the end-user can select operating frequency within the whole range from 403-473MHz. Channel spacing of 12.5, 20 or 25kHz is software-selectable, and either +3-+9 Vdc or +6-+30 Vdc voltage level ranges ensure low power consumption. The modem is compatible with the remaining members of the SATELLINE-3AS radio modem family, and can be included in systems based on other manufacturers' protocols.
Stand no: 2D.150


Shanghai Jietu
Shanghai Jietu Software develops the City8 Street View System and Solution, which collects high-fidelity, resolution-360° street-level imagery and measures the distance using a special camera system: the City8 Capturing System. These resulting images can be used in GIS Map, the property business, tourism etc. High-resolution panoramic imagery is first automatically collected at an interval of distance or time at regular driving speeds, and the system may be installed in any vehicle.
Stand no: 1G.168


SimActive will unveil the new version of its Correlator3D software, which now features support for satellite imagery. The software is a patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from imagery. In addition to satellite support, it has also been vastly improved for use with aerial images, specifically the quality of DSMs, while processing speeds have increased to five times that of previous versions. Designed for speed and ease of use, Correlator3D automatically produces DSM, DTM, orthomosaics at a fraction of usual cost and time.
Stand no: 1G.169


SOUTH has expanded its seamless coverage at international level and this year offers its latest advancements, such as Integrated RTK GPS -S82T (enhanced main board), win-ce mini total-station NTS-370R, digital level DL-200 and many more cost-effective, modern surveying products. With five affiliated factories specialising in R&D and manufacturing, SOUTH covers the complete range of survey products, including total-station, electronic theodolite, electronic distance meter, automatic level, digital level, reflector prisms, surveying accessories, GPS receivers, mapping software etc.
Stand no: 1F.164/C17 A


SuperMap will showcase the latest version of its GIS 6R products, and demonstrate some new applications and solutions powered by SuperMap GIS. Technical and business managers will be available to discuss any possible cooperation opportunities. On 6th October Eushun Zhong, board chairman, will deliver a keynote speech on ‘Developments of GIS in China' during the China Day organised by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China.
Stand no: 1F.164


TOPCON and SOKKIA will be exhibiting together at Intergeo 2010 in Cologne bringing the latest products and innovations, focusing on mobile solutions. TOPCON and SOKKIA will give visitors an overview of their total portfolio with a focus on specific market areas like mobile mapping. TOPCON and SOKKIA products are your ticket to mobile mapping solutions, complete site management, industrial high-precision measurement, precision paving, monitoring and forensic/disaster measurement. Come on board and fly with us to your future positioning and business destination. Come and meet us at Intergeo 2010, Hall 11.2.
Stand no: 2A.150


The three principal components: Collect, share and deliver.At

Intergeo 2010, Trimble will be showcasing its complete portfolio of positioning solutions for land surveying, deformation monitoring, spatial imaging, GNSS infrastructure, mapping and GIS, mobile data capture, aerial mapping and photogrammetry, construction and more.
This year's theme, Success Found Here, will focus on three principal components that help organisations establish and secure a pathway to continued success; collect, systems for locating, capturing and storing information, share, instant connections between the field, the office and clients, and deliver, complete solutions to interpret data and pass on meaningful information.
Visit Trimble, along with Applanix, Pacific Crest, HHK and distribution partners, to find everything you need to succeed in your geomatics field.
Stand no: 1B.150


UniStrong is a professional group company focusing on the GNSS industry and engaged in researching and developing Chinese GNSS products and technology together with the growth of the Chinese GNSS industry. The company has R&D, production, engineering, sales and service facilities and insists on its ‘SRA' (stability, reliability and advancing) principle in design and manufacturing. Its solutions and products cover various GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS receivers, including multi-system navigation and positioning, high-accuracy surveying, GIS data collecting, LBS, system integration and engineering, aviation, marine and consumer products.
Stand no: 1J.161


Microsoft's photogrammetry division, Vexcel Imaging, is a provider of digital aerial cameras. Its family of UltraCam digital aerial sensors today includes the UltraCamXp and the UltraCamXp Wide Angle large-format camera systems and the UltraCamLp photogrammetric medium-format system. Rounding out the company's UltraCam offerings is the UltraMap photogrammetric workflow software that, as of version 2.1, now provides an automated project-based colour balancing module in addition to quality-control tools. Product demonstrations will include end-to-end image processing with UltraMap 2.1 and GXL Aerial from PCI Geomatics.
Stand no: 1G.128


This year Virtualgeo is presenting the new software technology EasyCUBE, beside the known CloudCUBE software for managing and modelling Lidar laser-scanning data. EasyCUBE proposes an easy new approach to exploiting point-clouds and 3D models in an effective productive way, combining technical and creative uses to provide unusual applications and elaborations. The EasyCUBE viewer allows ‘surfing' of very large point-clouds and 3D models in a new way, as well as analysing, interrogating, elaborating and exporting 2D and 3D graphical representations and alphanumerical reports. Its flexibility makes it suitable for various fields of work.
Stand no: 2C.131


Last updated: 28/01/2021