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DECE Software Inc.
Tepe Prime İş Merkezi A-Blok/74
Mustafa Kemal, Eskişehir Yolu (Dumlupınar Blv.) No:266
06800 Ankara
+90312 9881133
DECE Software Inc.
About DECE Software Inc.

About us 

DECE Software was established in Ankara in 2014.

We create innovative products on Big Data and Location Based Technologies. Our products GEODI and MOBIDI are the result of this effort.


GEODI is a unique synthesis of a search engine and GIS. GEODI process all kind of unstructured and structured data and makes them searchable and puts all spatial information on a map. Search and Map are associative so this is an all new way of doing GIS. 

Data sources are Office Documents, PDF files, DWG, DGN, DXF, NCZ, SHP files, Photographs, Videos, Voices, e-Mails, Web Pages, Databases and Social Media like Twitter or Facebook. GEODI has very powerful metadata extraction features. Dates, Person Names, Lot Numbers, Phone Numbers, Kilometres, Hashtags and Dictionary based words are all extracted. This information is very valuable and allows semantic search on any kind of data.

GEODI has integrated viewers for Office, PDF, CAD, e-Mails and many other data types it supports. Allows users to take notes on any content including CAD files. This is a very valuable feature for teams.  

GEODI solves the many problems for municipalities, construction companies, law offices, facilities and other sectors. 

MOBIDI is a Mobile Data Capture and Team Management solution. Mobile solution works on iOS and Android phones/tablets and may go offline. Office solution works on Windows.

MOBIDI is licenced with on premise and per mobile user method. Capturing photographs, sounds and videos is very easy as well as attribute data. Office user can send new layers, messages and data to any mobile user or user group. Excel and html based reporting is very easy and generates complex reports w/o requiring any other solution.

MOBIDI is suitable for municipalities, facilities, security companies, service companies, investigators, engineers…

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