Witold Kuźnicki graduated in spatial planning studies from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and in International Economics from the Warsaw School of Economics. He has worked at the Geoinformatics Department of the Institute of Spatial Management and Housing, and subsequently gained experience in the field of satellite-based Earth observation at an IT joint-stock company. For the past 11 years he has been working for MGGP Aero, a market leader in aerial surveying solutions based on multisensor photogrammetric platforms in Central and Eastern Europe. He is responsible for business development, self-government administration applications and marketing.


Multisensor-based Tree Crown Map of Warsaw

Millions of trees in an area spanning over 500 square kilometres are being monitored in an unprecedented mapping project of the urban green environment in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. The project, which is based on a unique multisensor photogrammetric platform, will result in the Tree Crown M... (read more)