The GEOSS Era - 03/02/2011

John Trinder, First vice-president, ISPRS

The International Symposium for Remote Sensing of the Environment (ISRSE) is the premier international forum for people interested in and/or working in the field of remote sensing for environmental purposes, as well as the closely associated airborne remote-sensing industry. These symposia have been held every two years around the world since 1962, including in the US, Russia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Italy and Norway. The 34th ISRSE will be held in Sydney, Australia from 10th to 15th April 2011. Approximately eight hundred abstracts have been submitted, and therefore a large attendance is anticipated. Sydney, being Australia's largest city, is strategically positioned with excellent access to Asia/Pacific countries, ensuring attendance by a significant number of remote-sensing scientists from this region.

Main GEOSS Forum
The ISRSE are guided by the International Committee on Remote Sensing of the Environment (ICRSE), a permanent committee of the International Society of Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) comprising space-agency representatives, academics and technical experts in the field of remote sensing of the environment. Recently ISRSE has become one of the main forums for programmatic discussions on remote-sensing components of the Global Earth Observation system of Systems (GEOSS), currently being implemented through the Group on Earth Observation (GEO). The Symposium thus provides an important opportunity for GEO members and task teams to present details of progress and key findings against the GEO Implementation Plan. The symposium will also provide a platform for countries with established and emerging earth-observation programmes to report on progress and new initiatives in the remote-sensing arena.

Technical Programme
The symposium will include plenary and thematic sessions featuring international speakers, as well as electronic presentations. Theme sessions will cover topics from agriculture to the social benefits of earth observation. The symposium will also feature a special session by ISPRS Working Group WG I/1: Standardisation of Airborne Platform Interface. The 34th ISRSE is recommended for scientists, technical experts, industry resource managers, and policy and decision-makers in the private and public sectors with an interest in all aspects of the use of remote sensing for environmental assessment and associated technologies now critical for the sustainability of Earth's environment. You are cordially invited to attend this important event in the ISRSE calendar.

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