Kees de Zeeuw

Kees de Zeeuw is director of Kadaster International at The Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster) and is chair of the United Nations Group of Experts on Land Administration and Management (UN-GE-LAM). He holds an MSc degree in land and water management from Wageningen University. Following long-term contracts in Rwanda and Bolivia, he spent more than 10 years working in environmental and geoinformation sciences at Wageningen University and Research Centre. At Kadaster, he was initially responsible for product and process innovation (2007-2010) and he is now responsible for coordinating Kadaster’s international activities and cooperation projects. Kadaster International provides worldwide advisory services in the domain of land administration, e-governance, geoinformation services and spatial data infrastructures.



In his latest column, Kees de Zeeuw observes that geo-related technologies and data flows are continuing to expand exponentially and claims that the true challenge will lie in the management and use of all this data. He questions what big data will mean for the quality, reliability, relevance a... (read more)