The Big Swing - 04/01/2011

Durk Haarsma, publishing director, GIM International

‘The Big Swing' is a term coined by Professor Stig Enemark, who left office as president of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) at the end of November last year. Enemark ‘s point is the future for land surveyors will be much more as land professionals. In his view, the time is long gone in which the surveyor was responsible only for acquiring data: they are also the future managers of such data. In this sense The Big Swing is the swing from measurement to management. Embarking on his own four-year term as FIG president, CheeHai Teo is continuing along the trail blazed by Enemark from land surveyor to land professional. As he emphasises in the interview in this issue (page 12 ) Teo regards it as important, in order to be able to make that swing, to think ‘people-centric' rather than ‘product-centric'.

I'd like to take this idea a step further and place it in the context of GIM International. We've made a little swing. Product News and Business News are no longer spread throughout the magazine. From now on you'll find news in the opening pages of the magazine, together with a leader by a business columnist in our Insider's View slot, and of course the column by our senior editor Mathias Lemmens known as ‘Endpoint'. If you want to read up on more news, just scan the QR code and check out the website you can get there just as easily without the code. Although this first issue of the year never usually carries a Product Survey, the second issue always did. So this is the moment to tell you that we are planning to publish the Product Survey only on the website from now on. We feel the Product Survey is just too dynamic for static presentation in print.

I'm happy to welcome the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) to GIM International. From now on, their dedicated monthly column will provide the community with news and developments, joining the ranks of official contributions from FIGICA and ISPRS. These small tweaks in the format of GIM International may not strike you as such a big change of direction, but we're preparing for more minor tinkering that really will add up to a Big Swing! All aimed at keeping the reader, and not the product, at the centre of our efforts.

We are very curious as to how you, the reader, uses the magazine and what your interest is in our future plans, so we'd like to invite you to participate in our newly released reader survey: please visit Thank you very much in advance!

Happy New Year!

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