Elaine Ball is the creator of Elaine Ball Ltd, a global business and marketing evangelist for the geospatial industry. She has dedicated 20 years to international marketing and business development for the technical industry. She has a background in the manufacture of laser survey equipment sold to multiple industries, including mining, oil & gas, aviation, transportation, forestry and surveying. Elaine has noticed a lack of specialised technical sales and marketing expertise within the geospatial industry and surrounding vertical marekts, and is on a mission to raise the standards within the geospatial industry and to encourage and excite the next generation of surveyors.


Marketing Secrets for the Geospatial Industry

At some time in their lives, everyone has experienced a situation in which someone starts telling them a story that seems to be leading somewhere really interesting, and then all of a sudden they get to the end and there’s just no point or punchline. In this article, the author explains how sh... (read more)