Delta Solutions


About Delta Solutions

Topcon’s Delta Solutions is a suite of deformation monitoring technology that make geosensor networks simple and easy to manage.

With scalable and robust hardware, reporting, visualization and alarm features, Delta Solutions are flexible for any project’s monitoring data recording and processing needs.

Topcon Delta Link

Delta Link provides hardware support for autonomous operation in the field. Connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and with external battery back ups for the standard power supply, Delta Link is always connected, even during power outages.

Topcon Delta Log

Accessed via a secure web portal, Delta Log is an intuitive interface for managing device observation parameters, target types and measurement scheduling. This simple platform is designed for advanced functionality and allows easy management of sessions.

Topcon Delta Watch

Delta Watch software provides a modular solution to monitor, manage and evaluate automatic and/or manual monitoring data, as well as optionally trigger alarms. Should measurements exceed project alert thresholds, alert notifications can be sent via email of SMS with fully customizable reports.

This software can process and analyse data from robotic total stations, GNSS receivers, levelling devices, and a variety of geotechnical and structural sensors – either individually or as a network-adjusted solution.  Reports from Delta Watch can be formatted whichever way fits best to individual projects, or, the software can feed processed data to third-party visualization software necessary for large monitoring jobs.

As added protection, Topcon’s Delta Log will continue to operate the total station should communications with the Delta Watch database fail. The two systems will synchronize to ensure the main database is up to date, no data is lost, and data continuity is intact.

Topcon MS AXII

Topcon’s MS AXII is a high-precision total stations designed for precision-intensive tasks, with long-range precision, ideally suited to monitoring projects alongside Delta Solutions.