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About ComNav Technology Ltd.

ComNav January 2023

Innovation drives accurate positioning everywhere.

Founded in 2012, ComNav Technology is a world leading hi-tech company focused on high-precision GNSS technologies. ComNav Technology engages in R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, aiming to provide worldwide customers with high-precision GNSS chips, modules, terminals, software and solutions across industries.

ComNav Technology is dedicated to being an innovator and leader in high-precision GNSS technologies and applications. Until the end of 2021, ComNav Technology has sold its products and solutions to more than 120 countries with a total quantity of more than one million units' modules (receivers) in over 10 different industries, including land survey, machine control, UAV, UGV, deformation monitoring, personnel positioning, precision agriculture, marine.


K8 Series GNSS OEM Modules

Incorporated with the latest QUANTUM III SoC chip, K8 modules’ performance is robust. Its powerful full-constellation tracking ability enables it to receive all...

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T300 Plus GNSS Receiver

The T300 Plus GNSS Receiver is a new generation RTK receiver featuring full-constellation tracking, tilt compensation and easy workflow with Android-based Surve...

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The N3 IMU GNSS receiver makes any survey task more efficient. The N3 features 1198 channels of tracking all running and planned constellations, enhanced UHF fo...

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N5 IMU GNSS Receiver

Embedded with IMU engine, upgraded with K8-platform for full constellation tracking, and equipped with long range enhanced UHF, user-friendly OLED display, 6800...

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M300 Pro GNSS Receiver

The M300 Pro is able to track all existing and future GNSS constellations including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou (B1, B2, B3), Galileo and QZSS. There is no doubt that...

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M900 GNSS Receiver

Featuring advanced QUANTUM technology, integrated navigation, flexible transmission and rugged proof-level, M900 is a wise choice for unmanned systems and navig...

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CDL5 External Datalink

The CDL5 is a three-in-one RX/TX/Repeater UHF external radio with the entire range of 410-470 MHz, designed for GNSS system applications. The high-power design...

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P8 GNSS Tablet

With an 8 inch sunlight-readable screen, IP67, 4G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and Android 10 OS, the P8 Tablet provides an efficient experience for field users. The P8 Tabl...

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Survey Master

Survey Master is a professional software designed for strong functionality, high efficiency and reliability. Featuring multiple base/rover work modes, abundant...

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