The future of geospatial technology: unlocking the power of AI and machine learning with Mark Reichardt

The future of geospatial technology: unlocking the power of AI and machine learning with Mark Reichardt

In this episode of Mapping the Conversations, Valrie Grant delves into the transformative powers of geospatial technology with Mark Reichardt, a luminary in the field. Their exchange sheds light on the groundbreaking advancements that are shaping our understanding and interaction with the world around us. Reichardt's in-depth experience lends a unique perspective on the evolution of the geospatial industry and its future potential.

Mark provides insightful commentary on the current trends in geospatial technology, emphasizing the impact of analytics, AI, machine learning, and enhanced positioning. Furthermore, he discusses how these technological strides are empowering our responses to global challenges such as climate change. Mark also shares some career advice for aspiring geospatial professionals, emphasizing the importance of staying agile and informed to adapt to rapid technological changes.

About the Guest

Mark Reichardt is a prominent figure in the geospatial industry, with a storied career that spans over two decades. Having served as the president and CEO of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Mark has been instrumental in advancing digital mapping and technology modernization programs, particularly with the U.S. government. His contributions have been vital in the integration of systems through the establishment of open standards. Mark has also worked with the Federal Geographic Data Committee to develop international programs for spatial data infrastructure, and has recently taken on the role of Senior Consultant with Geospatial World.

Key takeaways

  • AI, machine learning, and GPUs are revolutionizing our ability to work with the voluminous geospatial data being generated daily.
  • The concept of digital twins and advanced lidar imaging are emerging as game-changing trends for creating accurate models of the natural and engineered environments.
  • Mark opines that the geospatial community should prioritize addressing climate change through improved policy and technology applications.
  • Geospatial World plays a pivotal role in facilitating discussions among industry professionals, influencing public policy, and fostering collaborations within the industry.
  • Continuous learning and proactive networking are crucial for those interested in building a career in geospatial technology.


  • "Remain informed and agile to technology trends because they're going to be both beneficial and disruptive, and adaptation is going to be critical." - Mark Reichardt
  • "I see the future of geospatial as fully integrated with our information society, where most everything is empowered by place and time." - Mark Reichardt
  • "Climate's an inescapable reality that we're dealing with." - Mark Reichardt
  • "AI... We've all been dreaming of the potential for AI to help us." - Mark Reichardt
  • "Don't be shy, be part of the discussion and that'll help you find your pathway." - Mark Reichardt
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