Edward Pultar

Dr Edward Pultar is engineer / geographer / president at Valarm (http://Tools.Valarm.net). Valarm is a software company that helps organisations remotely monitor Industrial IoT sensor systems and display their real-time, geo-located data in a web dashboard. They specialise in providing ready-to-go packages for water resources management, chemical distribution, air quality monitoring, sound/noise monitoring, ground water wells, and monitoring water levels with flood warning systems. Dr. Pultar has worked at universities in the USA and Europe and as a GIS engineer at Google. He’s grateful to have been a GIS scholar funded by Esri founders Jack and Laura Dangermond to complete a PhD at University of California, Santa Barbara.


How Modern Water Monitoring Systems Improve Flooding and Water Risks

Our climate is changing; in many parts of the world water levels are changing. Storms knock out power and cause more floods than ever, whether or not you live on a coastline or near a river. More effective water level monitoring and flood warning systems will mean less insurance claims and a re... (read more)