Readers’ Response - 28/03/2011

Durk Haarsma, publishing director, GIM International


Jumhuri Tojikiston is the official name for Tajikistan, a mountainous country in Central Asia. At GIM International we claim to be a global magazine, and one of the things we strive for is to cover the world in our features. Luckily, authors from all over the world are finding us and sending in feature articles for publication. Herewith, an ongoing invitation to you all to keep up the good work! In this month’s issue we focus on the above former republic of the Soviet Union. After independence Tajikistan found itself lacking a national coordinate system, and this proved a major obstruction to further development of the country. It thus joined forces with the Swedish National, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority ( Lantmäteriet), and the Swedes took the lead in a project to develop a new, up-to-date coordinate system. Intercultural exchange was key to ensuring the success of this project; Russian-language software was used and project leaders communicated with stakeholders in Farsi, English and Swedish, as appropriate. An inspiring story, indeed, from this part of the world.


On another note, I would like to thank all the many who took part in the readers’ survey conducted by GIM International throughout December last and January of this year. The response was overwhelming and positive. The highlight of all outcomes for me personally, is that 80% of our readers are reading GIM International in order to help them do their job better. This is precisely our goal: to help you enhance your professional performance. I’d go further, and say I think this is the main reason for the existence of any professional magazine. So I’m pleased to hear we are succeeding, at least for eight out of ten readers, and will make it a point of pride to increase this percentage in time for our next survey. Other highlights: 95% of our readers said they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with GIM International. Sixty-five percent is using related channels, like our weekly e-newsletter or the website, so here’s an invitation to the other 35%: subscribe to our newsletter or visit the website for timely news! Sixty percent of respondents are spending the same amount of time reading the print magazine as last year. Good news: we’re still as important to you in hard copy.


As always in reader surveys, there were also some notes of criticism, there for us to learn from. One I’d like to share is the desire expressed by several readers for the possibility to download pdf files from for archival use. We are working on this. One other thing that cropped up was the request for more area-specific articles from, for example, India, South America and Asia. Given the constraints of annual issue numbers and available pages, we will be working hard to cover all the abovementioned regions and more, in order to continue to live up to our name of the global magazine for geomatics. We make a start this month with the story on Jumhuri Tojikiston.


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