José Miguel Santana Núñez

José Miguel Santana Núñez graduated in computer engineering from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) in 2010, followed by a master’s degree in intelligent systems and numerical applications in engineering from the same university in 2012. He is a beneficiary of the Ayuda para la Formación de Personal Investigador FPI 2012 granted by the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI). He completed his doctorate in computer science and artificial intelligence via the Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering (SIANI) doctorate programme at ULPGC in 2017. He wrote his thesis on ‘New techniques of graphical acceleration and algorithms of detail level for virtual balloons in mobile devices’, supervised by Dr Agustín Trujillo and Dr José Pablo Suarez.


Urban Energy Modelling

The visualisation of results from urban energy modelling and simulation is a crucial part of energy research as it is the main communication tool among scientists, engineers and decision-makers. Energy modelling and simulation results are directly linked to spatial objects and 3D therefore becomes a... (read more)