Remembering Jacqueline daCosta – a true GIS pioneer

Remembering Jacqueline daCosta – a true GIS pioneer

In this special tribute episode of "Mapping the Conversations," we honor the life and legacy of Jacqueline daCosta, a pioneering force in GIS and development in the Caribbean. Our guests, Cecille Blake and Nadine Brown, share their personal and professional reflections on Mrs daCosta. Join us as we explore her remarkable career, her groundbreaking contributions to geospatial sciences, and the lasting impact she has had on the community.

Our guests share:

  • How they met Mrs. daCosta and their first impressions.
  • The qualities that made her a pioneering role model and mentor.
  • Highlights on key initiatives, from founding the Land Information Council of Jamaica (LICJ) to major projects like the GIS in Schools Education Programme (GISSEP) and the IKONOS imagery initiative, and their impact.
  • Examples of her strategic vision and partnerships in advancing Jamaica's geospatial capabilities.
  • Her influence on national policy reforms and GIS integration in governance.
  • Memorable stories highlighting her dedication and achievements.
  • The continued impact of her work on geospatial and regional development.
  • Ways to honor and build on her legacy for future generations.

Jacqueline daCosta was born on 21 September m1942, and she died on 21 April, 2024. Her legacy lives on and will continue to impact generations to come!

Special thanks to Cecille Blake and Nadine Brown for their valuable insights and contributions to this tribute episode.

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