Prof Dr Jantien Stoter chairs the 3D Geoinformation research group at the Delft University of Technology (Faculty of the Built Environment and Architecture). She also works as innovations researcher at both Kadaster and Geonovum. Jantien did her PhD on 3D Cadastre (2004), received a prestigious grant of the Dutch Science Foundation on 5D modelling (2011) and was recently awarded a grant from the European Research Council for research into urban modelling in higher dimensions. She leads and co-leads several studies on Geo and BIM integration, one of which is the EuroSDR GeoBIM project.


State of the Art in 3D City Modelling

Semantically enriched 3D city models have the potential to be powerful hubs of integrated information for computer-based urban spatial analysis. This article presents the state of the art in 3D city modelling in the context of broader developments such as smart cities and digital twins, and outlines... (read more)