Isabelle Heitz is a geologist and geophysicist from University of Paris-Sud (DEA, 1984). She has worked in the field on dam studies in Algeria and the USA. She subsequently worked in the field of water management in France and archaeology in Egypt, and later in France on waste management and landfill site qualification. Also a glider pilot, she founded the AIRd’ECO-drone society to provide technical drone solutions. She applies her Lidar expertise in the field of archaeology and is also a member of CAEL, of Fédération Française du Drone Civil (FDDC) and of DRONEPERF.


Surveying the Past Using a Drone

Archaeology has long been reliant on ground-level geophysical disciplines and aerial photographs shot from an aircraft or ultralight. Airborne observations not only enable remains that are invisible on the ground to be detected and studied in a non-destructive way, but also to pinpoint where reconna... (read more)