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In order to address the personnel shortage in geomatics, a company involved in the field has a corporate responsibility to promote careers in geomatics and help schools and universities attract more students.

Pushpa Gamage, Sri Lanka: "It is a wise decision, since the Geomatics field is still limited to higher education only."

Anim Vincent, Ghana: "Geomatics should be introduced into our secondary schools, especially in Ghana."

Garfield Young, UK: "Marketing and very active promotion of the exciting discipline of Geomatics is critical for its growth. Early intervention is important, such as the introduction of spatial-science courses in pre-tertiary educational institutions. Those of us in the profession (including academics) have a critical role to play in this important task."

Reed Business Geo took up the cause by publishing Young Geo Professional Magazine.

Dear Miss Haring,

Please accept my congratulations and best wishes for your editorial appointment, favourable for GIM International and to the benefit of the readers. Your most refreshing address in the October 2008 issue is promising and most enjoyable!

Best wishes for well-earned success!

Dr. rer. nat. Wolf Tietze (84),

Editor (retd.) GeoJournal.

Surveying the Bahamas

A surveyor from Harry Skinner Surveys works with surveyors from the Bahamian Department of Lands & Survey to locate and adopt one of the original trigonometrical survey stations on Abaco Island, dating back to the early 1960s. Together these surveyors constructed a new geodetic infrastructure, incorporating new and old survey monuments, across several islands in the Bahamas archipelago. Precise and up-to-date mapping is now the order of the day, along with modern cadastral survey capacity.

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