Making Aerial Platforms Easy - 18/12/2012

Michael Thoss, microdrones GmbH, Germany

Microdones GmbH is based in Siegen, Germany. The manufacturer is focused on designing, engineering and developing unmanned rotary wing VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) MAVs (Micro Aerial Vehicles) below 25kg mainly based on the principle of quadrocopters. The company’s unmanned platforms are used in aerial work such as aerial mapping, aerial inspection or aerial search & rescue jobs all over the globe.

The privately owned company was founded in late 2005 by Udo Juerss, who had previously worked for large German automotive companies as an external developer, especially in the development of electronic control units in hardware and software. The company began to take shape in his basement from early 2005, as Udo worked meticulously on the following idea: How to optimise a remotely operated helicopter in terms of its coveting battery consumption as well as difficult usability? The result was a prototype of today’s microdrone md4-200.

Since then, Microdones has generated continuous growth in different business divisions, such as production, sales and development. As the company grew ever larger, it became more difficult for Udo to focus exclusively on research and development. Hence, in 2008, his son Sven Juerss became the CEO of Microdones GmbH. From that moment on, Udo fulfilled the role of CTO at Microdones and was finally able to fully concentrate on his passion: technical development in hardware and software. The bigger aerial platform, the microdrone md4-1000, was launched in late 2010. Since then, both the product lines and the team at Microdones have continued to expand steadily, and each department is still growing to this day. Microdones GmbH generated a fiscal revenue of approximately EUR2.2 million in 2011.

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