Gottfried Mandlburger

Gottfried Mandlburger studied geodesy at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), where he also obtained his PhD (with honours) in 2006. He is currently working as senior researcher in the photogrammetry research group within the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation at TU Wien. His research areas are topographic and bathymetric Lidar, DTM modelling, topographic data management and scientific software development. He is working together closely with experts in the field of hydraulic engineering emphasising on flood and habitat modelling. Gottfried Mandlburger has published several articles in the above field and is a board member of the DWA (German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste) working group ‘Multi-dimensional numeric models’. He is a member of the editorial advisory board of the ISPRS journal and coordinator of the Lidar software suite OPALS developed at TU Wien.


What Are the Main Reasons for Choosing UAV-based Lidar Mapping?

Lidar mapping based on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) can generally be thought of as a close-range version of manned airborne laser scanning. In brief, lower mobilization costs and much higher spatial resolution are allowing new Lidar mapping use cases in several disciplines... (read more)