ISPRS Technical Commission V Symposium - 30/12/2013

The ISPRS Technical Commission V is dealing with numerous

technologies and applications.

The ISPRS Technical Commission V is dealing with close-range imaging and ranging sensors as well as applications in the field of industrial metrology, cultural heritage, architecture, biomedical and geosciences. Commission V investigates consumer-grade and professional cameras, active sensors such as terrestrial laser scanners, range cameras, gaming or stripe projection sensors, that are combined and used for 3D representations and analyses of static and dynamic objects or scenes. Systems and algorithms for real-time 3D imaging, mobile mapping applications and 3D modelling issues are also developed. 

The ISPRS Technical Commission V Symposium will take place in Riva del Garda (Italy) on 23-25 June 2014. The Symposium will feature three days of plenary and parallel sessions with speakers invited from research and commercial domains. An exhibition will present the most important business players in the close-range domain.

The main topics of the Symposium are:

-       Vision metrology and industrial applications

-       Cultural Heritage data acquisition and processing

-       Terrestrial 3D imaging and sensors

-       Algorithms and methods for terrestrial 3D modelling

-       Mobile mapping and unmanned vehicle systems for 3D surveying and mapping.

The ISPRS Technical Commission V Symposium will provide ample opportunities for scientific exchange and discussion. All submitted papers will be handled electronically according to two types of submissions: (1) full papers undergoing a double-blind peer-review process, and (2) extended abstracts undergoing a review process.

Important dates to note for the Symposium are:

-       Full paper or extended abstract submission: 7 March 2014

-       Notifications to the authors: 25 April 2014

-       Final paper submission: 12 May 2014

The ISPRS Technical Commission V Symposium is being organised in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation, ARIDA (Association for Real-time Imaging and Dynamic Analysis) and SIFET (Italian Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing).

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