Intergeo Preview 2011 (1)

Everyone who truly matters in the geomatics and surveying-related business will be travelling to Germany – or more precisely to the Bavarian city of Nuremberg – in the last week of September this year: Intergeo 2011 is being held in the Nuremberg exhibition centre (NürnbergMesse) from 27th to 29th September. The organisers are expecting some 17,500 visitors from more than 80 countries around the world to attend the trade show, while the associated conference is likely to welcome over 1,500 visitors – and you will probably be among them!

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GIM International will once again be present with a stand (No. 6.A10) and we would love to meet you there. In this digital age, Intergeo is the ideal opportunity for us to talk to our readers and advertisers face to face. Listening to their thoughts and concerns often results in ideas and inspiration for future editorial opportunities and interesting advertising options. Our team at Intergeo will comprise: Durk Haarsma (publishing director), Victor van Essen (sales manager), Wim van Wegen (editorial manager), Mark Pronk (technical editor) and Petra Hoekstra (management assistant). Visit us to share your comments and suggestions or to pose any questions you may have about subscriptions or other aspects of GIM International. See you in Nuremberg!


3D Laser Mapping


SMProcess is designed to boost the data processing capabilities of StreetMapper.


3D Laser Mapping is set to revolutionise the mobile mapping market with the latest release of SMProcess. Designed to boost the data processing capabilities of StreetMapper - the world's most accurate, vehicle-based laser mapping system - SMProcess has been developed to allow the results of surveys to be available for viewing and analysis in record time. SMProcess is a complete georeferencing solution, defining the real-world location of collected imagery and data. A clean and intuitive interface allows users to prioritise tasks while Terrascan macros allow for faster processing. SMProcess can also store collected images and data in projects for ease of use and reuse in other software platforms.

Stand no. 7.D49


3D RealityMaps

Based upon the experiences from the successful 3D city maps of Munich, Berlin and Potsdam, 3D RealityMaps has further automated 3D city modelling. The cost-effective production of texturised cities is performed solely on the basis of high resolution stereo aerial images with a resolution of up to 5cm. The company offers one-stop development - from photo flights with digital aerial cameras to the completed 3D city model and interactive visualisation. The newly developed software enables the interactive experience of 3D datasets and the export into many known data formats. The latest innovation is the fully automatic texturing of oblique views of buildings and landmarks.

Stand no. 7.G5


Photorealistic 3D city model of Braunschweig with automated textured facades.



52°North - Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH - introduces its Web Processing Service, an OGC-compliant web service for standardised access to GIS functionality in SDIs. The WPS can address various backends such as ArcGIS Server, Sextante, GRASS or R. It can easily be deployed in GRID and Cloud environments. 52°North also presents its latest Sensor Web solutions for integrating near real-time sensor data into SDIs. In addition to web services for accessing geosensor data, for alerting based on user-defined thresholds and for controlling sensors, 52°North also provides a broad spectrum of client applications for visualisation.

52°North is an international research and development network aiming at fostering innovation through its collaborative software development process.


Stand no. 7A.C39



SETTOP, designed by AL-TOP from Barcelona, Spain, presents the M1 GNSS reference receiver with remote control for total stations. It allows the management of GPS data while conducting surveying work with a total station through various communication ports such as RS232/USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, radio, Ethernet and GSM. Its flexibility and versatility make the M1 the standard reference model in surveying applications. The hardware has been designed with the aim of making the M1 the smallest and lightest device on the market and fully configurable by customers. The company will also present SETTOP RM3Light, an advanced system for measuring railway tracks.

Stand no. 7.B67


Integrated surveying in one simple device with the SETTOP M1 GNSS receiver.


Altus Positioning Systems

Altus Positioning Systems provides high-precision GNSS surveying products through an international network of sales representatives in key countries around the world. The company will display a prototype of its new APS-U product that provides options for GNSS RTK, Heading, L-Band positioning, and data interfaces for a variety of survey applications in a MIL-STD-810 package, alongside the company's flagship APS-3 product, which provides GNSS technology and wireless communications integrated into a compact and lightweight product design for survey applications. Altus will also be showing the Surveylab ikeGPS product, which combines a GPS receiver, laser rangefinder, 3D compass and digital camera into a single, low-cost, rugged handheld device for geospatial data acquisition.

Stand no. 7.D32


Altus APS-3.




Below: Elevation10 Digital Elevation Model.


The GEO-Information division of Astrium Services combines the expertise and resources of its Spot Image and Infoterra subsidiaries and offers a unique portfolio of Earth observation and geographic information products and value-added solutions.

Astrium GEO operates a multi-resolution / multi-sensor constellation with SPOT optical satellites and TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X radar sensors and delivers ready-to-use and customised information solutions. The company's portfolio spans the entire geoinformation value chain, turning imagery into accurate cartographic products and services for mapping, 3D modelling and data processing. With more than 20 offices across the world, Astrium GEO delivers top quality products, solutions and customer service.

Stand no. 7A.A11



Whether it is an evacuation tool, location-based service or museum guide, for seamless indoor/outdoor positioning in urban areas, suppliers rely on Fraunhofer's awiloc technology. Awiloc is based upon an adapted fingerprinting algorithm that compares the current signal-strength patterns of existing WLAN stations with parameters already measured. Fraunhofer IIS places particular importance on privacy protection. There is neither any exchange of data nor is the position of the WLAN stations ascertained. Since 2008, members of the open awiloc partner consortium have been offering various services and applications. The experts will be presenting their solutions at Intergeo 2011.

Stand no. 7A.D59


Suppliers rely on Fraunhofer's awiloc technology.


BAE Systems

The future of SOCET SET is here: SOCET GXP. BAE Systems' SOCET GXP now has photogrammetric workflows that SOCET SET users have been waiting for, enabling the rapid creation of 3D city models for GIS, mapping, disaster management, and security with semi-automatic and manual editing tools and an integrated 3D viewer. In addition, SafeSoft FME integration offers enhanced import and export support for 250 formats. SOCET GXP now includes a comprehensive list of rigorous sensor models: Advanced Frame, ADS40/80, WorldView 1 and 2, TerraSAR-X, Cosmo-SkyMed, GeoEye 1 (RPC), and many more.

Stand no. 7A.C63


Volumetric feature collection and 3D visualisation with SOCET GXP.


Blue Marble

Blue Marble Geographics will be showcasing the latest version of the Blue Marble Desktop v2.3, featuring Geographic Calculator v7.6. The newest release includes a new metadata editor tool, updates to Lidar data visualisation and manipulation functionality with unmatched geoid support, and the ability to define an offset from a geoid. The calculator has the most comprehensive coordinate object data source available. All Blue Marble tools are also available as software developer toolkits. The show offers visitors the ideal opportunity to gain a firsthand look at the most recent updates of Blue Marble Desktop v2.3.

Stand no. 7.B55


The Blue Marble Desktop.



The company F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn, Kassel, Germany, was founded in the year 1762 by Johann Christian Breithaupt. Nowadays, more than 470,000 Breithaupt instruments are successfully being used in 140 countries worldwide. The comprehensive manufacturing programme comprises geological, mining, surveying and stratum compasses according to Prof. Dr. Clar, as well as clinometers, telescopic alidades and plane tables, range finders, levels, theodolites, testing instruments, surveying instruments for special applications and surveying accessories.

Stand no. 7A.D28



From data collection through office design to machine control, Carlson Software provides solutions for the full cycle of a project. Utilisation of the same data sets throughout both speeds up and eases the work process. Carlson works on AutoCAD and related products and comes with IntelliCAD built in. Carlson representatives from Europe, Australia and the USA will be present at the show to discuss the increased 3D visualisation and coding in its just-released Carlson 2012 office software. The company will also be demostrating how Carlson SurvPC data collection software has been updated to enable the land surveyor to work in the GIS (Esri) environment.

Stand no. 7A.D53 / Freigelände: Stand no. FG100



Carlson's leading software solutions.




Below: CHC showcase.


CHC designs and manufactures a wide range of GNSS solutions for the survey and GIS markets. Since 2003, CHC has been providing thousands of advanced GNSS receivers worldwide combining high performance with practical features.

The new X900 GNSS RTK system is designed to enable every surveyor to access GPS+GLONASS technology but without the price constraints usually associated with GNSS investment.

The LT400 GPS/GIS series offers reliable and affordable sub-metre positioning with its rugged handheld receiver. Featuring Windows Mobile 6, GPRS connectivity and much more, the LT400 is a first-class choice for GIS applications.

Stand no. 7.D22



Clauss presents its laser-photogrammetric measurement system, RODEON metric, which makes it easier than ever before to create exact 2D floor plans and detailed 3D models. After capturing a 100 MP 360° panoramic image in only 2 minutes, measurement points can be set with the integrated laser. All objects that are of interest, such as walls, ceiling, floor space or furnishings, are measured automatically by clicking directly at the points in a ‘VR Tour' viewing mode. In this effective working mode, measuring points are directly positioned in the picture. The user-friendly software offers many automatisms and geometric tools, and edges and corners are calculated automatically. The result is either a dimensionally correct 2D floor plan or a 3D object model with photorealistic textures.

Stand no. 6.A36



COWI will be showcasing its range of mapping, geodata and surveying services. As one of the leading private mapping companies in Europe, COWI covers a wide range of activities within aerial surveying, airborne laser scanning, thermographic mapping, high definition mobile mapping, geodata production (orthophotos, digital terrain models, vector maps, 3D city models) and GIS/IT solutions. This year, COWI has updated its advanced mobile mapping system to a multi-functional high definition system, which makes the company able to both register road assets and survey for road planning using a vehicle. Furthermore, clients have permanent and remote access to a comprehensive 3D laser-data and 360° image archive, which allows them to virtually re-visit relevant road crossings or stretches and even capture missed assets easily in their office without an additional physical survey. The method is easier, faster and more efficient than traditional registration and surveying methods and it can also be used for more precision surveying in connection with road planning.

Stand no. 7.C72


Scanned bridge with high definition mobile mapping.


Cremer Programmentwicklung

CAPLAN is developed and distributed by Cremer Programmentwicklung, which was founded in Munich, Germany, in 1995. It provides a wide range of tasks for post-processing surveying data from tacheometry, levelling and GNSS including network adjustment. A digital terrain model based on TIN and alignments with cross sections allows volume and surface computations in several ways. The so-called 3D objects offer solutions for special engineering tasks. Its stand-alone graphics kernel can create every kind of plan. Various interfaces to almost every data format complete the range of features. CAPLAN is of course fully available in English.

Stand no. 7.C96


DTM and alignment in CAPLAN.



DigiTerra (Hungary) develops GIS applications with special knowledge in agriculture and forestry. DigiTerra Explorer, the company's main product, is an out-of-the-box, device-independent mobile GIS and field mapping software with a fast graphical engine to display large raster and vector files. Used worldwide with Topcon, Trimble, Ashtech, Leica and Juniper Systems GPS receivers and integrated with different laser range finders and cable locators, it is a handy tool for field data capture and mobile mapping projects.

DigiTerra is presenting the up-to-date version of DigiTerra Explorer that offers customisable, independent ‘Do It Yourself' GIS without being exposed to other solution-development companies.

Stand no. 7.E60



DiMAC sprl, an Optech company located in Belgium, handles Optech camera product management and is the European hub for Optech sales and support. It offers a wide range of high-performance aerial digital cameras and Lidar systems for airborne, mobile or static surveying. Optech's state-of-the-art technologies provide unique solutions that meet survey industry needs, backed by the industry's leading global 24/7 support.

Stand no. 7.C47


Optech airborne solution with ultra-compact Lidar and aerial camera.


Dr. Bertges Vermessungstechnik

Dr. Bertges Vermessungs-technik is presenting ‘AaNDoS - the monitoring toolkit' which is the successor of its DC3 monitoring system. For 10 years now, DC3 has been used successfully for monitoring bridges, large dams, landscapes and tunnels. It is used in urban areas as well as in the high mountains. AaNDoS is based on a sensor network and one or more AaNDoS servers. The self-organising feature of the AaNDoS server and the AaNDoS SSNs (Smart Sensor Nodes) allows safe and simple system configuration and maintenance. The AaNDoS monitoring toolkit can be used as a stand-alone system for simple and highly complex monitoring solutions. Additionally, AaNDoS modules can be used as OEM modules in heterogeneous monitoring projects.

Stand no. 7.H18



EGNOS is a cost-effective option for a wide range of mapping applications where meter accuracy is adequate. EGNOS is free of charge, and it does not need hardware installation or subscriptions. Most new GNSS devices are EGNOS-enabled. EGNOS covers all of Europe; there is no need to check for available network and there are no more ‘unserved' areas. EGNOS signals are received in real time. EGNOS does not require an additional long-wave device to receive correction data since signals are integrated into EGNOS-enabled receivers. EGNOS represents free accuracy that is widely available.

Stand no. 6.B80



The European Lidar Mapping Forum (ELMF11), to be held in Salzburg, Austria, from 29th to 30th November 2011, is a major two-day technical conference with supporting exhibition focusing on the use of Lidar to support transport, urban modelling, coastal zone mapping, asset management and GIS applications.

Building on 10 years of experience with the International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) in the USA, the organisers are bringing this unique event to Europe for the second year running. Last year's inaugural event attracted 613 professionals from the mapping, surveying and GIS industries representing 46 countries. The conference programme heard 46 technical papers presented by leading authorities in their field, supported by a sold-out exhibition with 51 of the top international organisations in attendance.

Salzburg is often described as being at the heart of Europe. Centrally located, it is easily accessible with excellent flights, road and rail connections.

Stand no. 7.E1


Esri Deutschland

For spatial analysis, planning, and decision-making, the geoinformation solutions based on Esri's ArcGIS platform are the first choice in private and public sectors as well as education and science. Adaptable and intuitive with integration options, the industry standard ArcGIS can be used on mobile devices, desktops, and servers, and is highly appreciated by more than one million users worldwide.

Esri presents how GIS can be accessible for everyone, everywhere, and on every device: whether for professionals in various kinds of industries with tailored solutions or for private persons via the community-based platform ArcGIS Online.

Stand no. 7A.A37



Eternix will be revealing its newest product, Blaze PointCloud Extension, which runs on top of the high-end visualisation applications Blaze View and Blaze Terra. Blaze PointCloud Extension enables GIS professionals to view a nearly unlimited number of points acquired by Lidar and other sources, in real time and without pre-processing. Point clouds from various sources can be instantly and seamlessly integrated into a single 3D GIS environment, on top of any geospatial data (raster, vector, terrain), and can further be re-projected and manipulated on the fly. In a fashion consistent with the Blaze family of products, comprehensive usage of the GPU and advanced streaming and filtering mechanisms deliver unmatched performance and viewing customisability.

Stand no. 7A.E34


Real-time geospatial visualisation of point clouds.




Below: colour infrared orthophoto of the tidal area of the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe (Belgium).


European geoinformation company Eurosense will be presenting its services in aerial data acquisition (photography, Lidar, thermography, etc.), photogrammetry and remote sensing. As always, several topics will be highlighted. This year, particular focus will be on railroad mapping and other corridor mapping, and the company's activities in the context of GMES. Staff will be on hand to answer questions related to added-value creation on geographic data from all types of data sources (spaceborne, airborne, seaborne and terrestrial).

Stand no. 7A.F60




Below: FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D.


FARO develops and markets computer-aided measurement systems and software worldwide. The portable coordinate measuring devices from FARO, together with their industry-specific software solutions, allow high-precision 3D measurements and 3D comparisons of parts and complex systems directly within assembly and production processes. They are used for inspecting components and component assemblies, production planning and inventory documentation, as well as for the investigation and reconstruction of accident sites and crime scenes.

Today, approximately 10,000 customers worldwide with more than 20,000 installations have put their trust in FARO measurement systems. They can be found in the production and quality assurance processes of leading companies such as ABB, Airbus, Audi, Boeing, BMW, British Aerospace, Daimler, Ford, Goodyear Dunlop, Hewlett Packard, Honda, MAN, Miele, Porsche, Siemens, and Volkswagen.

Stand no. 6.A41



Fodis Measure3D is a combination of a super-fast, high-resolution 360° panorama camera and innovative software packages that allow accurate measurement directly within the images. FODIS Measure3D is revolutionary because it allows significant savings in field and office work, thereby multiplying productivity. The camera is engineered for a maximum of precision and reliability, which translates into a highly accurate pixel registration. Combined with advanced methods of camera calibration and new software algorithms, the system achieves an accuracy of on average 1mm in 10 metres.

Stand no. 6.D41  




FOIF will be presenting its latest products and technologies. The FOIF GTA1800 automated gyroscope has been announced, with its high accuracy of azimuth determination up to 5˝/GTA1805, 10˝/GTA1810, 15˝/GTA1815. Requiring just 20 minutes to establish true north, such short measuring times can save users considerable time. GTA1800 works together with the FOIF OTS810 reflectorless total station; it is supplied with a Windows CE 5.0 operating system and professional onboard software FOIF FieldGenius. As well as being able to measure the azimuth angle, it can also operate as a normal total station for all survey projects.

Stand no: 7.A13


GTA1800 gyroscope.



FPM Holding will present its series of plummets advanced by nadir and zenith plummet FG-L30, a vintage assortment of survey instruments, news of deformation measuring techniques (hose water balance) and a wide range of additional accessories for surveying instruments.


In addition to the plummets FG-L30 and FG-L100 with laser option, the laser plummet for high distances (up to 500m) will also be presented at Intergeo 2011.

Stand no. 7A.D37

FG-L100 and FG-L30.



Since 1996, researchers of the Power Efficient Systems Department at Fraunhofer IIS have been dealing with innovative solutions related to satellite navigation. The organisation is developing high-performance receivers for mobile and professional applications for existing and future satellite navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS, EGNOS, Galileo, COMPASS). Its expertise lies in combining different localisation technologies to ensure a seamless navigation with high availability of signals. For example, the multi-frequency GNSS receiver provides the capability for fast, reliable and accurate positioning solutions under the high-precision constraints necessary for road construction (ASPHALT project).

Stand no. 7.E43



Fugro provides clients with geospatial solutions designed to accurately measure and characterise the Earth. The company will be showcasing its complete package of services to measure, map and monitor the natural and built environments include airborne imaging, remote sensing, photogrammetry, Lidar, terrestrial scanning (DRIVE-MAP), land-based surveying and hydrographic mapping. Fugro will also be presenting its integrated surface and bathymetric surveys: a unique, first-of-its-kind scope that combines high resolution bathymetric Lidar from offshore to the shoreline with tide-coordinated topographic Lidar and aerial photography from the shore and inland. This allows clients to have a complete picture of the water/land interface while obtaining a comprehensive dataset of the topography.

Stand no: 7.D13

Fugro's airborne mapping services.



Ever since the commercial launch of the Gatewing X100 at Intergeo 2010, interest in this revolutionary mapping UAV has exceeded the company's expectations. This year, some 14 worldwide dealers will be present on the Gatewing stand to demonstrate how the company's expanding customer base is relying on the X100 for the success of their mapping projects, including some applications that have already been implemented. As an alternative to desktop solutions, the company will also be releasing Gatewing Cloud, which allows users to simply upload their X100 data and receive their orthophoto or DSM just a few hours later through an automated and effortless process.

Stand no. 7.A111


Gatewing X100.



Geneq is the manufacturer of the SXBlue GPS family. With revolutionary technology, these sub-metre, sub-decimetre and/or centimetre grade receivers can work either in real-time or with post-processing. The flexibility of the SXBlue GPS receivers allows the user to build field data collection systems around specific needs. This flexibility also offers several choices of computer platforms (PDA, tablets, etc.) with freedom to upgrade as mobile solutions evolve and grow. The SXBlue GPS family is the perfect match for high accuracy GIS and survey requirements.

Stand no. 7.G42





Geocopter develops and sells the unmanned helicopter system designated GC-201. The GC-201 is a stable platform which is capable of carrying 30 kg of plug-and-play sensors. Once the sensor has been chosen for the application, 3D maps, orthophotos with 8 mm pixel size or soil moisture maps can be created, for example, or the health status of the plants can be monitored. This system shortens delivery time, makes one independent of a cloud-free day, and reduces the costs of mapping updates. The whole flight from lift-off to landing can be managed automatically. As one of the first in its class, the GC-201 received CS-LURS Class I flight approval from the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities.

Stand no. 6.C50


Unmanned helicopter system GC-201.



GEODIS BRNO is the largest photogrammetric and surveying company in the Czech Republic and counts itself among the major firms in the European geoinformatics market. The company was founded in 1990 and currently employs over 450 people across 13 locations in the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. The company offers full-service solutions in areas including surveying, real estate cadastre, land management, photogrammetry, laser scanning, CAD/GIS data processing, and mobile mapping, and is also the exclusive sales representative for TOPCON GPS and surveying instruments for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. GEODIS BRNO will be demonstrating its range of services.

Stand no 7.C23


Coloured laser point cloud acquired from the GEODIS BRNO mobile mapping system.




geo-FENNEL TheoDist FTD05.


For the first time, geo-FENNEL is showing TheoDist FTD05 which is a new, simple and easy to use reflectorless construction tachymeter. The instrument allows three-dimensional measurements with an accuracy of 3mm up to a max. range of about 200 metres without reflector (600 metres with reflector) which is absolutely sufficient in most cases. TheoDist is suitable for a wide range of applications and customers, irrespective of whether for beginners, experienced or professional surveyors, and is of course also fitted with some useful built-in programs for daily work. In addition, the unit comes with communication software allowing the user to save the data in a variety of formats.

Stand No. 7.G15



geOps is a service provider that has been active in the fields of geoinformatics for ten years. The company's services focus on a range of powerful open source products, thus offering its clients modern, high-quality solutions at reasonable costs. geOps designs, implements and runs business applications with geographic components as well as generic geoportals. geOps also operates the geodata portal, which provides an extensive worldwide catalogue of web map services and monitors the services' performance and availability.

Stand no. 7.E75




Screenshot of ArcGDS for MLS.


Geosoft has been developing and selling its modular software solutions for mapping and digital photogrammetry for some 20 years. The company has recently developed a suite of new software such as Esri ArcGIS extensions that have been grouped under the name of ArcGDS. They are designed to manage Lidar data coming from aerial laser scanners (ArcGDS for Stereo), terrestrial laser scanners (ArcGDS for TLS) and mobile laser scanners (ArcGDS for MLS).

Stand no. 7.A37



True to the slogan ‘Expertise for Your Spatial Data', GEOSYSTEMS will be showcasing software, solutions and know-how in remote sensing, photogrammetry, 3D object extraction and data management. Visitors will see the current ERDAS software products as well as an outlook on upcoming developments. Data compression, distribution and archiving of raster data is another central topic. ERDAS and Intergraph are co-exhibitors at the GEOSYSTEMS booth.

Stand no. 7A.C60


New ERDAS APOLLO web client.



The coordination office GEOTECHNOLOGIEN will present extracts of its current roving exhibition ‘Die Erde im Visier'. The exhibition explains important findings based on satellite missions in the fields of long-term gravity and magnetic data series, current observations of climate and oceans, and the real-time data transmission of early warning systems. Fascinating pictures, video installations and displays punctuate the various scientific results. GEOTECHNOLOGIEN is a geoscientific R&D programme funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the German Research Foundation. The subject of the research is ‘System Earth' with its various aspects and questions.

Stand no. 6.A67



Gexcel will be presenting a number of new products, including its innovative viewer for unlimited point clouds, offering high-resolution 2.5D orthophotos generation and video creation. Also on display: JRC 3D Reconstructor 2.8 version, a new user-friendly interface with open pit mine tools, bundle adjustment for scan alignment and several new features. Fully integrated stop-and-go all-in-one (GNSS + ILRIS) system. Quick, easy and automatic surveying and data treatment for large areas, from a Gexcel/Geo-Konzept collaboration. Rugged, fully motorised, acclimatised and remotely controlled case to enable the use of Faro Focus3D in industrial and low-temperature sites.

Stand 6.C30


Mine's DTM model by JRC 3D Reconstructor.



At Intergeo, GGS Ltd will show the latest improvements in the Flight Management System AeroTopoL. FMCs for various cameras are available and a direct camera control of the AeroCam-T has been realised. New features for oblique imaging have been implemented and the DTM module has been optimised. The new tool Aero MDG joins images, reports, mission plans and post-processed data for quality control and a smooth photogrammetric workflow.

The new thermal Sensor AeroTherm and new aerial cameras will be presented as well as the latest improvements to the direct referencing system AeroDiDOS in combination with the stabiliser AeroStab Twin.

Stand no. 6.D59



Google will be showcasing its new product, Google Earth Builder, which enables the streamlining of geospatial data management and mapping requirements. It will also be demonstrating the Google Maps API Premier.

Stand no. 7.G49


Google Earth Builder.



Handheld is a leading supplier of rugged mobile computers in a variety of form factors. Handheld's full-featured product selection ensures a rugged solution for practically any mobile computing challenge. All products have the memory and storage capacity to handle the most demanding of field or industrial applications. All products have high IP-ratings and MIL-STD-810F/G classifications and can withstand water, dust, drops, vibration, condensation and vast temperature changes.

Handheld has local offices in Sweden, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Australia and the USA, supported by a wide reselling partner network.

Visit Handheld to explore the latest rugged products for field data capture and mobile mapping projects including the Nautiz X7 PDA, the Algiz 7 tablet PC, and the new Algiz XRW notebook.

Stand no. 7A.F21


Handheld's Algiz XRW ultra-rugged notebook.


Hemisphere GPS

Hemisphere GPS' all-new S320 GNSS survey receiver provides the quality one can expect from a trusted and experienced manufacturer. So whether one is doing GIS, mapping, land surveying  or construction, S320 can be tailored to meet specific needs. With unique features such as SMS communication, S320 is capable of sending real-time SMS text messages on indicators such as battery life, signal strength and positioning. In addition, the open source architecture of S320 makes it a ready-fit solution regardless of what brand, make or model of survey equipment is currently being used.

Stand no. 7.C14


Hemisphere GPS S320 - Built
Surveyor Tough.



Hi-Target will be displaying its upgraded GNSS RTK instrument V30 with handy controller that works perfectly with Carlson software. This model has been designed to meet high quality standards while providing a low-cost solution for survey. It tracks not only GPS, GLONASS and SBAS but also GALILEO for future applications. Its powerful Li-ion battery supports longer working times than other GNSS RTK instruments. Under tough environmental conditions, the V30's design offers excellent anti-shock, waterproof and dustproof performance. In addition, it also offers the option of UHF radio (2W Hi-Target UHF or 1W PCC UHF).

Stand no. 7.C60



In addition to displaying its Kronos GNSS systems, total stations and digital levels, Horizon is planning something special to mark its 13th year at Intergeo. The company will this year be unveiling a patented innovation which could change the way surveys are being conducted in the industry. This innovation is unique to Horizon, and the company is delighted to offer visitors and potential international distributors the opportunity to witness this groundbreaking invention for themselves at its stand.

Stand no. 7.B86


Kronos 200.


HydroS Consult


Georeferenced diagrams with the SW Time Series Manager.


HydroS Consult will be demonstrating the benefits of managing time series data together with their topological context and spatially distributed references using Smallword GIS. To this end, the company will introduce the SW Time Series Manager, a new tool for efficient time series administration and visualisation. Using its integrated graphing capabilities, time series can be displayed as stand-alone figures or together with their referenced objects on the map. Furthermore, the SW Time Series Manager provides import/export capabilities for a wide variety of data sources, efficient data storage in an optimised data model, proficient quality assessment and error control, statistical analysis, and symbol and label-based state analysis.

Stand no. 6.C25



IABG is a leading European technology enterprise. It focuses on trend-setting high technology and science applications. With more than 1,000 experienced and committed employees, the company provides its customers with solutions in the sectors Automotive, InfoCom, Transport, Environment & Power Engineering, Aeronautics, Space as well as Defence & Security. In the business segment ‘Environment', IABG concentrates on two main sectors: geodata and environmental engineering. In its geodata factory in Dresden, 80 IABG specialists collect and interpret geospatial data, e.g. for the utilisation of solar energy, mobile radio planning or for local land registers, and develop software applications.

Stand no. 7.C54


Photogrammetric 3D work station.



IGI, the first company to introduce a GPS-based flight management system or Computer Controlled Navigation System for survey flights worldwide, is taking the next step and unveiling a brand new, next generation CCNS system - version 5. With an extra bright screen, resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and 16 million colours, the system is again state-of-the-art in flight management equipment. Available display information can be personalised in size and colour for different kinds of users or scenarios. Map information is displayed in the background for easy orientation during flight. CCNS5 is an all-new mobile flight management system with a bright, sunlight-readable display and fully customisable display information.

Stand no. H7.D49


Computer Controlled Navigation System - 5th Generation.




Scanopy screenshot from a mobile scan of Venice (data provided by RIEGL laser measurement systems).


Imagination will be launching scanopy, the brand new real-time editor for data acquired with laser scanning systems, at Intergeo. Scanopy is the best solution for experiencing huge point clouds

(>109 points) in real time. The software can be used as a desktop solution, including all features needed to edit, view and measure point clouds as well as to prepare exciting public presentations. Several examples of 3D data will be on display and can be excessively tested.

Stand no. 7.C19



Imajing designs a mapping tool chain to survey and manage road, rail and waterway networks. From ground survey to web services and applications, the imajing tool chain ensures 3D referencing, visualisation, management and qualification of the whole thematic set related to transportation infrastructure. When implemented in urban roadways, roads, railways or waterways, imajing portable mobile mapping devices (imajbox) and software (imajview, imajnet) offer coherent and integrated solutions for producing, updating and sharing network data. Imajing will be exhibiting a new link in its technological chain: a plug-in for direct access to data and images produced with imajbox in ArcGIS.

Stand no. 7.B13


Imajbox portable mobile mapping and imajnet: survey and share network data.


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Wmsbox is an internet service platform which offers the possibility to publish geospatial data with just a few clicks as a web mapping service (WMS). WMS is a standard protocol for

streaming georeferenced map imagery over the internet to web-based applications and is

supported by many geographic information systems. The wmsbox supports the web mapping service standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and of the German Geodata Infra-structure (GDI-DE). Once registered, users are able to publish their geospatial data within a few steps. Upload a shapefile or GeoTIFF to the wmsbox server, set the general and display options and the geospatial data is ready to be published. The WMS can be offered either publicly or protected. wmsbox is designed for companies and authorities who do not have the technical possibilities to set up their own WMS server. The tech-nology of the wmsbox is being developed as open source software.

Stand no. 7.E75 and 7A.E41


Wmsbox configuration menu for web mapping services.



InfoEra has released a fast-to-learn and easy-to-use point cloud toolbox for AutoCad Undet. Undet is low-cost, entry-level point cloud processing software for object analysis, 2D drafting and 3D modelling. With just a core feature set, Undet enables point clouds to be managed and used quickly and easily without extensive training. Point Cloud ToolBox is small yet strong, just like the Leafcutter ant (Undet), and can easily ‘lift' the huge point clouds within AutoCAD to increase 2D drafting and 3D modelling productivity.

Stand no. 7.E78



As one of the leading global vendors of GIS software, Intergraph will be presenting Motion Video Exploitation (MVE), Geospatial Transportation Asset Management System (GeoTrAMS) and GeoMedia Smart Client. GeoMedia Smart Client delivers an enterprise geospatial platform to support large numbers of users who are unable to operate full desktop products. The web-based system GeoTrAMS generates and displays infrastructural information to support the day-to-day operations of local public transport companies. MVE leverages full motion video, giving analysts the ability to collect, analyse, and maximise the value of video assets, including image enhancement and integration with multiple georeferenced sources.

Stand no. 7A.C60 and 7A.C7


ITT Visual

ITT Visual Information Solutions provides industry-leading software solutions for extracting important information from geospatial imagery. The company will be on the Esri stand, showcasing ENVI software which streamlines the GIS workflow by delivering image analysis capabilities directly to the ArcToolbox for both the desktop and enterprise. Staff will be on hand to provide personal demonstrations of E3De, the company's new Lidar exploitation software which allows the creation of dynamic, realistic 3D visualisations of geographic areas of interest.

Stand no. 7A.A37


ENVI ArcToolbox.



iXSea launches QUADRANS, the most complete all-in-one, high-grade inertial navigation system ever designed for airborne and land survey applications. QUADRANS offers sensors, a GPS, a data logger, and all the necessary interface systems and computing electronics together in one housing. "We are delighted to introduce QUADRANS to the industry," said Stephane Loeul, sales director, iXSea.

"QUADRANS capitalises on iXSea's 25 years of experience in designing ITAR-free, fibre-optic gyroscope-based IMUs for applications as demanding as satellite stabilisation and survey. We have spent a great deal of time and effort on downsizing our field-proven fibre-optic gyroscope technology. The result is that we have managed to maintain high performance standards and keep the price of the product very attractive. The market has not seen a product like this before. Its performance makes it a valuable option for most UAV, Lidar mapping, digital imaging and hyperspectral sensing applications. QUADRANS opens up new possibilities for users with limited budgets."

Stand no. 7.B3




Josef Attenberger GmbH

Since being founded 60 years ago, Josef Attenberger GmbH has become one of the leading suppliers for survey instruments and equipment in Europe. The product portfolio contains a complete range from accessories such as adapters or prisms up to high-tech survey instruments such as total stations and GNSS receivers. The portfolio contains products from Nikon, SpectraPrecision, Seco, Altus, Carlson Software and many other well-known brands. Focused on customers' needs in their daily work, the company is a one-stop shop for surveyors and provides quick and competent support and service combined with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Stand no. 7.C31/D09/D31


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