Francis Rathinam

Francis Rathinam, a senior evaluation specialist with 3ie, manages impact evaluations across a wide spectrum of development issues, including transparency and accountability, governance, livelihoods and social protection. He also has been working closely with some of 3ie’s member country governments to build capacity to use and institutionalise impact evaluations. Francis is currently leading on 3ie’s systematic map of studies that used big data to innovatively evaluate development outcomes. Francis holds a PhD from University of Hyderabad, India.


Remotely Sensed Data for Efficient Data Collection

When it comes to impact evaluations, remotely sensed data can increase their timeliness, accuracy and relevance for decision-makers. 3ie and New Light Technologies are enhancing the use of geospatial analysis in IEs. Impact evaluations (IEs) have been evolving to fill a critical gap in evidence abo... (read more)