Krieshen Ramkhelawan
Krieshen Ramkhelawan

Krieshen Ramkhelawan works as an advisor to the board of MI-GLIS, the cadastre in Suriname. He has been working in the field of land administration for the past ten years, leading different e-government projects for the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Land and Forest Management. He has also worked closely with specialists of the Dutch Kadaster International on projects in Suriname and Aruba, including to design processes and solutions for efficient drone image capturing and public inspection of cadastre information. Together with Christiaan Lemmen, chair of a FIG working group, Ramkhelawan has implemented a fit-for-purpose approach for the cadastre in Suriname.


Modernization of Suriname’s Public Domain Cadastre

In 2017, Suriname’s Ministry of Land Management decided to digitize and automate the process of citizen requests for land and the management of land, which had mainly been paper-based for the past decades. This article outlines how the approach of consciously addressing technical and cultural... (read more)