ComNav Technology Ltd.

  • Building 2, No 618 Chengliu Middel Road
    201801 Shanghai

About ComNav Technology Ltd.

Innovation drives accurate positioning everywhere.

Founded in 2012, ComNav Technology is a world leading hi-tech company focused on high-precision GNSS technologies. ComNav Technology engages in R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, aiming to provide worldwide customers with high-precision GNSS chips, modules, terminals, software and solutions across industries.

ComNav Technology is dedicated to be an innovator and leader in high-precision GNSS technologies and applications. Until the end of 2020, ComNav Technology has sold its products and solutions to more than 120 countries with a total quantity of more than 440,000 units' modules (receivers) in over 10 different industries, including land survey, machine control, UAV, UGV, deformation monitoring, personnel positioning, precision agriculture, marine, etc.