Schiebel UAS Supports Winter Paralympics in Sochi

Schiebel UAS Supports Winter Paralympics in Sochi

The Schiebel camcopter S-100 UAS (in co-operation with JSC Gorizont Russia: Gorizont Air S-100) was in operation in Sochi during the XXII Winter Olympics and will continue to operate during the Paralympic Winter Games. From 7 March, the S-100 UAS will once again surveil the 50-kilometre area around the Olympic village.

In and around Sochi, the S-100 is confirming its reputation as multi-purpose unmanned helicopter system which neither requires a take-off strip nor supporting launch or recovery equipment, and can be actively used both land and ship based. The system is designed for mobile and flexible implementation, which guarantees fast deployment. The technical characteristics of the system allow for the completion of necessary tasks within restricted space, such as in mountainous areas, and from maritime platforms or other structures.

During the entire XXII Olympic Winter Games all the information from the S-100 unmanned helicopter was received in real-time, a feature that is made possible by means of interfacing of the UAV system with the unified safety control system of the Olympic Winter Games. This will be the case once again from 7 March during the Paralympic Winter Games.

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