Today and Tomorrow - 16/03/2005

4th International Conference and Exhibition Laser Scanning and Digital Aerial Photography

Inna Bartchan, Geoskosmos, Russia

The 4th International Conference and Exhibition Laser Scanning and Digital Aerial Photography was recently successfully held with the theme of ‘Today and Tomorrow’. More than 170 participants from twelve countries attended the event in Moscow from 9th to 10th December, and over 40 presentations were given.

This conference enables specialists to share practical results of the use of aerial photography and laser scanning techniques, to establish new contacts among users, manufacturers and geodesy engineers and to announce innovations. One of the organisers of the event, Mr Gritskov from the Federal Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision Service drew attention to the fact that the conference was of great importance because Russia is working on the development of technical regulations on surveying operations. Other organisers were the Russian National Committee of CIGRE and Geokosmos. Participants came from Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland, Western Europe and Asia Minor and the conference was widely supported by well-known journals such as Geoprofy, Oil Industry, ElectroInfo, Mining Industry, GIM International, GeoInformatics and GIS Development.
Delegates from leading Russian and international companies gave presentations. These companies included the Federal Grid Company, Gazprom, Riegl LMS, Optech Inc., IGI mbH, Center of Infrastructure Projects, Opten Ltd, GeoPolygon, TopoSys GmbH, Leica Geosystems, Jena Instruments, Aerial and Space Monitoring and Technologies, Aeroecology, the Regional Centre of Laser Scanning, and GeoLIDAR. Presentations focused on the main trends in laser-scanning development, application of aerial and laser scanning technologies in various industries and modern software solutions for data processing.
The exhibition featured the latest innovations and up to date airborne and terrestrial laser scanners produced by the leading Lidar manufacturers.
The 5th International Conference and Exhibition will be held from 9th to 10th December 2005.

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