Kartografija i Geoinformacije - 04/11/2010

The ICA page in this magazine twelve months ago described the significant number of cartographic events and developments taking place in Eastern Europe. Under the spotlight here is one output, the excellent journal of cartography produced by the Croatian Cartographic Society.

High Quality
With a formal ISSN number (1333-896X) and regular schedule of high-quality publication, the journal Kartografija i Geoinformacije (Cartography and Geo-information) is a well established and impressive contribution to the cartographic literature. The journal was published annually from 2002 to 2006, and since then two issues have appeared per annum. The success of Kartografija i Geoinformacije can be attributed to the strong editorial board, to the designer and translators, to the Ministry of Science in Croatia who sponsor the printing, and above all to the editor-in-chief, Prof. Miljenko Lapaine.

The content is a mix of advanced scientific papers, book and journal reviews, announcements of student activity, reports from meetings, historical interpretation, comment, profiles of institutions, software reports, and remembrances of eminent Croatian cartographers. This means that the members of the Croatian Cartographic Society are well served by the journal, and the international community can rely on the high quality of the science reported in its pages.

Current issue
The content of the current issue (Vol. 9, No. 13, June 2010) typically presents a wide range of cartographic interests. For example, a paper entitled ‘Determin-ation of Visibility Polygon as a Real Estate Valuation Factor in Urban Area on the Basis of a Vector 3D Space Model' shows a sophisticated method of 3D modelling in the urban environ-ment in relation to property and prices, while ‘Böttner's Inventory and Other Finding Aids for the Grimani Maps Collection from the State Archive in Zadar' is a specific account of the use of formal archives to assess an historic map collection.

Papers from 2009
Further examples showing the breadth of cartographic subjects covered include papers from 2009: ‘Applications of Seafloor Mapping Using Precise Sonars', ‘Usability Improvements of City Plan in PDA', ‘Optimal Conformal Polynomial Projections for Croatia According to the Airy/Jordan Criterion', ‘Improve-ment of National Spatial Data Infrastructure as a Public Project of Permanent Character', ‘Area Preserving Cartographic Line Generalization', ‘State Base Map for GIS - New Digital Topographic Map of the Republic of Macedonia', and ‘Lumbarda Psephisma, the Oldest Document about the Division of Land Parcels in Croatia from the Beginning of the 4th or 3rd Century BC.

Shining Example
There is clearly much for the international cartographic community to admire in this journal. The content of both the current and archive issues is available online
at 1 but the standard of produc-tion is so high that the paper copy is well worth seeking out. Completely bilingual (Croatian/English) and in full colour, with a crisp and effective design, this journal is a shining example of what a relatively small cartographic society can do.

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